I am happy working with the people around me. They are very helpful and always there to motivate each other to do their best each day at work. Team spirit is all that matters.

N****'A***, Infant educarer

My first year working with the school was quite chaotic as in there wasn’t enough assistant teachers to support the class teachers and at the health check area too. But now with the new Principal and VPS, it has improved a lot especially at the health check area, they are very supportive. Upon receiving the children in the morning, they helped to send the children to their bay which made our work load lighter. Very thankful to have them as a team.

C*** K** H***, Assistant teacher


Z** L****, Chinese teacher


J**** J***, 华文老师

Skool4Kidz YSC has a wonderful set of teachers who always treat assistant teachers like me with much respect and care. We are always given the opportunity to voice our opinions and aid in lessons. We work well together as a team with lots of fun. It’s always fun to work with the colleagues! Happy Teacher’s Day!

P***** J*** A******** K***** V****, Asst teacher

在我们YSC的大中心,我是一位普通的华文老师,这个园所也是我从中国来到新加坡的第一份工作。今年是我参加的第六个教师节的庆祝,或许不久的将来会有第七个、第八个…… 。看着学校的发展越来越好,内心很是开心,希望我们乐心儿发展的越来越好。在我刚加入不久,也有一个助理老师加入我们YSC,我们称呼她为Tr K*****。她认真对待自己的工作,对小朋友充满了爱,园所几乎所有的小朋友都懂得她的名字。作为助理老师,她每次都会积极主动询问老师们有什么需要做的吗?而且她也充满了才艺,会协助老师们一起给小朋友们制作独特的手工作品,很开心能和她一起工作,也很感谢能和其他同事一起工作,相逢即是缘分,感谢大家。

DU Q*******, Assistant teacher

A sense of fulfillment being an Educator for 4 years in Skool4Kidz. Seeing our children grow and develop holistically is the best part of the journey.

S******* M**** B**** O*********, English Preschool Teacher

To the my wonderful team from Bedok Ping Yi. Thank You for the great memories and the great journey we have and will overcome together. I am thankful to be part of the team and that friendships were made. Stay strong and united always BDPY. Let’s soar higher together:)!

S4K Bedok, Educarer

It is really heartwarming to have colleagues like Ms B***, Ms H***, S*** Laoshi and Ms A** who would check up on me during times when manpower is light and I’m alone in the classroom. Thank you for covering my class, allowing me time to have lunch break or toilet break. Really appreciate this small gesture of kindness.

And also a special thank you to my partner, Y**** Laoshi, who is an exceptional partner. I cannot imagine how the class will be without you, Laoshi. And whenever I feel overwhelmed, you always make the day better by buying me my favourite bubble tea. Thank you so much!

Work is always better with team mates like all of you! :)

L**, Preschool Teacher

As an infant educator, I’ve been asked, “Why did you choose this line?” or “How could you stand the baby cries?”
To be honest, I’m surprised that I’ve been working in the Early Childhood industry and Skool4Kidz for nearly 4 years. One of the main reasons is my love for these tiny babies and the wonderful Beebies educarer team. It is never easy when we have a new baby and have to learn his or her drinking, sleeping, and playing patterns. It is a blessing if each parent understands us and works well together to keep the infant happy and enjoy coming to Beebies.
Ms A*******, Ms T***, Ms L***, Ms S******….Let us continue to keep our Beehive as cheerful and lively as possible so that all Beebies are always in good hands.

Ms T****, Beebies


W*** L**, Chinese Teacher

My 3 years journey in Skool4Kidz is a rewarding one, looking at how children progressed and become independent. As they enter into their next journey into the Primary School is indeed encouraging as my efforts are been appreciated! Although it is tiring, it is fulfilling. Hope in times of the unforeseen pandemic, we will continue to remain united and strong!

Lim B*** T***, Preschool Teacher


L*******, Chinese teacher

There was once I was facing some family issue and was feeling down. My principal was supportive, lent me a listening ear and was very understanding to let me take urgent leave to settle what needed to be settled urgently.

