To Teacher F*****, Q*** Laoshi and Teacher A*****, we can’t thank you enough for supporting S*** as he enters playgroup and joins the big kids class. Thank you for caring for S***. We know he is a handful but we are busy parents who are so eternally grateful for you and your team for looking after our boy.

Elly, proud parent of S***, PG

Teacher S** is a wonderful teacher. She is very caring and loving towards her students. N*** love to be around her and always look forward going to school to be in her class. Happy Teacher’s Day to Teacher S** and all the teachers!

Fizah, proud parent of N*** Afiz, N2C

“Happy Teachers’ Day to the team of Principals and Teachers at Fernvale campus.

Thank you for all your passion, hard work, patience and endless commitment.

Especially to Teacher B*** who is taking care of I****, we are sincerely thankful and appreciate the time/effort of going the extra miles for this little attention seeker. We know you rush through your meals, your documents and other activities as Isaac is so bonded to you.

For all other teachers that we have seen, you guys are brilliant too. Couldn’t catch all of your names, but we do recognise all the faces. Really thankful for all the updates during drop off and pick ups!
We couldn’t thank you more.

We always feels that school environment and teachers are important in each child growth. And we are glad that I**** is with you guys!

Once again, Happy Teachers’ Day for all.

With love,
The Tays Family”

Jocelyn & Anthony, proud parent of I**** Tay, N1A

“Dearest Teacher L*****,

We would like to express our gratitude to you for taking good care of A**** for the past months of preschooling since April 2023.

We can see that A**** enjoyed the learning activities conducted by you through the sparkle in her eyes. She is always happy going to school.

While we have to end A****’s journey at Skool4Kidz @Fernvale, I am sure A**** will miss you.

It takes a village to raise a child. We wish Happy Teachers’ Day and have a good rest on this special day. ”

Gregory, proud parent of A**** Le, PG

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Teacher Z*** for her commitment in ensuring communication is key between parent and teacher. She always care for each children and i notice my daughter talking about her Teacher Z*** and how much she is comfortable to be around her, and with that I would like to thank her for her support throughout Inara’s time in her class. Im sure I**** will miss having you as a Teacher. As I**** always say..”I like Teacher Z***”. Thank you again Teacher Z***!!!

Alfira, proud parent of I****, N2

Dear Z*** Lao Shi & Teacher W***, we wanted to express our heartfelt thank you on this special celebration of Teachers Appreciation Week for all that you have done for our child. We appreciate all that you do to help A**** reach his full potential. Thank you for being an amazing Teachers!

Alice, proud parent of A**** Ang, K1A

“We just join this centre less than a year and glad that we made this move even though my girl is already in her last year of preschool.. Wish to convey my appreciation to Teacher W****, Teacher C***, J**** Laoshi and Z**** Laoshi from K2 level. Even just a short span in this centre, F****** really improved alot especially on her English. Special thanks to Teacher C***! F****** always remember what you taught or say. Special shoutout to Principal Ms R***** too! Glad that F****** still can learn from you!! Best Principal ever!

Lastly happy teachers day to all teachers, staff at Skool4Kidz Campus @ Fernvale! :)”

Shereen, proud parent of F******, K2

“We would like to show our appreciation to Teacher N*****, Teacher A**,Teacher C***,Teacher W****, 郑老师 and 蒋老师。
Your guidance and cares make Z**** grow and learn well. She becomes a very confident little teacher assistance in school as well as at home 😁.
She will miss Skool4Kidz very much after her graduation. We hope to still keep in touch.

Thank you Teachers and
Happy Teachers Day!”

Ee Wern, proud parent of Qiao Z****, K2A

“Dear Teachers,
Thank you for giving all of yourselves in whatever ways you can. A little Thank You is all we can say, but your hard work, effort and care will always be remembered by us! 💓


Mandy, proud parent of J** H** and J** E*, N2B

“To:Teacher J****** & Z**** Laoshi
Thank you for your attentiveness to D****’s wellbeing and growth. Always very appreciative of the calls made to discuss on D****’s recent progress made in school. 毅哲在老师们无微不至的关怀中成长了许多。身为家长,我们非常的感恩;毅哲也非常的喜欢两位老师们!教师节快乐!
Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Vanessa, proud parent of D**** Tan, N1C

We are beyond grateful to Teacher D***** and C** Laoshi for taking such good care of M***** while in class! 🥰 Thank you teacher Teacher D***** and C** Laoshi for making M***** feel safe and loved in school! 🥰 Thank for making school an exciting and enjoyable place for him. Thank you for your love, support and patience everyday especially during moody days. 🥰 And to all the staff that made our son feel at home in school, especially during the first few months when he was so scared to let go yet, we saw how caring and understanding you are to him. Patiently waiting for him to adjust and enjoy school at the same time. 🥰 To us parents, we truly appreciate all the combined efforts that you do to help us mold our son to be an independent kid! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all! ❤️❤️❤️

Cherry, proud parent of M***** Salvame, N2E

Heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers at infant bay A for all your love and patience towards our little one. I’m sure she has been well fed, rested and engaged with all her lovely teachers and friends. ☺️

Keely, proud parent of J***** L*** Gan, Infant A

“I would like to say thank you so much to Teacher H******** for being the most patience and understanding teacher to my daughter. Despite knowing my daughter’s condition, you never failed to make her feel welcomed and treat her like the rest.
No words can express my gratitude to you.
Continue to bring shine and happiness to all the kids in the centre during your care.
Thank you once again.
You are one in a million ⭐️”

Liyana, proud parent of A******* Hafiz, K2B

“Happy teachers day!

Greatly appreciate your effort and dedication in educating my child. It’s my honor to learn and work with you. Knowing my girl exceptionally strong character and seeing the growth of her learning progress is delightful. Thank you for your sound advice always.”

Gary, proud parent of G**** Wong, N1E

K** is always excited to share with me on the new songs or dance he learned in school. He has grown and learnt so much these few years with Skool4Kidz. K** also enjoyed the activities planned by the school. Thank you Ms E***, Z**** Laoshi, and all the teachers and principals who always stand at the front gate in the morning to receive the children with warm smiles.

Serene, proud parent of K** Sim, K1C

The teachers are doing an amazing job! It needs passion to be a pre teacher and these teachers have it! Thank you teachers ;)

Latha, proud parent of L****** A***** Charan, PG

“Dear Teacher F****** and Q*** Laoshi,


Thank you for always looking out for E***! Thank you for being such great teachers in teaching her, guiding her, and moulding her to the person she is today.

