We believe that providing quality care for your infant begins with empowering and establishing strong and meaningful connections with you – the parent. Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher, and a strong partnership with you strengthens and reinforces the development of your child.

A Relationship-based Programme

Relationship is a key component in the care for and development of baby’s and toddlers’ sense of self. We believe the consistency of an educarer’s sensitivity, affection, and assurance in responding to each child’s needs and family culture will help the child gain a sense of security and confidence. This belief aligns with our national vision advocated in the Early Years Development Framework for centre-based quality.

Leveraging on Observe, Plan and Provide approach, our programme is designed to understand every child’s needs, pair meaningful experiences to stimulate and promote development.

To understand the developmental stages and needs of individual infants and toddlers.

To identify the learning objectives in meaningful experiences planned to meet observed needs.

To deliver and facilitate activities, games, explorations, tasks and interactions that stimulate and challenge the infant mind.