Welcome To Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Tampines GreenForest!

In addition to quality programmes and educators, we believe a nurturing learning environment is necessary for children to learn and develop to their fullest potential. At Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Tampines GreenForest, we provide a safe and supportive environment where children can learn, play and thrive in their own unique ways and at their own pace.

Skool4kKidz Preschool @ Tampines GreenForest is a recipient of the SPARK (Singapo​re Preschool Accreditation Framework) certification. Awarded by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), SPARK certification is an endorsement of the quality of a preschool and its programmes.

Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Tampines GreenForest is awarded the highest Platinum accreditation in Healthy Nutrition by Health Promotion Board to ensure our children eat right daily in our care.

What Parents Say

Thanks for the effort and concern you show on our child.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Teacher Day!

Tricia, proud parent of Israel, K2

We would like to take this chance to thanks the teachers in charge of the N1 class. Thanks for their hard work and appreciate that they inform us of whatever happened to our kid during the day at the earliest opportunity. We would like to wish all the teachers in Skool4kidz Preschool@Tampines GreenForest a Happy Teacher’s Day 2019.

Soo Peng, proud parent of Junsheng, N1

Thank you Teacher Amaliah & Laoshu for taking teaching and taking good care of my girl. Lakshana is always excited to go to school and is happy. She has also learnt and tends to apply what she learnt at home. Good Job!!

K.Yahthavi, proud parent of Lakshana, K1

My son loves his form teacher Amaliah. Everyday he will tell me what was taught in school and the poem he learnt.
Teacher Amaliah has been very patience with the children and I can see through the interaction that the kids love her as well. Thumb up and keep up the good work

Joanne, proud parent of Branden, K1

Dear Teacher Sally, Teacher Amor, Teacher Nadya and Laoshu,
Thank you for teaching Yohanth and taking good care of him. He is very vocal now and always sings the songs he learnt in school. Good Job everyone!!

K.Yahthavi, proud parent of Yohanth, PG

I was abit worried when Elman upgraded from infant to PG as it will be a larger group and class room is an open concept. With Teacher Sally, Amor and Nadia care Elman had improved alot within 3 months. I can see they put lot of heart in nurturing the toddlers, they put me at ease ensuring that our children are well taken care and taught. I would like to thank them for their handwork, effort and patience towards my child.

Shu Ya, proud parent of Elman, PG

A big thank you to the all the teachers for their hard work!

Kevin, proud parent of Asher, N2

Would like to take this opportunity to thank all k1 teachers. Sherallyn has learn so much in school and always bring back to share with us what she had learn daily. Thank you for taking great care of her. Thank you for all the effort you all had put in. A very big improvement. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Priscilla, proud parent of Sherallyn, K1

Dear Teachers

Thank you for your loving, care and kindness towards the children. You are much appreciative. Have a blessed Teacher’s day!

Lee, proud parent of Charlotte, Infant Care

From bottom of our hearts, we really appreciated all the teacher at Greenforest Skool4Kidz for teaching and taking care of my son. I wish you all have a wonderful teacher day with all luck , wealth and health.

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, proud parent of Jun Sheng, N1

What Teachers Say

Teaching has taught me that each child has a different personality and behaviour. They are unique on their own and we should not compare them. Being with them also taught me to be more patient in attending to their needs, cues, cries and temperaments. But at the end of the day, when their milestone has been achieved, I feel like a ‘proud mother’.

Infant Educarer, Noor Syazwani

做为一位助理老师,对于小孩子的哭鬧情绪,要小心观察,深入了解并用温柔形式来反问,只要了解了原因,小孩就不会时常哭鬧,因为他们不会用语言来表达需要,(需然有时是无理的与不对的要求), 我们要有耐心与爱心,耒帮助与鸠正他们,让他们健康成长为一个有用正直的好人

Liang Jee, Assistant Teacher


Zhu Ting, Chinese Language Teacher

Teaching at Skool4kidz means to provide our children with planned and guided activities, help them to understand their world better and engage children in learning through purposeful play.

Rosaniwati, Infant Educarer

Being an infant educarer is not easy, but a challenging task. But overall I enjoyed being with them!

Hazirah, Infant Educarer

Throughout the years being part of the Crestar Education Group. I’ve gained knowledge and experience going through the courses and I now understand the children’s cue better.

Nafisah, Infant Educarer

To teach is to touch a life forever. It can inspire children to be life-long learners.

Faiza, Preschool Teacher

To me, teaching is a calling and a priceless learning journey for myself and the children under my care as we embark on our daily adventures of learning together. It’s a rollercoaster ride – some days are good and some days are bittersweet but looking back, when I see the children go from not knowing to knowledgeable, that’s where the greatest satisfaction lies. Happy Teachers Day to the daily superheroes in our children’s lives!

Nur Amaliah, Senior Preschool Teacher

It has been great being part of the team. It has shaped me to be the best educator I can try to be and taught me many skills that can be used to further enhance myself.

Nur’atiqah, Preschool Teacher