Thought E*** is still so young, I can see a lot of growth in her. She’s slowly changing everyday. And what makes me happy is seeing her go to school so happily everyday! What a joy! Teachers like you certainly make lessons/the day really enjoyable!

Thank you for everything! These kids will be nothing without teachers like you. I’m eternally grateful to have teachers like you for E*** in PG. To great times ahead! :)”

Jill, proud parent of E*** Ang, PGC

“Happy teacher’s day to all teachers in S4K Fernvale. Special shoutout to class PGG Teacher J******, Q** Laoshi and Teacher J**** for always taking good care of my boys.

My twin boys are so lucky to have met you as their first teachers. They are always happy going to school and surprise us with speaking new words every now and then.”

Parents, proud parent of J***** and J*****, PGG

“😊Happy Teachers day to all of the lovely and caring teachers.😊

First of all, a massive thank you for everyone who taking care our children.

Apart from passion, you peoples are really taking care of our children. I really appericate that.

Dear Teacher B** and P*** Laoshi, a heartfelt thanks for caring Y****. You two are not only taking caring of our child. You peoples are second mother to our child. You peoples are replacing our place in our absence. Thanks a lot for that.

Once again Happy Teachers day to everyone.😊”

Sekar, proud parent of Y**** Dhineash, PG D

“Dear Teachers

Thank you very much for caring and teaching K**** to be a confident girl. Thank you for supporting her when she do the correct thing and learn something new. Also thank you for comforting and cheering her up when she is sad. Thank you Teacher S** for all the kindness, encouragement and patience with her. She grew up and learnt a lot from you. I appreciated your efforts as always. Thank you L** Laoshi for motivating her to speak Chinese. Thank you to all the teachers who take care her before her daddy reached to fetch her. I cannot express how lucky K**** is with words. Happy Teachers Day❤️”

Purdy, proud parent of K**** Pang, N2C

“Dear Teacher B*** and Z*** Lao Shi,

We truly admire your love and dedication to the children. We have seen A***** change from being resistant to attend school to looking forward to go to school everyday, speaking fondly of her teachers. We can feel the care and effort that you have put in for A***** to help her grow and blossom. We want you to know that we appreciate you, and are thankful that our child has teachers like yourselves, thank you!”

Jessica, proud parent of A***** Yu, N1A

“Dear Teacher S* N*** & Teacher C***,
Thank you for all the effort & hard work both of you put in to help M***** settle down during his first few weeks in school! Teacher- ‘ A multi-tasking educational rockstar who lives to inspire and loves to encourage’ 🤟🏽🩷”

Syarifah, proud parent of M*****, Infant

Thank your beebies teachers for taking care of R***** and patiently feeding him. Thanks for ensuring his safety and well-being in his daily routine!

Lena, proud parent of R***** Lee, Beebies A


谢谢你对A**** 的照顾与爱戴。在你的教导下,他学会了华语和跟同学互动。我们很感激你。


Gregory, proud parent of A**** Le, PG

“Dear Teacher D***** & C*** Laoshi,

It is under your care and guidance that we observe C****** growing smarter and much more independant day by day. Words alone cannot describe the feeling of gratitude and appreciation that our daughter is in the good hands of caring and meticulous teachers like you both!

C****** would always tell me how much she likes Teacher D***** & C*** Laoshi, and shares that she enjoys her time in class. This is perhaps the strongest testimony, that as teachers, you have managed to win over the hearts of the child!

We wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day, and many more fruitful and memorable ones to come!”

Luther, proud parent of C****** Goh, N1E
Dear teachers (Teacher M*******, Teacher Y****** and K***** Laoshi), L** has grown so much since he joined Skool4Kidz at the start of the year! Thank you for being patient with him as he transitioned in and for helping him to blossom. He is now very chatty and independent!
Sylvia , proud parent of L**, Playgroup A
“敬爱的 Y*** Laoshi,
非常感恩您对D** H**** 每天的关爱,教育与爱护。他能开开心心的成长都是因为有您的细心照顾。D** H***** 非常喜欢老师,每天在家里告诉我们您很疼他,教他唱歌,教他华文。我们看到他在您细心的教导下,进步了许多。
衷心感恩 Y*** Laoshi。
在此,我们祝您教师节快乐!! =D”
Adeline , proud parent of J****** Lim, N2B
I would like to give our most heartfelt appreciation to L** Laoshi, Teacher A***** and Teacher S****** for the awesome attentiveness & guidance. S******** is a year end baby and generally will be at a slower pace, he never fails to mention either of the 3 teacher’s name and what he has done and learnt. Eg.Chinese rabbit song /悯农 & books that are read to him. So far the communication experience was very clear and efficient. Our minds are put at ease and we are very pleased that our paths have crossed. Special Thank You for such a job WELL DONE!
Eileen & Melvin , proud parent of S******** Tan , N2A
Thank you Teachers for making the lessons fun and enjoyable for C****. She really appreciates the teachings imparted to her. Have a Happy Teachers’ Day! You deserve it! 😄
C****’s Mummy, proud parent of C**** Siew, K2B
“Dear Teacher K****,

Thank you for teaching B******, helping her to be more independent in her daily routine, encouraging her to speak confidently and to be kind to her peers. She looks forward to school everyday and enjoys English classes. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Best Regards,
B******’s Mummy”

Laura, proud parent of B****** Wong, N2B
“Happy Teachers’ Day to Teacher A*****! We wanted to extend our gratitude for the care and support you’ve shown our little O***** during her first few months at school at PGD in Sengkang Riverside Park. We appreciate the way you’ve helped her settle in and engaging her in activities that have sparked her curiosity and excitement.

Your updates during drop-offs and pick-ups have eased a worried parent’s heart. Your communication means a lot to us and shows the depth of your involvement in O*****’s journey.

Thanks also to Teacher Y****** who always have a smile and kind words for O*****! Thank you for being dedicated teachers and making a difference in O*****’s life.

Wishing all teachers in Sengkang Riverside Park a wonderful Teachers’ Day!”

Eileen and Ming Huei, proud parent of O'***** Chong, PGD
“Dearest Teacher C*****,
Thank you so much for the dedication and love you have for the children! You are such an awesome teacher.
We love you ❤️ Happy Teacher’s Day”
Fadhilah, proud parent of Q******, K1B
“””In the hands of a preschool teacher, crayons become tools of expression, and curiosity becomes a way of life.””

Happy Teachers’ Day to Teacher L***** and Teacher W***! We wanted to take a moment to express our appreciation for the care and dedication you’ve shown T****. Your effort has played an important role in building T****’s emotional intelligence and his social skills, and nurturing his innate curiosity about the world.

