Becoming part of Crestar is a privilege because every experience that I am gaining helps me to be a better Educarer.

Laurenze, Preschool Teacher

Teaching is not just a work. It is the noblest profession which requires lots of patience and compassion. As an early childhood educator, we play a very crucial part of every child’s life. Our responsibility doesn’t stop teaching them 123 and ABC. We need to shape these children to have a positive attitude, that whatever challenges life may bring to them, they are ready and confident that they could surpass it. And most especially we need to mould these children to have positive behaviour and be good citizens. By doing these responsibly, the teaching profession could make a change in every child’s life and make this world a better place to live on.

Mariel, Preschool Teacher

From the moment I step into Crestar Education Group, I felt I have grown to be better than just a teacher. This career path teaches me about courage, independent and visual the next five years time vision, mission and value of us being the teacher.

Norshamsiah, Senior Preschool Teacher

Teaching at Skool4kidz for me is a chance to make a difference in the children’s life. It means helping the children to succeed and supporting them along the way. It means helping children want to learn. It means giving children a reason to want to come to school every day and having them leave just excited as when they arrived. I know that as a teacher, I always need to improve as when I improve, the children will benefit. I believe that “good” can always be “better” so I am open to new ideas, work with teams (teachers and parents), plan, act, assess, reflect my lesson plans. I have to make each day matter for the children as the children matter to me!

Siti Sulastri, Preschool Teacher

Being an Infant Educarer is my greatest passion. I love being part of these early years of the infants nurturing them lots of love and care. I am able to bond with infants, knowing what they need and feel. Each child has their own lesson plans based on their development and skills. I enjoyed educating the younger as they explore and bring fun to the educarer.

Fazirah, Infant Educarer

I feel that teaching is not just academic but is to educate children as a whole. For example to respect other races, sharing and be open-minded.

A teacher is to facilitate or to guide the children, the children can show the teacher direction of what they like or what they want to do so that children can be Creative and build up their confidence.

Irene, Preschool Teacher

I would say, teaching means unveil every child uniqueness. Allowing them to explore and support them in their milestones holistically. Build a good relationship to create fun in learning.

Rozaima, Preschool Teacher

The cool thing about being an early childhood education teacher is that you have to apply different methods sometimes to different students, depending on their learning style. Teaching is an art and science in some ways. Seeing the effectiveness of different approaches will also help develop your interpersonal skills for communicating with all age groups.

Zhi Qi, PnT Teacher


Lehua, Chinese Language Teacher

I’ve have been working in this centre for about 2 years. They have sent me for many courses to improve myself. Even though I have only 2 years of experience but I have gained knowledge and behave like a teacher with 10 years of experience. Thanks to Crestar group.

Archana, Infant Educarer

Teaching means imparting knowledge to the children and inspiring them to want to find out more. Teaching means learning much more about anything and everything together with the children. Teaching means watching the children grow and achieve extraordinary results. Teaching means joy.

Christina, Senior Teacher

Being a teacher in S4K, helps me to learn new things every day as every day there is a new challenge. These challenges had helped me to become a better teacher and a better colleague.

Mei Qi, Preschool Teacher

Teaching has been my ambition & passion. From a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines, I switched my career to a pre-school teacher more than 10 years ago. I’ve worked in various schools & as I have just joined Skool4Kidz, I have gained more knowledge & experiences over here. The teachers are very helpful & thus make working here a great pleasure!

Noraini, English Teacher

Teaching means creating and making a difference for children. It’s all about helping children achieve different developmental milestones for them to grow holistically. It’s about never getting tired to shape the future generations because if we continue to inspire them to believe that they can do it, they will surely be the best individuals they can be. Teaching is about giving your all to achieve your goals and desired outcomes.

Ivy, English Teacher


Dou Dou, Chinese Teacher

Teachers act as a second mother in the school, we guide and teach the children to become independent and we develop them holistically.
We inspire and give love to the children.

