Welcome To Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Sembawang Sunbreeze!

We provide early childhood care and education for children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years in a safe and relaxed environment. We welcome you to visit our centre – we would love to show you our facilities and programmes designed to provide children with lots of positive learning experiences.

What Parents Say

Thanks to all the teacher, Cindy like to go school very much!

Ms Liu, mother of Cindy, N1

What Teachers Say


Guimei, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching in Skool4Kidz to me is to nurture, love, respect the child’s need and educate them at their very young age.

Norzalina, Infant Educarer

There are opportunities to identify our talent and potential in Skool4Kidz if we are willing to gain the experience.

Rajini, Preschool Teacher


Liping, Chinese Language Teacher

As an infant educarer it is an important one as the provision of quality care is crucial in the early years. While the job has its challenges, working in a team with passionate individuals makes the career highly fulfilling.

Noor Asiah, Infant Educarer

Teaching in Skool4Kidz has been a pleasure! It helps me to build a relationship with children as well as my fellow colleague. It teaches me to be patient, lovable and caring. As teachers, teaching in Skool4Kidz would also mean providing enough resources and creating an environment that children will feel happy, comfortable and safe in. As mentioned by Reggio Emilia where the environment plays a part as the third teacher. Therefore, the environment which is the classroom also plays a huge part in children’s learning as well as the way teachers teach. Additionally, as Skool4Kidz has a unique curriculum, it is also important to ensure that the lesson planned is plan accordingly. It has to be age-appropriate and is related to the theme given.

Nur Ain, Preschool Teacher

It’s been my passion to teach and educate young children. Although I do face some challenges in this job, at the end of the day watching their achievements satisfy me.

Anim, Infant Educarer

Working with Skool4Kidz has been an amazing journey so far. There are many opportunities for teachers to learn something new every day. There is a lot of room for career advancement and teachers are given chances to work on what they aspire to be. It’s been a pleasure working for the school and looking forward for challenges that are in store.

Preethi, Preschool Teacher

To be Infant Educarer means to have a lot of patience, love and care. “Responsibilities.Responsiveness. Respect, Love for children.

Jennifer, Infant Educarer