Been so grateful to be a part in SKC family for almost three years now. Everyone is always ready to help with their arms wide open. While we struggles, we can’t be the successful SKC now without the contribution of everyone in school. I look forward tomorrow years with S4K ❤️

Merto, Senior Teacher
Norshamsiah, Senior Educarer & Mentor

Teaching for me means making a difference for kids. It means also allowing them to pursue their passions, supporting them along the way, and giving students a reason to come to school each day, and having them leave just excited as when they arrived.

Kim, Preschool Teacher
Qianrui, Chinese Teacher
Gao Han, Chinese Teacher

We get to create entertaining, engaging and creative classrooms that promote learning as well as social, cognitive and emotional development. Every day brings unexpected learning experiences when I become a preschool teacher.

Zhi Qi, Preschool Teacher
My fellow Teachers here are helpful and thoughtful towards each other. They are always open to share their experiences and always willing to help.
Yeni, Infant Educarer
Being an Assistant Teacher to infants means alot to me. The emotional connection I have with the infants is a beautiful experience. It is nice to develop the bond with them, understand their physical needs, intellectual and social-emotional well-being. Watching them achieve milestones as they grow, establish a sense of trust and nurturing responses.
Hidayah, Infant Educarer
As a foreign Teacher, thank you so much Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun family for guiding and moulding me. I’ve learnt a lot in this field because of the support from the Management and my colleagues.
Divina, English Teacher
Working at Skool4Kidz means a lot to me. My colleagues are always ready to aid me in my IT issues and I am learning a lot from them. Respecting and understanding one another is key to our teamwork success. It really helped us through this pandemic period.
Tessie, Infant Educarer
This year is a hard year for our children, for parents and for teachers. I looked forward to see our little angels after the CB – but was also worried they might not adapt well.
It makes me happy watching our children grow. I hope parents understand how much effort and love we put in “”our”” infant as they need an enormous amount of care and attention to learn and develop appropriately.
Kim Tuyet, Infant Educarer
I wish to thank to my Principal Ms Sarah who truly open my eyesto what leadership means. She does not just lead but also is a good example. Not to forget my colleagues who has been supportive and understanding, working together as a team. Thank you all who have touch my heart in many ways. ❤
Kamisah, Infant Educarer
I love how bonded my Infantcare team is! We stand in for each other whenever help is needed, be it changes in shift or other assistance needed. We always try to accommodate one another’s shortcomings, and are always ready to volunteer whenever manpower is needed. They are the ones who make working days enjoyable. I always look forward to work!
Angeline, Infant Educarer
My colleagues and I are a family. Through rain and shine, we stay together as a team.
Divya , Infant Educarer
Working in Skool4Kidz @ Marsiling Drive has taught me alot. I love how we work together and help each other. I enjoy watching our children’s development as they grow. It makes me proud.
Fitri, Infant Educarer
Many thanks to my colleagues, Principal, non-teaching staff and parents for their unending support and care! 💕 Take care everyone and stay safe.
Mc Rhem, Teacher
Thank you for acknowledging us in tough times.
Lynn, Preschool Teacher
I appreciate the help of my colleagues whom have helped me through work and part-time school. The constant pushing and reminders of being my best have helped me realised my dreams of being a teacher.
Atiqa, Preschool Teacher
Zongli, Chinese Teacher
Meiying, Senior Chinese Teacher
During tough times, my colleagues and I pulled through.
Siti, Preschool Teacher
We have great teamwork to get through tough times.
Ilyana, Infant Educarer
Working with children is very challenging but good teachers and a great environment makes a difference.
Amor, English teacher
Thank you for everything, Skool4Kidz!
Nur’atiqah , Preschool Teacher
It was a very tough Circuit Breaker. Coming back to work was not easy as there were the social distancing measures and the need to wear masks all day. Skool4Kidz and my fellow Teachers remained resilient through these tough times, pressing through the challenges with all of us Teachers.
Sharifah, English Teacher
在S4K,作为一名Chinese Teacher,我感到很荣幸。首先,我能提升自己的教学技能,和引导孩子们学习华文,对华语感兴趣; 其次,和我一起工作的同事,年轻,热情,对教育有着极大的热忱,很荣幸能认识他们。最后,在S4K,我会尽我最大的专业能力,贡献我的力量。
Zhu Ting, Chinese Teacher
At Skool4Kidz @ Tampines GreenForest, teachers don’t only teach, they also learn… from their children. It is a win-win situation. ❤️

Our centre’s great team spirit has set a good example for our children helping them to feel like they are also part of the community that enhances their areas of learning. Communication, social, and emotional skills are strengthened when children work as a team, which help improve self-esteem and confidence in kids.