Marie Belle, English Language Teacher


Chenjiaohua, Chinese Language Teacher

Being Infant Educarer for 8 months I feel lucky that I have chosen this career. It could be tired however when seeing the smiles or laughs from these angels, that give me back my full energy. I believe with good quality care from centre children will develop fully in their domains. I have 2 kids, therefore, I understand how parents worry about their children during school hours. I try my best to bring my “children” ( the infants at the centre) the best of my services. To me it is not just a duty to do my work, I do with love and love will go around. I am good with these children, somewhere my children are also getting the same.

Pham Kim Tuyet, Infant Educarer

Being an infant educarer, it allows me to see the infants in my centre grow and achieve their milestone.

As a parent myself, I can share my experiences and knowledge in providing the best care to the infants.

Working together with my colleague helps me to achieve the best caregiver for the infants in my centre.

Kamisah, Infant Educarer

I like to be a preschool teacher to get create an entertaining, engaging and creative classroom that promote learning as well as social, cognitive and emotional development and experience.
I am passionate, caring, secure and loving. We must support the development of children to start off their education and attain some most basic and foundational academic.

Rohatinah, Infant Educarer


Liyimei, Chinese Language Teacher

It was a huge switch of career from a sales field to the early childhood industry. I have never regretted making this choice. To date I am still enjoying myself in this line, giving my very best to the children that are under my care. Enjoying myself being part of the children’s early stage. I am very overwhelmed by what I able to witness in the child’s milestones. My passion will continue growing in this industry!

Angeline, Infant Educarer

Working with children and their families to build a strong bond as we lay the foundation in their early years’ education. It warms my heart to see how the children grow independent whilst knowing what are the right values to have in life.

Sajidah, Lead Teacher

To me, teaching is a lifelong process. Teaching with children has helped me open my eyes to see how their innocent minds view our world today. Children are our future and I want to be part of a child’s journey to success in life. I am indeed honoured to be part of my children’s learning journey in Skool4kidz.

Fadhlina, Preschool Teacher

Teaching the early years is the most crucial work of a teacher, it entails accountability and compassion, it is not just about teaching the basic concepts of education but also guiding them in discovering and understanding the ABC’s of life. Teaching is more than just a profession it’s a commitment and dedication in transforming lives.

Debbie, English Language Teacher

I’m staying in Pasir Ris and I’m working at HGBS centre. Although I have to travel quite a distance to reach my workplace and have to take 2 buses to work every day I like working here with cooperative colleagues and understanding principal.☺

Hasni, Assistant Teacher

Teaching does not limit to the knowledge we impart to our learners, teaching takes a passionate heart to touch lives.
I have considered that teaching to a foreign country is far different from what I used to know. As a teacher, we help to nurture students, allow them to pursue their passion and support them along the way. Teachers are not just a “sage on the stage” of every student but a guide on the side, which allows students to learn at their own pace. We let our students acquired new knowledge based on first-hand experiences. Being a part of this company is a fun learning journey which signifies me to become an effective and efficient teacher for my learners.

Julie Ann, Beginning Preschool Teacher



Hui Kim, Chinese Language Teacher


Qi Qi, Chinese Language Teacher

As a Preschool teacher, I did not feel as though there were any limitations. I did have some challenges with some of the works and tasks, but it allowed me to learn and put me outside of my comfort zone. I was able to ask myself challenging questions, self-reflect, and ponder new ideas that have only bettered me as a teacher. I did find it was a lot of work in this profession, but I also had very valuable experiences that truly helped me grow that increased my knowledge and understanding greatly in the school. Through the process of planning and teaching, I have gained a deeper understanding and awareness of my role in this teaching profession. There is a challenge to be found in every day I teach, a talent to be discovered, and a moment to cherish that which touches my soul and reinforces my devotion. Reflection seems to be the key to personal and professional growth: reflect on your lessons, your students, yourself and your everyday experiences will guide you the rest of the way. All of this has been a treasured learning experience that will be looked upon years to come. It is now a part of me.

Dela, Beginning Preschool Teacher


Maiziyaxing, Chinese Language Teacher



Wenqi, Chinese Language Teacher

I chose to teach as my career because it is my passion to work with the young and watching them grow is the most amazing thing to me. Children being innocent, they are just inquisitive and want to try anything and everything. Being an early childhood educator allows me to guide and help them realize their full potential which moulds them to be a unique individual as they progress in their life.