As we celebrate Teachers’ Day, please know that your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Thank you for being wonderful educators and making a positive difference in our little one’s life.

Wishing all teachers in Sengkang Riverside Park a wonderful Teachers’ Day!”

Eileen and Ming Huei, proud parent of T**** Chong, N1B
Thank you to the team of teachers at Skool4Kidz for helping M**** ease into school seamlessly since Day 1. All of you contributed to making my child feel welcomed and happy to attend school. Thank you for taking pictures of them so that we can have some glimpses into what they are doing in school. Your patience and guidance is very much appreciated!! Special thanks to Teacher L*****, H**** L***** and Teacher W* J*** for looking out for M****. He loves all of you very much! 🥰
Elyn, proud parent of M**** Goh, N1B
Thank you for making our daughter’s memory of her early education a wonderful one. We appreciate your patience in teaching her.
Anditya, proud parent of L****** A***** Charan, K2A
“亲爱的 Y*** Laoshi (N2B),
谢谢您对S* E* 和孩子们的爱。大着肚子还很敬业的陪孩子们唱歌跳舞。S* E* 特别喜欢上您的课,也每天回来唱您教她的职业歌。当S* E*受伤时也会打电话关心她。希望你和宝宝健健康康。教师节快乐!

S* E* 妈妈”

Laura, proud parent of B****** Wong, N2B
“Dear Teacher Y** Y**,

Thank you for showing concern when he was sick and taking the initiative to console and personally bringing him to class when he is feeling upset. T******* frequently mentions you and tells us that you are one of his favourite teachers. Happy Teachers Day!

Best Regards,
T’*******’s mummy”

Laura , proud parent of T******* Wong, N1C
Great appreciation to Teacher Y*** and Teacher K**** for their love and attention. They have nurtured K*** well. K*** always came back home with a big smile on her face. Through conversations, we understand she has learnt alot from the teachers. They deserve credit for their effort all this time. Thank you so much .
Fung Cheung, proud parent of K*** Ngan, N2B
“Dear A*****’s teachers (Teacher A*****, Teacher A**, Teacher L* and other teachers of PGC),

On this Teachers’ Day, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your incredible dedication and care towards A*****. Your nurturing presence and engaging teaching style have made a profound impact on her growth and development.

Thank you for creating a warm and enriching learning environment that A***** looks forward to every day. Your passion for education shines through, and we feel fortunate to have you as our child’s teachers.

Happy Teachers’ Day! Your effort is truly appreciated.

With gratitude,
A*****’s parents”

A*****'s Parents, proud parent of A***** S****, PGC
Thank you for your committed care and guidance towards O*****. Here’s wishing you a restful and Happy Teacher’s Day!
Yating, proud parent of O***** Tang, K1B
“Thank you to all the teachers of class N2B and PGA for taking such good care of the children and helping them grow!

Thank you to all teachers of Skool4Kidz Campus @ SengKang Riverside park!

Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Rongqian, proud parent of K**** Chang / E*** Chang, N2B / PGA
“Dear N1C Teachers and Team,
We wish you all a very Happy & Joyful Teachers Day!

Thank you for creating a joyful learning experience for M******. He brings back home the learning and fun activities to share with us.
We are so lucky to have you!

We appreciate all the excellent work and support.

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Satish, proud parent of M******, N1C
Thank u to all Infant Teachers for taking care of A*** and i know its not easy to do it especially when you take care of not 1 but 4 or more babies in a day but u made our life easier WE ARE SO THANKFUL AND APPRECIATE THE HARDWORK….Especially Teacher T***** and Teacher R**** for all the update and laughter if we had the chance to speak abt A*** and tying A***’s hair 😂 GREAT JOB TEACHERS!!!!
Amylia, proud parent of K****** A***, Infant
“Dear teachers,

As I know that nurturing H*** isn’t easy, I would like to thank all of you for your dedication, sincerity and patience. May H*** grows up learning the good traits she sees everyday from her teachers and never forget the ones who nuture her to be the person she will be one day.

May each and everyone of you never stop being great and awesome and doing what you do <3”

Syafikah, proud parent of H*** A******, N2C
“To L***’s Teacher I**, Teacher C********, D*** Laoshi, Cikgu H*** ❤️

Thank you for taking care of my little girl so well! She enjoys going to school, coming home singing songs that even I don’t know what it is at times hahaha and for looking out for her.

We wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day and we hope that you know we appreciate you for all that you do. It’s not easy but thank you so much 🫶”

Hanis Shahilla, proud parent of L*** S*****, N1B
“Dear teachers, thank you for all your hard work and dedication in moulding the little minds of our future generation and also for caring for our little ones as your own. Am always amazed at how much L*** has picked up since he started school and how much he has grown in terms of independence and knowledge. As parents we are happy and felt at ease knowing that our little one is always in safe hands while we are away at work.

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Rebecca, proud parent of L*** Soh, N1C
“Dear A*******’s Teachers,

My salute to you all for being preschool teachers . It’s never easy being one. Truly appreciate the time and effort you guys give to nurture and take care of the young ones while we parents are working. Grateful that A******* is blessed with teachers like you. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day and enjoy your day :)

Thank you!”

Logini, proud parent of A*******, PGC
Thank you to all the teachers for bringing the best out of D****** and her friends. It’s been a wonderful journey watching her through different phases like conversing more than before, asking so much questions at home, no tantrums going to school and having to steer away from diapers as well. She really loves her teachers and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you so much for all your love and patience! Happy Teachers Day :)
Lydia, proud parent of H*** D******, N2B
“Thank you teachers for your patience guidance in teaching J**** and thereby allowing her to enjoy school fully and coming back daily to share all the little snippets of fun she had in school with me!
谢谢老师的细心教导,让 J** E* 对华文产生了更多兴趣,让她在这一年里华文进步了许多!
祝你们教师节快乐!Happy Teacher’s Day!”
Shyanne, proud parent of J**** Y**, N2A
We would love to thank Teacher J***, Teacher Y***, S** Laoshi, and L*** Laoshi, for being wonderful role models and caretakers for N*****. He always looks forward to going school to meet all of you. Thank you for taking great care of him, helping him learn new things, and thrive in school. We are deeply grateful for your dedication, love, and care. Happy Teachers’ Day! – N*****’s family
Tra, proud parent of N***** Koh Z****, PGD
Thank u Teacher I**, Teacher C******** & D*** Laoshi for taking of K***** when his parents are away for work when this is the time he need us most. Without you teachers we don’t know how can we juggle work. From the bottom of our hearts we appreciate the dedication and hard work you teachers have done. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!!!!!!
Amylia, proud parent of K***** A*****, N1B
“Thank you Teacher Y**** for being such a great and patient teacher, teaching them so much everyday! I’m often impressed with what he learns in school. It is never easy to be a preschool teacher, and you go the extra mile to understand each child and nurture them into great kids!

