Some centres hosted their own Teacher’s Day activities; others enjoyed restaurant outings; and one group even took a trip to Desaru for a barbecue on the beach!

11 September was a day off for Skool4Kidz educators. All 25 childcare centres closed for Teacher’s Day to honour the dedication and hard work of our amazing team.

Every centre hosted a unique activity to mark the occasion, with fun, food, and lots of laughter. Some educators celebrated in their respective centres; others enjoyed dining out.

Most centres were cheerfully decorated in a colourful carnival style, with balloons, streamers, and banners. One centre even extended the invitation to parents to join in and spend the day with them. Another group took a day trip to a Desaru resort for an evening barbeque.

Sharing stories, laughs, and plenty of mouth-watering food, our educators enjoyed a memorable time as friends. A strong bond between teachers is vital in the collaborative effort to nurture and develop young minds.

We are always delighted and proud to recognise and remember our Skool4Kidz educators’ labour of love. Happy Teacher’s Day, team!

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Published On: September 11th, 2023
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