Noridah, English Language Teacher


Chen Li, Chinese Language Teacher

Its been less than a month since I have joined in the family of Skool4kidz and I must admit that it has been more than a pleasure to be present at work every day looking forward to delivering good knowledge to my kids. Being a Tamil language teacher has always been my passion and being given the opportunity to work with kids of different levels has taught me a lot more than I thought I would have known. I can see that I have much more to gain while I give as well. Looking forward to establishing my career path with the warmth and love of all the little ones and the wonderful teachers we have.

Dhivyavani, Tamil Language Teacher


Deng Ping, Chinese Language Teacher

As a teacher in Skool4kidz, I have experienced many firsts. I was given the trust to organise events for my centre. It was a memorable experience as I see everything comes together with my other colleagues’ help. Without my principal’s guidance, I wouldn’t be here today. Thank You to Marsiling Drive parents and children for being such a joy in our lives!

Nurul Atikah, Preschool Teacher

I am grateful to my centre, PGWB, and to the persons I work with. To our aunty who prepare the children’s food early in morning ’til tea break, to uncle/aunty who helps us to maintain the classroom clean, to our teachers/laoshis who have been with me in ups and downs of each day, to our children’s parents who have been supportive partner, to our children, to our CSO, Ms Sammie whose very kind, and to our Senior Teacher Chris and Principal, Ms Malar for their guidance and for inspiring me to venture more.

Mc Rhem Frencel Abengona Bautista, Preschool Teacher

Teaching is making a difference in children’s learning. A teacher creates bonds with her students, treats them as though they are her own children. We play and learn together, two-way learning – not only teacher does the teaching, but being a teacher also allows our students to teach us. Besides instilling new knowledge and the right values, teaching makes us reflect daily – in what ways I can be better and how my children can learn better. We also learn from our colleagues and exchange ideas to improve our teaching.

Huiqi, Preschool Teacher


Ya Ting, Chinese Language Teacher

Teachers are also sent to training and courses to have better understandings on the centre’s procedures, procedures and curriculum.

Sheila Marie, Preschool Teacher

As an Infant Educarer, I get to learn a lot of things. I learned what the babies need, see the stages of how babies grow up. How to handle different parents & babies.

It’s an exciting job.

Sock Bee, Infant Educarer


Kangli, Chinese Language Teacher

The centre leader has good leadership. She supports and guides teachers to better improve teaching competencies, to grow professionally.

De Asis Myrrh Gazelle, Preschool Teacher

在学校工作了整整两年,在这两年里面我收到了公司已经校长还有同事的很多帮助以及关怀。在加入Skool4kidz 的这些时间里,我学习到了很多对我有很大帮助的内容,我会继续努力继续学习为学校更好的服务。

Songwen, Chinese Language Teacher

Skool4kidz has given me a pathway where I can grow and explore my capabilities through the help of my principal and colleagues.

Charlotte, English Language Teacher


Yanjun, Chinese Language Teacher

My journey with Skool4kidz thus far is certainly a fulfilling and enjoying journey. I was exposed to different opportunities and courses that allow me to obtain knowledge and experiences both inside and out of the box.

Angie, English Language Teacher

“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance” – Franklin P. Jone

Working with toddlers is amazing. You won’t waste a day at work because you will laugh and learn with them. =)

Naw Lah Say Wah, Preschool Teacher


Han Dan, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching at Skool4kidz is about providing a friendly community that fosters exploration for our students to learn and grow. Also building connections with our children, stakeholders which are the parents and community. 😊
I love Skool4kidz😍

Claro Ivygrace Tuy, Beginning Preschool Teacher

Teaching at Skool4kidz means a lot to me. This organisation allows me to attest my passion for teaching and inevitable love for children. Skool4kidz became my second home away from home. In this organisation, I found new friends whom I never thought would become my other set of family. Different races, language, and also religion did not cause any hindrance in our communication towards children’s learning. It’s an organisation who will address your needs, not only to the students but also to their staff and other employees. I’m happy to say that I am proud to be called a teacher from Skool4Kidz. #Skool4KidzIsAHappySchool

Alyana, Preschool Teacher

Teaching young children is challenging. It needs more patience for you to understand them. The teacher needs to know the holistic development of young children. Shaping the minds of young children is very important because teachers will mould them to what they will become in the future.