Also 谢谢 C*** Laoshi 的细心栽培,看着孩子们的华语一天一天进步,真不容易啊。谢谢你对J*** Y* 的照顾,他回家常常都会提起你呢,这代表他很喜欢你!谢谢!

Happy Teacher’s Day! 教师节快乐!”

Peiyi, proud parent of O***** Tan, K1A
“Thank you Teachers for your outstanding dedication and influence in Z***’s life. Your patience and encouragement have made learning enjoyable and enlightening.

We would like to thank you for everything you have done. No matter how trivial they may seem, we want you to know that it brought significant impact to Z***’s learning experience.

Wishing all of you a Happy Teacher’s Day filled with appreciation and love!

Zac & Z***”

Zac, proud parent of Z*** Tan, N1A
Dear Teacher Y***, Teacher N****** and L* Laoshi, thank you for your dedication to your work and to the children. I’m sure the children don’t tell you this enough, but you are their safe haven away from home. As parents, we are very thankful that we can drop our girl off to school knowing that she’s in the good hands of the teachers whom she trusts so much. L***** often tells me you have to shuffle between classes because of a shortage in manpower, and in order for you to continue this work with this level of dedication and love is truly amazing and respectable. Happy Teachers’ Day! I hope you will also find the time to take care of yourselves as well!
Mabel & Hazmi, proud parent of L****** A***** Charan, N1C
As a parent, I am so happy that M** has wonderful teachers like all of you who helped her during her time in kindergarten. Your passion for teaching is truly commendable. Thank you for being a special teacher to M**! Putting a child in a good school can never compare to finding a child a great teacher. 作为家长,我很高兴 Y* X**能拥有像您一样优秀的老师,帮助她在幼儿园的道路上取得小成功。恁对教育的热诚值得敬佩。感谢您成为 Y* X** 的老师,让孩子进入一所好学校永远比不上为孩子找到一名好老师。
Jack, proud parent of M** Ng, K2B
“I am extremely grateful to Teacher N******, L* Laoshi and Teacher Y*** for their outstanding dedication and unwavering commitment to shaping young minds, including my daughter’s. Their influence goes far beyond the classroom and I am truly thankful for the positive impact they had on my child’s early education journey. T*****’s excitement for learning and the fond stories she share about her time in school are a testament to their ability to make education an enjoyable adventure.

Happy Teacher’s Day!! I feel so fortunate to have them as the guiding influence for my child’s life during her formative years.”

Jody , proud parent of Tan X** Q* T*****, N1
“We would like to specially thank the teachers who have taken care of K****** since she first joined the campus through infant care. It has been such a journey seeing her grow from a baby to this little ball of energy who is heading to primary school next year.

We couldn’t have gone this far without the help, patience and love from the teachers, teaching assistants, and infant educators.

This is never said enough but you are the rock to the child’s world and helped the kiddos can grow up happy, healthy and well.

Thank you for everything.”

Amy, proud parent of K****** Chng, K2B
I would like to thank the the teachers for always being kind, patient and understanding to the students. Especially since K**** is really a big handful so it’s really great to hear from the teachers that he is adapting to school life and not causing too much trouble. Do keep up the passion and continue nurturing these young minds.
Genevie, proud parent of K****, PG C
“Dear Skool4Kidz Teachers @ Yishun Campus,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the teachers that have cared for and taught our son throughout his time in school thus far. We understand it is a heavy responsibility to take care of a stranger’s child, much less a few dozen per class, yet you’ve instilled confidence in us through our son’s welfare and development.

Our appreciation and thanks goes out to his PGC teachers, Teacher A****, Teacher C******* and Z*** Laoshi for being excellent teachers to M****** N***. We have enjoyed seeing him grow through your care. Special thanks to the other teachers and admin officers who have equally helped out with our son in any form.

Many thanks & love from M****** N*** & family.”

Syafiee & Dinah, proud parent of M****** N***, PGC
“Dear Teachers of N2A,

Thank you for being patient and understanding towards my girl. When she joined Skool4Kidz in April this year, she had trouble adjusting to the school environment. She was constantly crying and refusing to open up. You didn’t give up on her and always sought to include her in all the class activities. Today, T******** loves to talk about what Teacher A*****, Teacher S******, H* Laoshi and Teacher R*** told or taught her that day. She is proud of her achievements in school and tells me she didn’t cry in school. All these would not be possible without your genuine care and concern. Thank you for being such wonderful teachers! Your effort will always be appreciated.

Sincerely always
Parents of T********”

Nithya, proud parent of T********, N2A
“Thank you Teacher N****** and Teacher Y*** for your patience and kindness towards E****. We know that it was not easy for her to adapt and she was rather resistant to a change in the teachers in the beginning. We greatly appreciate both of your efforts in forging closer bonds with her and giving her time to open up to you both. We greatly appreciate your care and concern shown towards her and are grateful for your love, teachings and understanding so that she can learn and adapt well and bond with her friends and you teachers. E**** is very fond of you both as she mentions her teachers alot when she is home. While she cant’t articulate well, she holds you both very dearly in her heart and greatly enjoys your teachings and company. We are very grateful for your kindness and love for E**** and wish you both a Happy Teachers’ Day. May your wishes come true and hope that happiness will always be with you! We will now pen a message in Chinese for Teacher L* below.
谢谢 L* Laoshi 对 Y* X*** 的照顾以及教导。我们非常感激您在 Y* X*** 最难融入的时候给予她关爱和帮助,让 Y* X*** 慢慢地习惯学校生活。感激您对 Y* X*** 的爱护和耐心教导与陪伴,让她害怕、难过时有老师的呵护让 Y* X*** 慢慢勇敢起来,不那么害怕和害羞,也渐渐学习到怎么和同学之间好好互动。 Y* X*** 常回家告诉我们她在学校很开心,也很喜欢 L* Laoshi、常提起L* Laoshi 的好。希望老师知道 Y* X*** 心里很爱惜L* Laoshi,也感受到了L* Laoshi 的爱。我们也非常感激老师为 Y* X*** 做的一切。希望老师您加油,也希望您心想事成!祝您教师节快乐!”
E****’s parents, proud parent of E**** Chandra, N1C
“Grateful to all teachers at Beebies for their patience and dedication for caring for our little one, although he is quite a handful. We are happy to see that he enjoys going to school everyday, playing with his friends and teachers, and picking up new skills.
Special shout-out to Teacher Y*** – T*******’s favourite teacher. Thank you! Happy Teacher’s Day!”
Si Hui, proud parent of T*******, Infant
“Dear Teacher B****

My wife & I are so grateful that you have been her teacher since she was 18 months till currently 4 years old.