I am blessed with a good and caring Principal. Under her close observation and gentle reminders, we keep our professional standards and do our best for our children.

Thank you to everyone in S4K TPGF!
Happy Teacher’s Day to all ❤️😘

Sally, Senior Educarer
Together, we foght COVID-19. Together.
Minakshi, Preschool Teacher
Teaching is meaningful. The real reward in this is when you see your children learn and progress. On top of that, being able to work in a centre full of teachers with various experience, has helped me broaden my knowledge and skills as a teacher. My fellow Teachers are helpful and resourceful and they do not mind sharing their experience with each other. As Teachers, we lend a helping hand to each other all the time. Work has been wonderful and fruitful.
Natasha, Beginning Preschool Teacher
As an Educarer, I help our young children through their learning journey with us, we achieve and guide our children.
Rosaniwati, Infant Educarer
Hepinhong, Chinese Teacher
I have learnt to accept and face the challenges at work… with a great team.
Nafisah, Infant Educarer
The pandemic was a true learning experience. I appreciate all the help I received from my fellow Teachers and Principal. We got through that difficult part together and we will continue to press on the best we can, together.
Roseleza, Preschool Teacher
As a new teacher, I had struggles im adapting into a new environment. But the teachers offered me their help without me asking and helped me in so many different ways. They even gave me advice on how to become a better teacher. My Principal and fellow Teachers are constantly asked how I am coping with work and I feel grateful knowing that they care.
Athirah, Beginning Preschool Teacher
Su Yan, Chinese Teacher
We are like a big family, working together to take care of our children.
Bee Lian, Programme Helper
Everyone here works together as a team! Happy Teachers = Happy children :)
Siti, Beginning Preschool Teacher






Jiling, Chinese Teacher
Skool4Kidz is where I began my teaching career. From a part-timer with no experience, to a Place-n-Train staff to a Full-Time Infant Educarer now.

Throughout my journey, I saw the different environments in different centres, different Principals achieving in their own centres, colleagues from all walks of life, of all ages and many races and nationalities.

Happy Teachers’ Day and thank you, everyone!!

Nurhidayu, Infant Educarer
Teaching is a two way street here in Skool4Kidz. I have learnt so much from the children in various aspects including character development. They have become my pride and joy. The children make it fulfilling for me to turn up for work everyday.

My colleagues have become my friends. We work together each day with zest to provide the best for our children always, all ways.

Izariana, Preschool Teacher
I am happy to work in Skool4Kidz TPGL.
I feel grateful to have such a good team. Especially my Beebies Team!
I thank you so much for you trust in me. You are not only colleagues, all of you meab a lot to me. Thank you my dear team mates! Happy Teachers’ Day ❤️
Peck Yoke, Senior Educarer
Huang Xing, Chinese Teacher
It’s been a journey with the school – one which has imparted much knowledge and wisdom. The fellow Teachers in the school have truly risen above the storm to battle the Covid 19 pandemic. And in these challenging times, we realise that teamwork truly plays an important role in overcoming challenges. Thank you Teachers for the courage and endless sacrifice.
Nabilah, Beginning Preschool Teacher
An inclusive and nurturing environment that drives me to workmy best. Everyday is different yet full of memorable, insightful experiences to remember.
Fahmidah, English Teacher
My role as an assistant teacher is mainly to support the role of the main teacher. Where assistance is required, I will need to be present so that the main teacher will be able to conduct the lessons smoothly.
This is what makes my experience in S4K enriching! As colleagues, we get to work together to ensure that we provide the best education experience for the child! 😇
Siti, Assistant Teacher
Why I chose to be a Teacher is because I love childre . I want to be their role model. I want them to remember me when they grow older.
Emillia, Assistant teacher
May all teachers be safe, heathy and happy working at Skool4Kidz!
Siew Inn, Infant Educarer
To my fellow team in the Beebies class, thank you for the great teamwork. A small gesture daily plays a big part in our daily life i.e. the power of a smile in the morning, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring is very meaningful to each of us. Thank you, team.
Manisa, Infant Educarer
Anqiong, Chinese Teacher
I like working with the team that believes in teamwork and colleagues who have the best interests for the child in mind.
Sajidah, Senior Teacher
Skool4Kidz gave me the opportunity to teach here in Singapore. My Skool4Kidz @ Tampines GreenRidges honed my skills as a teacher.
Mariz, English Teacher
Working at Skool4Kidz is fruitful as colleagues are helpful. I enjoy the teamwork.
Norsiana, English Teacher
“My colleagues and I work as a team to make things better for the children and parents. Whenever we have a problem, we sit and discuss about it together.
We support one another and keep the positivity going. We compliment others, magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses. With that, our teamwork gets stronger.”
Hazadilla, Infant Educarer
范雅婷, Chinese Teacher
Qiwen, Chinese Teacher
在家隔离这段期间,需要网上打卡, 感受到了大家的团结。
Hanhan, Preschool Teacher
By helping other colleagues and understanding other colleagues.
Sabrina, Infant Educarer
I am happy working with my colleagues . We look out for each other and make sure the babies are safe and cared for by all.
Irene , Programme Helper
I enjoy working here because everyone is welcoming and always willing to teach me. As a fresh graduate, I have a lot to learn. And I am thankful that I have my colleagues to guide me to be a better teacher.
Ophelia, English Teacher
My colleagues with whom I am currently working as a team, show care and concern towards me. Whenever I am busy, they voluntarily help me. They even tell me to rest for awhile before continuing with the work.