Torejas Elmeros Rabina, Preschool Teacher


Zhangyan, Chinese Language Teacher


Wang Xia, Chinese Language Teacher


Lijie, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching is a lifestyle. When I became a teacher I wanted to have an impact on kids lives, I wanted them to love all thematic topics as much as I did. After 12 years of teaching, I have learned that I can be an expert in a thematic topic but that isn’t going to make my students love them.

I now want my students to love learning and be able to select proper ways to locate the information they need when they want to know it. Kids will see that I am passionate and knowledgeable about my content area and some may come to enjoy that content as well, but the best benefit of all is that they will become curious learners who will also become passionate about what they do.

Ernie, Preschool Teacher

TEACHING is not just a PROFESSION but it is a PASSION.

Someone asked me questions “What class are you handling?”, “How are you doing?”, “Is it tiring?”
Well, I am managing the Tiny Tots class and I enjoy being with them. I love my job and I love my children. I considered them as my own children and my friends.
When I started teaching the class, I am just the only one talking in class. My children respond by smiling and nodding.
Now, I am very happy and proud to see their improvements. They can understand and answer my questions they even ask me questions like “What is that teacher G?”, “Why cannot go playground?”.
But the most rewarding part in the teacher’s life is when they are happy to see you in coming to school, greet you good morning, hugs you and them happy when they go back home.
It is tiring but at the end of the day, you will feel glad and fulfilment.

Girdeth, Preschool Teacher

Enjoy working with parents to see the kids grow and develop from PG to K2, and graduating from School4kids.

Zhongying, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching in Skool4kidz has been very fruitful and engaging for me. As a teacher, I had to ensure children under my care are well-taken care in safety and academic. Parents had trust in me and I was able to relate to them about their child’s strength n weakness. They took it positively n understood their children better.
I had my challenges to prepare teaching aids on time to deliver to children understanding. With support from my principal n colleagues, I could overcome the hurdle. Dedication to the job was very important to me and when children coming running to me in the morning for a hug showed I have done my best n will strive even better.

Bavani, Senior Preschool Teacher

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the team. And also thanks for sending me to all the professional courses. God bless.

Cheye Hoon, Chinese Language Teacher

Seeing them grow every day is an achievement, especially when they are able to respond or imitate what you showed them. Their love is so pure that you can simply smile just by looking at what they do.

Sakinah, Infant Educarer

There are opportunities to identify our talent and potential in Skool4Kidz if we are willing to gain the experience.

Rajini, Preschool Teacher


Guimei, Chinese Language Teacher

To be Infant Educarer means to have a lot of patience, love and care. “Responsibilities.Responsiveness. Respect, Love for children.

Jennifer, Infant Educarer

As an infant educarer it is an important one as the provision of quality care is crucial in the early years. While the job has its challenges, working in a team with passionate individuals makes the career highly fulfilling.

Noor Asiah, Infant Educarer

Teaching in Skool4Kidz has been a pleasure! It helps me to build a relationship with children as well as my fellow colleague. It teaches me to be patient, lovable and caring. As teachers, teaching in Skool4Kidz would also mean providing enough resources and creating an environment that children will feel happy, comfortable and safe in. As mentioned by Reggio Emilia where the environment plays a part as the third teacher. Therefore, the environment which is the classroom also plays a huge part in children’s learning as well as the way teachers teach. Additionally, as Skool4Kidz has a unique curriculum, it is also important to ensure that the lesson planned is plan accordingly. It has to be age-appropriate and is related to the theme given.

Nur Ain, Preschool Teacher

It’s been my passion to teach and educate young children. Although I do face some challenges in this job, at the end of the day watching their achievements satisfy me.

Anim, Infant Educarer


Liping, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching in Skool4Kidz to me is to nurture, love, respect the child’s need and educate them at their very young age.

