Our Little Giving Artists Set $12,000 Fundraising Goal for AWWA in its Fourth Year

Little Giving Artists 2024 is a Skool4Kidz Care Fund community outreach initiative whereby our children showcase their artistic talent and creativity by painting on canvas tote bags. This year’s theme focuses on ’10 Years of Love and Giving’ in conjunction with Skool4Kidz’ 10-year anniversary celebrations. With a minimum donation of $10, you will receive a A4 canvas tote bag to bring home to paint with your child. This initiative aims to encourage and foster parent-child bonding through this shared creative activity.

Educating young children about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives should be fun and interactive. Little ones can learn about CSR in an engaging and age-appropriate manner, fostering a sense of responsibility and community awareness from an early age. You can make a significant impact by participating in the following activity.

After painting the canvas tote bag, you can decide to keep it or bring it back to our preschool and all collated bags will be donated to various organisations. This initiative not only encourages artistic expression but also teaches children the joy of giving back to the community.

The funds raised from this initiative will be donated to AWWA to support their Kindle Garden Preschool. This preschool is known for its inclusive educational environment, providing resources and support to enhance the learning experience for children of all abilities.

The total amount raised by our Little Giving Artists will be presented to AWWA during Skool4Kidz’s 10th Anniversary celebration on Children’s Day. Join us in making a difference and creating cherished memories with your child through art and generosity – https://www.giving.sg/donate/campaign/little-giving-artists-2024.

*Single donations of SGD50 and above are eligible for a 250% tax deduction.

Register for Canvas Tote Bag(s) after Donation:

  1. After donating, kindly note to fill up all the compulsory fields in the form below.
  2. Collection period:
    1. 9 – 13 September 2024
    2. Time: 1600 – 1800
  3. If you wish to donate the painted bag(s), kindly bring them back to any of our centres latest by 23 September 2024, 5pm.
  4. Confirmation email will be sent once form is submitted and verified.

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