We share opinions and ideas when making some decisions with regards to our children’s well-being.

Both my cluster Principal and Principal are approachable when I need some advice on work matters.

Malathi, Para-Educarer
My colleagues and I share laughter… and food amongst us. We try to share problems and solve it between us. We help each other upgrade and work together as a team, tap into every Teacher’s strength. Every child deserves good quality learning which requires team work and positivity from us Teachers.
Vineeta, Infant Educarer
Teaching children is an accomplishment, getting children excited about learning is an achievement.
Yogaretna, Infant Educarer
Working in Skool4Kidz has taught me a lot about teamwork. As my centre is quite big, we cooperate and work together with one another to accomplish different tasks as teachers. I especially enjoy working here with very helpful colleagues who don’t mind going the extra mile for each other. I have also learnt new skills here that would be beneficial for me in the long run. Special thanks to Ms Yvette and Ms Vasandy for guiding and always believing in us.
Siti, Infant & Toddle Educarer
I am so happy to be here everyday with the children, playing and teaching them, I feel so proud when they learn new things.
Haiyang, Chinese Teacher
I have received unwavering kindness and support from my fellow colleagues. I have been enjoying my time here so far, while being able to learn. Despite being a ‘newbie’, thanks to my colleagues, they have been constantly inspiring me to improve myself every day. Thank you, teachers!
Mariah, Preschool Teacher
My colleagues are helpful, and I love coming to work to see the smiling faces of our children.
Hassanah, English Teacher
As a new beginning teacher who just graduated from poly and hence no experience at all, my colleagues were very welcoming and helpful. They showed initiative and told me that if I have any questions, I could ask them. Personally, I am always scared to ask help from others because of the fear of troubling them but with their warm welcome, I was fortunate and grateful that they are willingly to help. I am really thankful to have met such great colleagues at Skool4Kidz in my very first full-time job.

Working in Skool4Kidz is enriching as well because there is frequent training. While this may sound deterring to others, I personally feel that it is important we are constantly learning and “upgrading” ourselves to make sure our teaching approach is up-to-date and correct. Though sometimes the trainings are things we already know, it was good to refresh those concepts and also as a way to reassure myself that the approach is acceptable. Additionally, different centres have different beliefs so the trainings often remind us the kind of lesson is acceptable in the centre. But I think most importantly, it’s because of the practices and principles that is used in Skool4Kidz that made me feel that I have found the right place.