Norzalina, Infant Educarer

Working with Skool4Kidz has been an amazing journey so far. There are many opportunities for teachers to learn something new every day. There is a lot of room for career advancement and teachers are given chances to work on what they aspire to be. It’s been a pleasure working for the school and looking forward for challenges that are in store.

Preethi, Preschool Teacher

I think that it was a good experience working in this career. I’ve gained much knowledge and improved in my social bondings with the children, parents and community. Shall continue striving in this career as it has always been my passion!

Nur Farzana, Infant Educarer

Teaching at school4kidz means a lot to me. I am surrounded by people that encouraged me, motivated me, taught me a lot of things that I need to learn and helped me grow not only as a teacher but also as a human being. 😊

Melanie, English Language Teacher

Teaching at Skool4Kidz let me learn another skill to communicate and update parents about their child development and how are we as educarer to help them.

Bee Lian, Infant Educarer


Renli, Chinese Language Teacher

Being in this industry for about 8 years is a fulfilling journey for me in terms of career. Able to see the growth and progression of the children is indeed rewarding especially children who remember you after they graduated. Of course, there are ups and downs too, but I managed to overcome them. I’m also grateful to be in My current centre SKAC as I benefited from my mentor, ms Christina Leow and principal, Mdm Rajesh who guided me. Also, I am very pleased with my colleagues who are always there to lend a helping hand whenever I need help.

Boon Ting, Preschool Teacher

Respect, strong commitment and with passion for children development. I will try to meet my job expectations and provide good engagement with children. Thankful to S4K on giving me this job opportunity to express my passion.

Katherine, Infant Educarer

Working at S4K has allowed me to groom professionally and personally. The company has put in place initiatives to ensure that we educators continuously upgrade ourselves and provide the best for the children. The company also recognizes the staff and appreciate our hard work which in return motivates us to continue providing our best. I am also surrounded by hard-working colleagues with whom I can discuss and exchange my knowledge and ideas. Together, we believe we can achieve and overcome any obstacle(s) that comes in our way.

Sivananthini, Senior English Language Teacher

来到乐心儿大家庭四年之久,在乐心儿的点点滴滴仍然历历在目! 有泪水,有欢笑,有感动! 在SKAC, 我学到了很多知识和道理,SKAC让我变得成熟了! 在乐心儿与老师之间增进感情,与家长积极配合,完成我们幼教老师的使命:让还在在欢快的氛围中成长学习!

Yan Ping, Chinese Language Teacher

I’ve been in Skool4kidz Anchorvale Crescent for 8 months now and it is really a meaningful journey for me. Teaching children is one of my passions in life. I’ve been in the education field for 9 years now and I thought I knew everything I need to know to become an effective teacher. When I came to S4K, that’s when I realised that I was wrong. There’s a lot to learn and re-learn. With the guidance of my principal, Madam Rajesh and all my colleagues, I can say that I’ve improved and will continue to develop skills and knowledge for me to be better. Teachers are well-taken care of and were provided continuous learning opportunities for us to be updated in the profession we are in.

Gile, Preschool Teacher

In S4K, it helps that our curriculum are in-line with NEL, so that I know that I am steering the children in the right direction before they embark on their primary school journey. Children are the most innocent, genuine, curious little beings! And therefore it is my responsibility as a teacher to create a healthy and conducive learning environment for these little ones to help them attain as many milestones as possible in their early years. And of course, their success at every milestone is a great sense of accomplishment each time!

Nur Nazurah, Beginning Preschool Teacher


Yunchao, Preschool Teacher


Changping, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching means reaching out and getting along with young children.
Any activities need to be planned so that the children could make exploration and the teacher has to make the explanation of their findings.

Suhana, Infant Educarer

做为一位助理老师,对于小孩子的哭鬧情绪,要小心观察,深入了解并用温柔形式来反问,只要了解了原因,小孩就不会时常哭鬧,因为他们不会用语言来表达需要,(需然有时是无理的与不对的要求), 我们要有耐心与爱心,耒帮助与鸠正他们,让他们健康成长为一个有用正直的好人

Liang Jee, Assistant Teacher

Teaching at Skool4kidz means to provide our children with planned and guided activities, help them to understand their world better and engage children in learning through purposeful play.