Even when you went on maternity leave, you specially bought her nails stickers as keepsake so that she wouldn’t forget you when you are back.

We are deeply appreciative of the consistent extra mile that you have gone for her as an educator.

Thank you always & Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Thomas , proud parent of M******, N2
Dear Teacher D***, Teacher A***** and W* Laoshi, thank you for always loving and caring for D****! She loves school and enjoys playing with her friends and learning about numbers and colors! We appreciate everything that you do! Happy Teachers’ Day!
Mr and Mrs Collins, proud parent of D**** K******* Collins, N1
“We would like to thank Teacher B****, Teacher E** and L* Laoshi for always keeping a lookout for J*****! They have been very caring and encouraging teachers. They have helped J***** gain more interest in colouring and speaking Mandarin!

Thank you for all of your hard work and have a great Teachers’ Day!”

Deborah, proud parent of J***** Tong, N2
I would like to thank Teacher L**& L* Laoshi for guiding K****** throughout his K2 journey in Ping Yi Greens. I also appreciate the patience they have on K******. He has been sharing a lot of memories he went through with both his teachers & friends. I’m sure he will remember his teachers even after embarking to his new journey in P1.
Erni, proud parent of K******, K2
谢谢Teacher J** 和 C*** Laoshi 的悉心教导。老师们给于很多的爱护与教育,让Q* J** 很喜欢上学。愿老师们教师节快乐,你们的爱心给予了小孩们一个快乐的童年。
佩珊, proud parent of Q* J**, K1
To U****’s teachers, my deep gratitude for guiding her and developing her potential. Not only that, ensuring she is happy and her hair beautifully done up, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Sholeha, proud parent of U****, Pre-nursery
“A big thank you to Teacher B****, Teacher E** and L* Laoshi for being such caring and encouraging teachers! They’ve helped J**** gain confidence in presenting in front of his friends and be able to interact with his friends in school!

We wish you all a Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Deborah, proud parent of J**** Tong, N2
“Thank you Teacher B****, Teacher A**, L* Laoshi for your dedication, love and care. I enjoy going to school everyday because I have so much fun! Wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day on this special occasion.

N****** and parents”

Kuan Lian, proud parent of N****** Hoo Z***, N2
We have you to thank for inspiring our child to come out of her shell. She loves you all so dearly, and she always speaks highly of all her teachers. Thank you for being so good and so patient with her. It’s heart warming to know our daughter is being so well taken care of in school.
Farhanah, proud parent of N** N*****, Nursery 2
“Dear Teacher A*******, Teacher T****, Teacher T***, Teacher K******, Teacher S******,

Thank you for being kind and thoughtful towards me. Thank you for your patience and for taking care of me..
Happy Teacher’s Day!


Tini, proud parent of M****** F*****, Beebie
I would like to thank Teacher J*** & Laoshi for guiding A**** throughout his K1 journey in Ping Yi Greens. I also appreciate the patience they have with A****. I’m sure he will remember the memories he shared with his teachers & friends.
Erni, proud parent of A****, K1
“We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for the immense care and dedication the Infant Teachers have shown towards M*******.

Thank you for going above and beyond in caring for M******* and for providing him with the love, guidance, and support he needs. Wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day!”

Warda, proud parent of M*******, Infant
“感谢 N* Laoshi,
N* Laoshi 是一位认真负责,关爱孩子的好老师。我的女儿非常的喜欢 N* Laoshi。作为孩子的家长,我们都很感激你。把孩子交给你,我们作为家长非常的放心。谢谢”
MengYang , proud parent of Wang M*** Y* R*****, PG
L* Laoshi, 谢谢您细心的教导,J** N* 很开心上华文课。J** N* 祝您教师节快乐。❤️
Yee Ling, proud parent of Goh J** N*, N2
Time flies and another year has passed. Thank all the teachers in K1 class, Teacher J***, C*** Laoshi, and all the teachers who taught my daughter before, thank you for inspiring, caring, listening, guiding and everything you did.
Kangping, proud parent of Zhao Z*****, K1
“To Teacher D***, Teacher H*** & W* Laoshi..

Thank you for your time and effort you put into teaching me.. Thank you for being patient with me…
I appreciate your creative and engaging lessons that made learning fun and exciting…

Happy Teacher’s Day!


Tini , proud parent of F******, N1
“Thank you Teacher C****, Teacher X*****, Teacher F****** and N* Laoshi for your wonderful care for H****.

It’s tough to be in the early childhood industry and we really appreciate all the patience, care and concern you have shown towards H****. You have made a difference to her early years.

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Carol, proud parent of H**** Fok K** Q*, Playgroup
“Dear Teacher C****, Teacher X***** and N* Laoshi

Truly appreciate your efforts in nurturing K** Q*** and helping her to grow happily everyday. A big Thank You for your love, care and patience given to K** Q*** :)

With Love,
K** Q***’s parents”

Janice , proud parent of Oong K** Q***, Tony Tots
I want to say thank you to Teacher H***, Teacher D*** and Y** Laoshi for being there everyday with A****. He loves to talk about the teachers and how much he loves his teachers. From the bottom of my heart thank you for being patient with A**** and all your hard work training him to be better everyday through music, writing, painting, sharing. So I want to say but best of all thank you for being the best teachers for A****. Have a great blessed Teacher’s Day!
Shahidah , proud parent of A**** S****, N1
We would like to express our gratitude to Z*******’s teachers, Teacher N*, Teacher D*****, Teacher C****,Teacher X***** & Principal S**** for being second mummies to her. Thank you for taking the extra effort to make her grow and for bringing out the best in her. You make your class fun and exciting that my daughter is always excited to go to school. Your care and your dedication always shine right through and we as parents can’t thank all of you teachers enough. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Mica/Ram, proud parent of Z******* Singh, PG
“Dear Teacher B****and Teacher A**,
J** N* wishes you Happy Teacher’s Day. Thank you all your care, love and patience to J** N*. She is looking forward to school each day by saying all teachers and friends love her so much. Thanks for creating such a lovely environment for the children to learn and have fun at school. We truly appreciate all you have did, you are such wonderful teachers, Teacher B****and Teacher A**. Thank you.