Ke Wen, Beginning Preschool Teacher
I enjoy work. My colleagues help each other. We share our ideas and opinions with regards to our children’s well-being.
Regine, Preschool Teacher
My colleagues always give me a helping hand whenever I’m in need.
Azila, Infant & Toddle Educarer
Teamwork as one of our Core Values. It speaks of the passionate and hardworking colleagues that I have. I am always grateful and thankful that we always support each other. I may not able to tell them everyday how amazing it is to work with them but I am always looking forward to growing and developing my professional skills alongside them everyday. Thank you!
Rhizalis, Infant Educarer
我刚刚加入乐心儿大家庭,就赶上新加坡居家大隔离,通过网上的team building,我和学校的老师逐渐熟悉起来,校长Ms Priya还买来鼻子喷雾分送给每位老师,预防病毒!谢谢Ms Priya!
张新宇, Chinese Teacher
Working with children is enriching and meaningful. Children are our next generation Skool4Kidz has provided teachers the necessary training, equipped us with the skills and knowledge to enhance our potential in EC.
June, Beginning Preschool Teacher
It’s admirable how much effort the Teachers in my centre take to plan activities and games for the children. I also love how everyone was so welcoming when I first came to the centre. Thank you Teachers ❤️
Gillian, Place-&-Train Teacher
My colleagues and I will always share information with one another regarding our children. I have learned that teamwork is very important in this industry.
Janet, Infant Educarer
I am grateful to have my loving colleagues here with me at WLCM. It has been a great journey together with them as we started out as Place & train Teachers together and are moving up the ladder as Teachers on the ‘High Potential’ now. We can rely on each other and help each in other in times of doubt and need.
Siti, Preschool Teacher
As I embarked on my journey to be an N1 Teacher for the first time after 3 years of being PlayGroup Teacher, it was undeniably a roller coaster ride. It was a culture shock for me, having to learn about the N1 Curriculum and to implement it. In addition, we were greeted by the current pandemic. It was no easy feat for all of us Teachers and parents. Nonetheless, we made it through Home-based Learning. I would like to express my gratitude to the people who braved through this challenging period. My precious family, friends, colleagues, not forgetting our parents and children, with their kind support, understanding and cooperation, I am more motivated to believe in myself and keep on striving to be the best for our children.
Nurazizah, Infant & Toddle Educarer
For the past 7 years, working with young lives gave me nothing but absolute joy. Young lives are the most precious ones. Imparting knowledge to them gives me the satisfaction which I dont get anywhere.

Skool4Kidz is the longest organisation I’ve worked for. This school gave me opportunities to learn and grow as an educarer. Thank you, Skool4Kidz! I will continue to give my best for the upcoming years.

Rachael, Infant & Toddler Educarer
My colleagues help me understand the things that I am new to. We share our thoughts, concerns and ideas. We grow as a team and one centre together! 👏🏻👏🏻
Rodriguez, Beginning Preschool Teacher
Lijiao, Preschool Teacher
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff of Team WLCM for being the wonderful individuals that you are! We have persevered as a team and emerged more accomplished and resilient over the years. Thank you for all the support that you have put together in making me the person that I am today. I am still learning and together we shall propel forward to attain greater heights as a TEAM.

I would also like to thank the Management of Skool4Kidz, my Senior Cluster Head, Ms Christina, My Principal, Ms Priya who believed in me, giving me opportunities to bloom, handheld me whenever needed, and spurring me to doing more for our Organization. I have gained much experience through all these opportunities and I can’t thank enough for your support and trust in me these years. Thank you once again.

To many more years, ahead! Onward Skool4Kidz!

Aisha, Acting Lead Teacher
Growing together with the team at Skool4Kidz @ Woodlands Crescent Meadow. I have a good mentor and great colleagues, I have become a better individual and a more passionate teacher!
Siti, Preschool Teacher
Skool4Kidz gives me the opportunity to learn and grow.
Hema, Infant & Toddle Educarer
Being a Teacher is one of the hardest jobs one can have. It is often exhausting and frustrating. You learn to take a breath before you respond to almost anything. Despite it all, it is important work. These tiny beings are very special to us. Watching them grow and learn is part of our livelihood and we feel every bit of emotion felt by their parents. It has been a very fulfilling experience for me as a Preschool Teacher and it will be a part of me for the rest of my life.
Jeannie, Beginning Preschool Teacher
Working in Skool4Kidz had given me opportunity to make a difference in lives. I have learnt a lot of meaningful things from colleagues, senior teachers and centre leader. These learning experiences have boosted my confidence and helped me be a better Teacher.
Siti, Infant & Toddle Educarer
I enjoy working with my colleagues in Yishun Orchid Spring! They are fun, friendly and caring! When I first stepped into the school, I was welcomed warmly by them and they made me feel like I was part of the family. I truly appreciate my kind and caring mentor, Lissa, who has given up her time and put in a lot of effort in guiding me. She has neither complained or ignored me when I asked for her help.
Siu Fong, Preschool Teacher