Rosaniwati, Infant Educarer

Throughout the years being part of the Crestar Education Group. I’ve gained knowledge and experience going through the courses and I now understand the children’s cue better.

Nafisah, Infant Educarer

Teaching has taught me that each child has a different personality and behaviour. They are unique on their own and we should not compare them. Being with them also taught me to be more patient in attending to their needs, cues, cries and temperaments. But at the end of the day, when their milestone has been achieved, I feel like a ‘proud mother’.

Infant Educarer, Noor Syazwani

To teach is to touch a life forever. It can inspire children to be life-long learners.

Faiza, Preschool Teacher


Zhu Ting, Chinese Language Teacher

It has been great being part of the team. It has shaped me to be the best educator I can try to be and taught me many skills that can be used to further enhance myself.

Nur’atiqah, Preschool Teacher

Being an infant educarer is not easy, but a challenging task. But overall I enjoyed being with them!

Hazirah, Infant Educarer

To me, teaching is a calling and a priceless learning journey for myself and the children under my care as we embark on our daily adventures of learning together. It’s a rollercoaster ride – some days are good and some days are bittersweet but looking back, when I see the children go from not knowing to knowledgeable, that’s where the greatest satisfaction lies. Happy Teachers Day to the daily superheroes in our children’s lives!

Nur Amaliah, Senior Preschool Teacher

Teaching for me means making a difference for all children. It means helping them succeed and allowing them to pursue their passions by supporting them along the way. It means giving the children ownership over their learning and helping them learn.

Zila, Infant Educarer

It has been a fulfiling experience being an educarer. As teachers, we get to watch the developments of our children and nurture them to follow an ideal path for each individual. We observe, identify and highlight the best in them and ensure to meet their learning needs. Some of the things I learnt, while being part of Crestar Education Group, include fostering positive relationship not only with the children but also with parents and colleagues. Cooperations from all directly involved parties have shown tremendous improvements in a child’s learning and development. At the end of the day, it is quite heart-warming to love and be loved by the children whilst watching them grow.

Nur Izariana, Beginning Preschool Teacher

Education for me is not only a job but a passion. I am convinced that to educate good generations, it must start from the infant period, not only academically, but also must contain the charm and character of education, to cultivate a good next generation.

Peck Yoke, Acting Senior Infant & Toddler Educarer

Being a teacher here has been a fulfilling journey as I get to learn a lot of things.

Siti, Preschool Teacher

I have been in this industry for more than twenty years. I love children and the passion in me inspires me to stay in this industry for long. As a preschool educator, it is my responsibility to nurture and lay the foundation for the young ones to cultivate as they grow up. I have children who have graduated under my care and they are doing well in their academic. These children recognised me outside, greet me and shared their secondary school experiences with me. For me, this is a good vibe are achievements that I have achieved as an educator. I love teaching and I am very proud of my profession. Teaching is the best job. I enjoy every bit of my job. It has its ups and downs but on the whole, it’s fulfilling when I help the young ones to achieve their goals and leave the preschool with some knowledge that helps them in their future.

Chitradevi, Senior Preschool Teacher


Su Yan, Chinese Language Teacher

Working in your organisation has been a fruitful one.

Norsiana, Infant Educarer

As a preschool Chinese teacher teaching in PG class, it felt very challenging yet meaningful at the same time. PG kids are very energetic and cheerful and can be challenging to handle, but when they learn something from us, we would feel the accomplishment. At such a young age, a very crucial part of their life, I do hope we give our best to them.

Lijiao, Chinese Language Teacher

Being a teacher in Skool4kidz has taught me the love for learning and educating young children as no limits. As an early years educarer, I’ve learned and delivered knowledge, love, passion, kindness and accountability to young children in Skool4kidz childcare centre. I’m a proud Skool4kidz teacher!

Hema, English Language Teacher

Being a teacher is to be a role model for the children in my class. It is also to help them to learn how to achieve their goals in their life from young.