Love, J** N* 💗💗💗”

Yee Ling, proud parent of Goh J** N*, N2
I would like to thank you both Teacher X** H** and Teacher C**** that can make N*** feel safe and happy when in the centre. My child always comes home from school with a big smile on their face after school. It’s clear that their teachers put in a lot of effort to make the day special for them. I’ve seen my child develop a strong bond with both of them. Whenever I ask my child if she wants to go school, her reply is always yes! Happy Teacher’s Day to Teacher X** H** and Teacher C****! Much appreciate both of your effort!
Jovial, proud parent of N***, Playgroup
Happiest Teacher’s Day to Teacher B****, Teacher A** and L* Laoshi and to all BDPY Teachers! Thank you for the love, patience and guidance you guys have given F******. She enjoys coming to school to see her wonderful friends and of course the teachers! She shares a lot of things with us about school. Thank you so much for nurturing her. I am one proud parent.
Siti Fathimah, proud parent of F******, N2
“Dear Teacher C****, Teacher X*****, N* Laoshi & etc…,

Thank you so much for teaching and taking care of K****! He has grown and learnt many new things since the day he joined during April.

Kyan & Amanda”

Kyan And Amanda, proud parent of K**** Aw, Playgroup
Thank You for everything, to L***’s beloved teachers! “Teachers are like the sunshine that activates the light of curiosity, knowledge, smiles and wisdom in their students.”
L***'s Mum & Dad, proud parent of L*** Lim , K2

Dear teachers, thank you very much for your care, patience and love . We are thankful and happy to have you all these few years , I am really glad my child has made a lot of wonderful childhood memories here . love you :)

Mr & Mrs Lim, proud parent of Lim K** X****, K2
Many thanks to Teacher Y*****, J***** Laoshi and the other teachers for taking care of L**. I am grateful for your patience in helping him adjust to his first school experience. I can see that he is enjoying his time at school and his vocabulary has increased significantly in just a few months.
Gao Xin, proud parent of L** Gong Y*****, PG
“I would like to thank L* Laoshi for the love, care and guidance that she had given to T**** for the past 9 months. T**** always enjoys his Chinese lessons and learned alot. She showed her professionalism during the latest PTC with what she expects from T**** for the 2nd half of the year and I’m impressed with the details that she shared about him.
Thanks for the hardwork Laoshi! Keep up the good work and hope she can continue her passion as a teacher.”
Joycelyn , proud parent of T**** Toh, K2
“With this special day , R** Y*** and his parents would like to say thank you to all Skook4kidz teachers and principal😊
Without your concerns and attentions to R** Y***, we as parents are not able to concentrate on our work!!!
Special thanks for N2 Teachers W*** Laoshi and Teacher L*****♥️”
Joyce , proud parent of Lim R** Y***, N2
“We would like to thank W*** Laoshi for her thoughtfulness and care given to T**** since last year. Though she’s not T****’s teacher this year, she still looks out for him whenever she can. T**** and her have a love hate relationship. Still she teach him the dos and donts and also teaching him right with all her heart.
Her love for T**** is deeply appreciated!”
Joycelyn , proud parent of T**** Toh, K1
“Thank you Teacher L***** and Wang Laoshi for putting in the great efforts daily to take care of J**** and design interesting lessons to enhance his learning!

It was also very heartening to read the detailed portfolio to understand how J**** carries himself in front of his friends and teachers. J**** has become more patient throughout the year under your guidance and it helps him be a better older brother at home too! We are sure that J**** will continue to become a better version of himself under your care. Once again, a big thank you to both of you and the other teachers in assisting J**** in his learning cognitively and socially. Enjoy your day!”

Jia Hui & Jewel, proud parent of J****, N2
“Thank you Teacher Y*****and all PG teachers for helping J**** adapt to school life. We are sure that J**** enjoys his time in school when he comes home singing and dancing to the new songs that he learnt!

To all Skool4Kidz educators, we appreciate the effort put in to create wonderful lessons, fieldtrips and memories with the children. Thank you for your dedication and patience. Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Jia Hui & Jewel, proud parent of J****, PG
“Thanks to the principal, teachers, cook and cleaner for loving S****!

He can be quite mischievous at times but I hope that all of you can be patient with him. He has a mind of his own and is learning well from all of you. My husband and I are happy to see him enjoying his school life.

Thanks for all your care, concern and patience!

Happy Teachers’ Day to all of you!!! 😘😘😘”

Sharon , proud parent of Lee J** J* S*****, Tiny Tots
“Dear Teacher I** & Z**** Laoshi,

Happy Teacher’s Day!

We appreciate all your hard work, kindness, and patience in teaching J*****.
Thank you for making learning fun and exciting which is one of the reasons why he loves going to school.
For your encouragement and help to build up his confidence which is an important factor as he enters primary school.

Job well done to the both of you!”

Jeannie, proud parent of J***** Goh, K2
Thank you so much for taking care of M***** A*** with full of passion and patience!
Aishah, proud parent of M***** A***, N1
I would like to thank Teacher I** and Z**** Laoshi for taking care of T**** so well in 2022 and 2023. I’m never worried about T**** whenever he is under their care be it studies or personal welfare. He learned alot from them and would always enjoy their lessons and activities. Thanks for the love and guidance given to him and keep up the great job!
Joycelyn , proud parent of T**** Toh, K2
Happy Teacher’s Day to all the amazing teachers out there. Handling children is not an easy task. Thank you for being patient with the kids and putting 100% at work.
Maggie , proud parent of S**** Chua , N2
“Big thank to all the teachers… Thank You for the ernomous efforts and hardwork…
Thank you for your patience and caring not only for K**** & K***** but all the kids in school…

We truly appreciate all the teachers endless love, guidance & support…



E***, proud parent of E*** & K****, N1 & K1
“Dear K2 Teachers, we appreciate your patience and effort for teaching our kids and also putting extra effort to teach them in order for them to understand. Thank you for taking care of our kids in school.

Thank you for everything that you have done as a teacher we appreciate it alot. Happy Teacher’s Day to all of you.”

Haidah, proud parent of N*****, K2
林爸爸,林妈妈, proud parent of Lim K** X****, K2
“To Teacher C****, Y** Laoshi and all staff at Punggol Northshore Cove

Thank you for welcoming M**** for her new journey in Skool4Kidz. She is always happy and looks forward to school ever since she started in mid August. I hope she continues to enjoy her time as more friends come in the following months. Keep teaching and educating the young minds. Without the whole ecosystem, it cannot work. Once again thank you and Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Syazwani, proud parent of R*** M****, Preppy Learners
“Thank you Teacher J*****, Teacher M***** & all others staff patients to take care A****.

