Welcome To Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Hougang Buangkok Square!

Opened in June 2019, Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Hougang Buangkok Square is conveniently located within walking distance from the bustling Hougang Square neighbourhood centre and the sizeable neighbourhood park where nature abounds. Just a stone’s throw away from the school is also a well-equipped playground. All of which, provide our educators with an array of opportunities to create enriching out-of-classroom learning experiences to support children’s growth and development.

What Parents Say

Appreciate all the patience dealing with active toddlers. Keep the passion alive and give your best, always. As these little ones look up to you, second from their parents. Thank you!

Ms Amirah, mother of Ezaan, PG

Thank you Teachers, for making our first journey as parents a smooth and joyful one as our little tyrant goes to school! Hope she brought u as much joy as she brought us. Thank you for your unwavering patience and strive to give your best each day to our little ones. Your efforts is never unappreciated!

Ms Melissa, mother of Alexis, PG

What Teachers Say

Teaching does not limit to the knowledge we impart to our learners, teaching takes a passionate heart to touch lives.
I have considered that teaching to a foreign country is far different from what I used to know. As a teacher, we help to nurture students, allow them to pursue their passion and support them along the way. Teachers are not just a “sage on the stage” of every student but a guide on the side, which allows students to learn at their own pace. We let our students acquired new knowledge based on first-hand experiences. Being a part of this company is a fun learning journey which signifies me to become an effective and efficient teacher for my learners.

Julie Ann, Beginning Preschool Teacher

I’m staying in Pasir Ris and I’m working at HGBS centre. Although I have to travel quite a distance to reach my workplace and have to take 2 buses to work every day I like working here with cooperative colleagues and understanding principal.☺

Hasni, Assistant Teacher


Qi Qi, Chinese Language Teacher

As a Preschool teacher, I did not feel as though there were any limitations. I did have some challenges with some of the works and tasks, but it allowed me to learn and put me outside of my comfort zone. I was able to ask myself challenging questions, self-reflect, and ponder new ideas that have only bettered me as a teacher. I did find it was a lot of work in this profession, but I also had very valuable experiences that truly helped me grow that increased my knowledge and understanding greatly in the school. Through the process of planning and teaching, I have gained a deeper understanding and awareness of my role in this teaching profession. There is a challenge to be found in every day I teach, a talent to be discovered, and a moment to cherish that which touches my soul and reinforces my devotion. Reflection seems to be the key to personal and professional growth: reflect on your lessons, your students, yourself and your everyday experiences will guide you the rest of the way. All of this has been a treasured learning experience that will be looked upon years to come. It is now a part of me.

Dela, Beginning Preschool Teacher


Chen Li, Chinese Language Teacher



Wenqi, Chinese Language Teacher


Maiziyaxing, Chinese Language Teacher

I chose to teach as my career because it is my passion to work with the young and watching them grow is the most amazing thing to me. Children being innocent, they are just inquisitive and want to try anything and everything. Being an early childhood educator allows me to guide and help them realize their full potential which moulds them to be a unique individual as they progress in their life.

Noridah, English Language Teacher



Hui Kim, Chinese Language Teacher