H****, Assistant Teacher

Skool4Kidz have given me a space to grow professionally as a teacher as well as grow as a human. I love my infants and I am grateful for my colleagues everyday. Receiving hugs from my infants and compliments from my colleagues have always put a smile on my face everyday. I am looking forward to growing with the team. Thank you, PGWC! ❤️

I**, Infant Care Teacher

To my team in infant care, thank you for bringing out your best for the little ones in class. Thank you for being very supportive and understanding towards one another. The school has given me the space to maximise my potential and the opportunity to be a better educarer & colleague.

F***** N******, Senior infant Educarer

Dearest Teacher A******,

A good mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget! Chance made us colleagues but the fun and laughter made us friends! Thank you for always encouraging me to do my best and being a strong pillar of support! Thank you for being my cheerleader during my ups and advising & pushing me to strive on when I hit my lows. I wish you the best in all you do and pursue, Teacher A**! May you soar to greater heights in your career!


S******, Senior Teacher

Having a supportive colleague is what every employee desires in the workplace. Thanks for all the colleagues being there for me. Thank you for everything!


A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget.

My wise mentor would often say these magic words to me: “Teamwork makes the Dream work.”

True indeed! Thank you Ms. C********, for being that wise mentor who guides with insight and inspiration, recognizes accomplishments, encourages and appreciates teachers, and models thoughtfulness day after day! Thank you for always being a strong support pillar to me and pushing me to become a better leader!

Here’s wishing you a ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ and best wishes always!

S******, Senior Teacher

A shout out to those rock star colleagues of TEAM SBEC, who are amazing friends, who feel like family, who are incredible educators, and who make one a better person and teacher every day!



S******, Senior Teacher


L* Y*****, childcare chinese teacher

Teacher S***** has always been a sweet warm and kind person. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with, she prides herself in being accommodating and approachable. Teacher S***** would go the extra mile to extend her expertise and time for us fellow colleagues. Furthermore she’s very knowledgeable and executes given tasks with such ease and perfection and is always open to sharing her knowledge with us. I’m glad to know her and work with her.

S M*******, Assistant Teacher

Happy Teacher’s Day! 🌻

N********, English Teacher

Happy Teacher’s Day to the wonderful team at TPGF! Your patience and effort to ensure that we provide the best for the children in our school is admirable. And even though everyday is a challenge, I am inspired by your dedication to show up for the children, and always put your best foot forward, Y’all are the real MVPs!

M******* M****** Sim, Principal

I’ve gained practical knowledge and experience throughout the six years with Skool4Kidz.

As I go into a new learning journey with PDP(E) 2022, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our Centre Leader, Ms. N** A****, for nominating me. I appreciate your continuous support and guidance and thank you for believing in me. I would also like to thank my wonderful colleagues for making it such a pleasure to be at work each day. Without them, I may not be where I am now.

Below is one of the many quotes that motivate me as a teacher. Let’s stay calm, healthy, and safe as we adapt to the new normal amidst the pandemic.

‘We Inspire, We Motivate, We Care, We Teach.’

N********, Early Years Educator

Great experience with children, parents and also my colleagues

R********, Infant/Toddler Educarer

Being a preschool teacher has always been a childhood dream of mine. I enjoyed the idea of caring, playing and working with young children, which makes the young me think that I never had to work a day in my life if I get to enjoy what I do at work. Now that I am a grown adult and qualified to be a preschool teacher, I am very grateful that I chose this path. Although stressful at times due to endless paperwork and learning materials, as well as never-ending routine and disciplinary care for the children, my heart feels proud and fulfilling when I see the children’s smile and their enthusiasm to learn every single day!

J****** Tang, Preschool Teacher

我们学校的马来族同事 L***,在她过生日的时候,会请所有的老师,吃炸鸡。谢谢她和大家一起分享她的快乐!

Z**** X****, Chinese teacher


W***, N1

A big shout out to the wonderful teachers of YSOB!

Thank you for your dedication and all your efforts to provide our children with fun and memorable learning experiences.

This is to celebrate the tireless efforts, patience and immense love you pour in daily to your craft, and being the amazing teachers that you are.
I am grateful that I am surrounded with smart, caring, outstanding, and responsible teachers in the centre. You guys are all my beam of sunshine when days are tough! 💛💛


Happy Teacher’s Day! I love you all.

V***** R*** T*****, Lead Teacher