Welcome To Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Sembawang Canberra East Crown!

Through our team of dedicated teachers at Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Sembawang Canberra East Crown, proprietary educational methods and inclusive learning environment, we seek to nurture our children to become respectful and responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

What Parents Say

Thanks to all teachers and Lao Shi for teaching and taking care of my son. I am surprised to see all teachers from PG class to K2 involve in the care of my son. He enjoy going to school!

Ms Siew, mother of Kean Hao, K1

To the awesome teachers from beebies esp Teacher Aida, Adawiyah, Aisyah, Kiran, Elnah n other teachers, thanks for the TLC given to “Adidi”. She seems to enjoy each passing day n i always feel at ease dropping her off b4 work, knowing she is in safe hands.

Ms Leana, mother of Adeela, Infant

Thank you teachers for tirelessly taking care of Tessa! Thank you for the constant update on Tessa’s development and I can feel that you all truly care for her well-being.

Ms Seok, mother of Tessa, Infant

Wang Lao Shi, thank you for guiding Darwisy, inspire him & making him happy during lessons. Thank you so much for all the things & effort you have done for him. You are his favourite teacher!!! Also thanks for being patience with Darwisy throughout the day. Keep inspiring other students & be the BEST!!!

Ms Dalila, mother of Darwisy, N1

Thank you so much for all the guidance & love that was given to Alayna since she joined when she was only 7months. I’m so happy that she has learned so much with all the wonderful teachers & staff that always made her feel so loved. We are so thankful for all the kindness.

Ms Gabriella, mother of Alayna, PG

Improvising learning into a fun and enjoyable activity makes my son to look forward to go to school every day. And, we do know that you are the reason why. We appreciate the effort and dedication that you put in my son’s learning. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Fareez, parents of Raykal, N1

Thank you Teacher Ann and Wang Laoshi for their patient and dedication to teaching. Adam is not an easy child and I really appreciate the time and effort to educate Adam.
Thank you once again, you are great teachers!

Ms Kristy, mother of Adam, N1

Teacher G and Li Jie are really engaging and patient with the children. It is not surprising to see why they are so famous and well-loved by them. I am frequently taken aback and proud to observe the skills and knowledge that Nathaniel has displayed.

Ms Regina, mother of Nathaniel, PG

Thank you teacher Fifi for your efforts in nurturing my son. I appreciate your hard work and dedication in providing my son a good learning environment. He really enjoys going to school and learning new things with his classmates. Thank you for doing your best to provide for the children growth and learning.

Ms Rosziati, mother of Rian, K1

Thank you Teacher G and Li Jie laoshi for your dedication and love for teacher. Ashley enjoys school a lot and has always talk about her day in school. Thank you for nurturing Ashley as like how a mum would nurture her kids. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you!

Ms Kristy, mother of Ashley, PG

Teachers have been great and I am very thankful. It has been some time since Adam last went to school. It was a rough start but the teachers made it easier for me and soon after Adam settled down. Of which, I really did not expect. Thank you for all the time spent to educate our children. We appreciate you!

Ms Elisa, mother of Adam, N2

Thank you so much for being passionate in teaching young children. It’s never easy. I cannot thank you enough for your influence in my child’s growth and milestones.

Ms Aisyah, mother of Ulfairah, PG

What Teachers Say

Seeing them grow every day is an achievement, especially when they are able to respond or imitate what you showed them. Their love is so pure that you can simply smile just by looking at what they do.

Sakinah, Infant Educarer

Teaching in Skool4kidz has been very fruitful and engaging for me. As a teacher, I had to ensure children under my care are well-taken care in safety and academic. Parents had trust in me and I was able to relate to them about their child’s strength n weakness. They took it positively n understood their children better.
I had my challenges to prepare teaching aids on time to deliver to children understanding. With support from my principal n colleagues, I could overcome the hurdle. Dedication to the job was very important to me and when children coming running to me in the morning for a hug showed I have done my best n will strive even better.

Bavani, Senior Preschool Teacher

TEACHING is not just a PROFESSION but it is a PASSION.

Someone asked me questions “What class are you handling?”, “How are you doing?”, “Is it tiring?”
Well, I am managing the Tiny Tots class and I enjoy being with them. I love my job and I love my children. I considered them as my own children and my friends.
When I started teaching the class, I am just the only one talking in class. My children respond by smiling and nodding.
Now, I am very happy and proud to see their improvements. They can understand and answer my questions they even ask me questions like “What is that teacher G?”, “Why cannot go playground?”.
But the most rewarding part in the teacher’s life is when they are happy to see you in coming to school, greet you good morning, hugs you and them happy when they go back home.
It is tiring but at the end of the day, you will feel glad and fulfilment.

Girdeth, Preschool Teacher

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the team. And also thanks for sending me to all the professional courses. God bless.

Cheye Hoon, Chinese Language Teacher


Wang Xia, Chinese Language Teacher


Lijie, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching is a lifestyle. When I became a teacher I wanted to have an impact on kids lives, I wanted them to love all thematic topics as much as I did. After 12 years of teaching, I have learned that I can be an expert in a thematic topic but that isn’t going to make my students love them.

I now want my students to love learning and be able to select proper ways to locate the information they need when they want to know it. Kids will see that I am passionate and knowledgeable about my content area and some may come to enjoy that content as well, but the best benefit of all is that they will become curious learners who will also become passionate about what they do.

Ernie, Preschool Teacher

Enjoy working with parents to see the kids grow and develop from PG to K2, and graduating from School4kids.

Zhongying, Chinese Language Teacher