All the best & happy Teacher’s Day 🤗”

Soon Foo, proud parent of A**** Lew, Tiny Tots A
Thank you for helping H*** L*** settle in the past 2 weeks! Happy to see her progress and we look forward to see more great moments. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Shazlyn, proud parent of H*** L***, Playgroup
“Dear Teachers of N2B,

(Teacher L******, Cikgu L****, Z**** Laoshi)

Thank you for continuously inspiring N**** to do her best. You have helped her to strive and achieve her goals.
She has found guidance and love in you…

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!”

Ema, proud parent of N****, N2B
“Happy Teacher’s Day to all the Teachers

Would like to take this opportunity to specifically thanks Teacher P***** for all her care and concern towards J******* in school. And really appreciated for always going extra mile to check on our family and for the latest updates on J******* irregardless of her behaviour or learning progress in school. I am really grateful for that so it enables us reinforce it at home with J*******.”

Jileen, proud parent of J******* Ng W** X***, N2
Happy Teacher’s Day to all the wonderful teachers at S4K Waterway Banks! Especially to Teacher S*, Teacher C****** & Laoshi! Thank you for caring for A**** with much love & nurturing him to be the independent boy that he is, who enjoys learning & exploring! ♥️
Aisyah Juferi, proud parent of A**** R***, PG
Biggest thank you to Teacher C******, Teacher S* and Laoshi for your time, patience and effort!! Keep going in naturing the young learners and HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!!
Jannah, proud parent of I** K***, PG
“I would like to extend my appreciation to the teachers and staff of Skool4Kidz Punggol Waterway Banks (Edgedfield).
Thank you to the principal Ms. M**** for your acceptance ofmy child. In search of the school that would accept my son, I have been very open and vocal about his current situation.
I understand that the teachers will be my partners to monitor his development so I must let them know what to expect from my son who has developmental delay.
Ms. M**** has been very understanding and fully accepting of my son.
I would also like to extend my gratutude to Teacher G* and Laoshi for being instrumental in my son’s development.
I know it is hard to be in charge of a child – what more of a class, but they have been excellent in providing support for each child’s learning.
Whenever I speak to them, I feel the warmth and genuine concern that they have not only for my son but overall for their respective classes.
It was truly a gem to find a school that would show support and love for your child.
Thank you Skool4Kidz teachers and staff! :)”
Kristine, proud parent of K*** E*****, K1
“Dear Teachers,

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your dedication to my child’s education and development.

Your commitment to his learning journey has make great impact and I am really grateful for your kind support.

Yours Sincerely
Shahnas (Q****’s Daddy)”

Shahnas, proud parent of Q****, N1
“Let me start with a beautiful quote I came across and it goes like this
“If there are no teachers no other professions would exist”, for a teacher’s influence isn’t just limited to a classroom but extends into one’s lifetime .

It’s indeed an honour for me to have sent my kid to School4Kidz where all the teachers work relentlessly to bring out the best in each child .

At the academic level, the contributions made by these wonderful teachers is worth mentioning. May it be her alphabets, numbers recognition skills to solving puzzles, logical reasoning, social awareness, are all commendable. The pain and effort that goes into teaching a concept through activity or role play has borne many a fruit.

The term assessments have been worked to great detail wherein we can understand what are the things our child is good at, where does he/she need them improvement and so on .

The field trips, festival celebrations and the related programmes you conducted with such planning and spot-on execution had me in awe.

At a personal level I have seen my child evolving into a beautiful human with the core values she inculcated with the help of hardworking, passionate and meticulous teachers.

I am very lucky to have this wonderful team making a meaningful impact on my child.

A big thank you to all of you
Miss M**** , Teacher P***** , Teacher L*, Teacher L**** , Teacher X** N*, Teacher Z*** and wish you all a Happy Teacher’s Day”

Pai Amritha, proud parent of S*****, N2A
“To all the preschool teachers in Skool4Kidz Punggol Waterway Banks ! We are really blessed and lucky that our child is in this school. We can feel the caring and passion of every single teacher!
You have create such an interesting learning space and moulded our child into someone who is excited about school!

Sending our sincerest gratitude!
Happy Teacher’s Day !”

Rachel, proud parent of D*******, K1
“We appreciate all the teachers in N2A class as they’re the reason why W** Q* loves to go to class everyday.

Thank you for doing such a great job in nurturing the children with patience and dedication.

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Chee Loon, proud parent of W** Q*, N2A
“We are grateful for A****’s teachers who make her early school journey an enjoyable one! She always talks about school, and sing songs. We have seen A**** grow so much, to be more confident in herself, and I am sure her teachers did so much that has positive impacted her in her development.

Continue to be amazing teachers, cause we are sure you are doing an amazing job! 🤍”

Nurul Aishah, proud parent of A****, N2A
“Dear Teachers,

We would like to express our appreciation for your dedication and commitment for our child R*****.

I believe your support will have a great impact to R*****’s learning journey and development.

Once again..thank you so much for your kindness and compassion.

Your sincerely
Shahnas (R*****’s daddy)”

Shahnas, proud parent of R*****, Infant Care
“Thank you Teachers for all your dedication, hardwork, patience to guide our children.

Planning is not easy, to make it work also another part. To make it happen, we all have to work together.

We really appreciate your time, planning, work, teaching them.

May the career that you have choosen benefits your life. ❤️

Happy Teacher’s Day…!”

Nurul, proud parent of A***, N1A
“Dear Teachers of N2B,

As a parent, I would like to thank the teachers for their endearing efforts of imparting education, developing and shaping my child’s future for the better.
The amount of care and concern all of you have for all the kids in your class is really commendable.
A*** is so fond of all of you because you all are amazing teachers to him, he always mention all the fun things he does at school with his friends and teachers. Thank you for always being patient and caring! We as parents are really grateful to all of you!

Happy Teachers Day to all of you!”

Siti Norhayati, proud parent of A***, N2B
Awesome school to send my child to. As a 1st time parent, Sending my girl into this school made us feel so comfortable & giving us lesser worries for everything. Her English Teacher, Teacher S* updates us on almost every single thing & got to know what our girl is doing in school. Most importantly, my girl was being taken very good care of & she is happy & enjoying her school every single day. A big thank you to all the awesome teachers! Happy Teacher’s Day!
Shi Hui, proud parent of A******, Play group/Pre-nursery 1, Tiny Tot 2023
To the teachers at PGWB IFC, a big thank you for your dedication and efforts in taking care of the Beebies! We know that dealing with our Beebies are not easy and may be challenging on some days, but we hope that your patience, kindness and care towards our Beebies will not waver. Do know that we are truly appreciative and grateful to you all. Wishing all teachers at the IFC a wonderful Happy Teachers’ Day!
Zarina, proud parent of Z***, BEEBIES
“Although L*** just started on 1st Aug, i can see the difference in him. Thank you teachers for your patience in guiding him.