Rajeswari, Infant Educarer

Teaching at Skool4kidz has been a learning journey for me. From being a PnT Teacher to an Infant & Toddler Educarer, I’ve gained valuable knowledge and experience throughout the 3.5 years with the company. What I’ve learnt from being an Educarer is that everything we do involves patience and passion. Without them, one might not survive in this industry. Thus, it requires both for one to work, learn and grow as an Educarer. I’m now almost going into my 4th year and honestly, there were times where I questioned myself, if I want to stay in this industry. Working with 2-year-old toddlers is a challenge, a challenge that I’ve accepted as I’m more interested in being involved in teaching the younger ones. Why I choose this path one might ask; cause they are a curious bunch, adventurous and the most misunderstood bunch, as they are going through a phase of understanding themselves, they do things that might seem careless or perilous when they explore the world around them. But at the end of the day, what matters the most is the smile on their faces; when they’ve accomplished a task, a simple artwork, singing nursery rhymes with their peers and running happily to the arms of their loved ones when it’s time to go home.

Nurazizah, Infant Educarer


Meijiang, Senior Chinese Language Teacher

As a teacher, I feel the joy and success when children under my care attain useful and valuable knowledge and experiences from me.

Siti Nursyidah, Preschool Teacher

I have been in the company for two years and I appreciate how the company helps teachers for their professional development and growth. The company allows us to choose training which we think we need to overcome our weaknesses or boost our strengths which we need to be able to provide quality education for children to help them develop holistically.

Alyssa, Preschool Teacher

Nurturing and educating our young children is my profession and responsibility as an early childhood educator. Teaching at Skool4kidz gives me a sense of satisfaction when you see the children demonstrate what you have taught them. I feel good when the children enjoy coming to school. Most of them look happy and cheerful. Every child is unique and they learn at their own pace. As such I gain different forms of teaching experiences. The method of handling some children varies, according to individual needs.
I am fortunate to work with a team of helpful and friendly colleagues. One of our core values is Care & Concern. I think we have manifested this value well, both to our children and fellow colleagues.

June, Beginning Preschool Teacher

I have learnt a lot at this company. Crestar would always send us for training and the training that we went to are very helpful for us and it can be applied at work.

Farah, Infant Educarer

Being an infant educarer gave me the opportunity to interact and learn about this important age group. To see the babies every milestones development met is the greatest achievement.

Nurquraisha, Infant Educarer

I started as a place & train teacher here at Skool4kidz to an English language teacher and now I’m moving up as a Mother Tongue Language teacher. S4K has allowed me to grow, learn and challenge myself as a teacher to provide the best for the children.

Siti Radhiah, Malay Language Teacher

Teaching means imparting the fundamentals to young children. It means satisfaction for the teachers who tries hard to bring out the best in the young children from a very early stage.

Rachael, Infant Educarer

The Principal and Senior Teachers at the centre go the extra mile to provide the necessary guidance for the teachers to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills on how the things run in the centre. (example, providing documentation templates and occasional meetings with the teachers)

Jacey, Preschool Teacher

I think to be a teacher is to be on your toes always. As teachers Its essential for me to be updated with current events, the progress of self, the centre & children’s issues as well as knowing what is required of us to do in urgency. I find it meaningful as a teacher here and it is the best when the environment fills me with understanding.

Razidah, Beginning Preschool Teacher

“They may forget what you said, but they will not forget how you made them feel.” -Carl Buechner.

Modelling is a very powerful teaching technique, it reflected on the children’s words, actions and behaviours. Being a preschool teacher, I believe that I play an important role in children’s learning, growth and development. To be a good role model, caring, and shows positive behaviours towards the children. Children learn best when they feel happy, secure and comfortable with the teachers and the environment. I always want the best for the children!

Siti Khatijah, Preschool Teacher

I have enjoyed working with early years children and I have learnt a lot from them throughout my times with the children every day at work. With young children, it allows me to understand them well and guiding them as they grow each day. I learned a lot of education and learning growth activities that are appropriate for young children too.

Siti Syahirah, Infant Educarer


Zheng Ying, Chinese Language Teacher

To teach is to share not only your knowledge but also your concern, and above all your passion to enrich the lives of those around you, indiscriminately and unconditionally, in hopes for a better today and tomorrow.

Faridah, Preschool Teacher

Teaching to me means providing the children with opportunities to develop meaningful life skills for them to take home and remember throughout their life as they grow up.

Adriana, Preschool Teacher

每天上班我从来不觉得是 “上班”,而是陪着这群有能力、积极、主动并保持着好奇心的孩子们玩。这是一件开心的事情,我带着他们找到了他们想知道的答案,他们带着我找到了我的教育初衷!我热爱我现在正在从事的职业,保持初心,不忘初衷!

Xiaoqing, Chinese Language Teacher

It is good to work with Skool4kidz, I’m hoping to see me myself upgrade and learn new things each day.

Logeswari, Infant Educarer

I’ve been with Crestar Education Group for 2 years.
I’m happy to be with this organisation, as it takes teachers’ professional development as a priority.
Teachers are given opportunities to advance themselves as well.
At the end of the day, a simple ‘Thank You!’ from parents makes my day.
The best part of being a teacher in Crestar Education Group is the staff benefits that I got to enjoy.

Mislina, Beginning Preschool Teacher

My teaching journey here at Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Yishun Orchid Spring has been nothing but an adventure. I have grown to be where I am now, thanks to the guidance and support from my superiors, colleagues and curriculum team. I look forward to continuously contribute my best to this field, and at this centre.

Noralissa, Senior Preschool Teacher


Hai Zhen, Chinese Language Teacher

I’m very grateful to be a part of Skool4kidz.
They gave me opportunities to be a preschool teacher
They enhance my teaching career and skills by sending me to different courses and training.
As a part of this institution, I will cherish all the moment and enjoy every single day with the people around me.
I will give all my best as a preschool teacher and continue to teach children with a happy smile on their faces.
Thank you so much Skool4kidz.

“The most important part of teaching is to teach what it is to know” -Simone Well

Michelle, English Language Teacher

Being a Mother Tongue language teacher for the very first time after teaching for 12 years, I felt scared at first. However, after being mentored and sharing sessions during meetings, I learnt more and felt more empowered to teach the language to the children.

Marlina, Malay Language Teacher

Teaching the children has been a great opportunity to instil to them the love for learning. Indeed it is a great and noble profession. This experience has been helping me to grow and learn both personally and professionally as an educator.

Meryll, English Language Teacher

Skool4kidz has given me an opportunity to reach my goal as a preschool teacher. The situation was so certain and it was an opportunity for me to be given a full scholarship to study Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and at the same time working in the centre. It was great. I am truly blessed. The word “Thank you” is not enough to compensate for the shot of concern they gave me. I am forcibly eager to apply what I have learned that could help my students develop totally and to share some of the experiences and observations withstood while working in the centre, as it will assist and help for the betterment of the children. I never thought that I could enter a large, stable, institution such as Skool4Kidz. I wish to thank the school for letting me be part of our growing future.

Catherine, Preschool Teacher


Qinyan, Chinese Language Teacher

As a teacher, one must love the children and must be committed to the job, nurture the children and provide quality care. Teachers should bring out the best in every child in however way you can. Teachers should engage children in purposeful play. I aim to make every child a happy child under my care.

Isabella, English Language Teacher

“Martha(Mother) Pithaa(father) Guru(teacher) Deivam(God)” is a saying in Tamil that reflects the order of people that impact on the child’s growth, Guru(teacher) is placed right after the parents and it shows the significance of the teaching role. A teacher cultivates goodness in children and I am honoured to do that role.

Ahamed Nisha, Tamil Language Teacher

It has been a good experience working with the Principal and colleagues at YSOS, especially with the infant educarers.
“You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.”-Franklin P. Jones

Siti, Infant Educarer

Being a teacher should have a lot of good characteristics to be a role model for the children. The job of the teacher is an on-going process in supporting, encouraging instructing, praising guiding, mentoring and inspiring the children with different personalities.

Beatrice, English Language Teacher