“The best teachers teach from the heart”

Thank you.

Happy Teacher’s Day”

Hidayah, proud parent of L*** Yamin, Play group
My heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed tirelessly to educate the children! They are the key role models who inspire the kids to inculcate the good values and ethics. Thank you once again!
Martin, proud parent of E*****, N1
Thank you for all the love, care, and dedication that you put into teaching our child! We are beyond grateful for your guidance and support. To the best teachers, Teacher S***** and W* Laoshi
Woi Voon, proud parent of H***** Tan, N1
“We appreciate all the teachers in PG1 for the loving and care towards Y* Q*. She loves all the teachers and insists to bid farewell to each and everyone of them before she leaves the centre everyday!

Thank you for doing such a great job in nurturing the children with patience and dedication.

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Esther , proud parent of Y* Q*, PG1
Thank you for working so hard with our little ones and for being patient with them. Happy Teacher’s Day Teacher L***** and Teacher C****.
Mahirah, proud parent of A***, N1
“Thank you, dear teachers for nurturing T****** when parents are at work. Your selfless dedication and care are much appreciated especially when we see T****** adapting well in the school. Special thanks to Teacher Z* E*, H* Laoshi and L* Laoshi for your great help in making T****** feel at “”home”” in school. He loves sharing with us what he had learned in school and letting us know that he gets along well with his friends.
Happy Teachers’ Day to all early childhood educators!”
Irene, proud parent of T******, K1
“Always thankful to have amazing teachers who are always proactive in A****’s development and school journey. For what an amazing individual he is now, is because of the teachers who held his hands through each and every of his development.

Soar high teachers, you mean the world to these little future geniuses!”

Nurul Aishah, proud parent of A****, K2
“As with other mothers, spending time apart with our babies for the first time naturally arouses feelings of concern and uncertainty. It was tough seeing my baby struggle to adjust with this major change when she first enrolled but the teachers made this journey for both baby and i so much better. They have been so reassuring from the start and maintained open communications on her progress. She has now fully adjusted to school and loves her teachers!

I can’t say this enough but I truly have deep respect for all the teachers and would like to express my sincerest gratitude for sharing your patience and love to our kids. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Mia, proud parent of M**** Hayani, Beebies
““A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Almost every day, we hear great stories about Teacher P*****, Teacher X** N*, Teacher L**** & Z*** Laoshi from our girls. Better yet, we actually see progress in their hard work & academic progress too. Thank you so much for being there for their emotional well-being, to us that is just as important as everything else! We also know that it wasn’t so easy to cope with so many children sometimes, if short-handed. But we know that it is very hard work for all the teachers, so we’d like to take a moment & thank all of you for your Patience, Kindness, and Enthusiasm towards our children. It was really hard to find a person as dedicated to their profession as you all. We are so grateful to have you all to be our twinny teachers 🙏.

Great to see twinny has grown by leaps & bounds this year! We was pleasantly surprised to see that she has learned to share, follow instructions, and has even tried to help us out at home. Both has matured so much. It has been heartwarming to watch, and I thank you for the activities you have used to foster this growth. We also want you to know that we genuinely recognize & value all of your hard work & enthusiasm. Many thanks for making my twins feel Special, Loved & Safe outside of our home.

We greatly feel incredibly lucky to have you all as their preschool teacher. 🥰 Teaching young children is a gift that all of you have.  🫶”

Pearlynn, proud parent of F****& E**, N2A
“Thank you Teachers for all your dedication, hardwork, patience to guide our children.

Planning is not easy, to make it work also another part. To make it happen, we all have to work together.

We really appreciate your time, planning, work, teaching them.

May the career that you have chosen benefit your life. ❤️

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Nurul, proud parent of N** A***, N2B

真的很感谢 H* Laoshi 的耐心与教导!Y** X* 原本常在上学时,哭闹着不想上学。但一看到 H* Laoshi 很快就不哭了。近月来,甚至开始开心地上学。还会一到门口就喊着,”H* Laoshi!我来了!” 她非常想要看到老师!H* Laoshi 也会常常让我们随时了解 Y** X* 在学校最新情况。看到 Y** X* 的成长,身为家长的我们感到非常的感激和安慰。谢谢您,H* Laoshi!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

We are really grateful for the patience and guidance which H* Laoshi has shown to K****. K**** had always had school refusal and would cry at the entrance of the school. However, she would stop pretty promptly when she saw H* Laoshi. I can still vividly remember the time when K*** had another episode of refusing to go to school. In order to get her to go to school, we had to allow K**** to bring along a toy thermometer. Even so, K**** cried when we were approaching the school. When H* Laoshi saw K****, she quickly assured us that everything would be fine, and allowed K**** to take her temperature with the toy thermometer. That quickly stopped K**** from crying and she followed H* Laoshi into the school with no more crying and struggles. In recent months, she would also shout, “H* Laoshi, I’m here!” at the entrance of the school. She really likes H* Laoshi. We also appreciate the constant updates of K**** from H* Laoshi. We are really pleased and thankful for the effort H* Laoshi has put in for K****.
Thank you so much, H* Laoshi!
You are amazing!”

Fiona, proud parent of K**** Wong, N1A
“Dear Teacher D*****,

Thanks for you love and countless effort toward our monkey son Z*****, he will become a great person and possibly be a leader to our nation. With your teaching and guidance he will be a kind, smart, open-minded and great person .

Thank you teacher, Happy Teacher’s Day 🎉🎊”

Chuang Jyn, proud parent of Z***** Khoo K**** X**, N1
“Greatly appreciate all your effort and attentiveness for my little angel P*****. Taking care of a group of infants are definitely not an easy task however all educarers have done a great job by keeping all of them safe and healthy. I also like to thank all educarers for their constant updates on P*****’s development and her bad behavior so I am able to correct her early.

I’m grateful to all the educarers especially P*****’s primary educarer Teacher I** for spending time and shower her with loves and kindness to her. Thank you”

Boon Keat, proud parent of P***** Tan Z* T***, Infant
“Dear Teacher A**** and L* Laoshi,

We wanted to take this moment to express our heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional care and nurturing you provide to our son, C**** Ho, at Skool4Kidz.

Your dedication and attentiveness have made a world of difference in our child’s life. Your patience and understanding in addressing his needs, whether it’s offering encouraging praise or providing patient explanations, do not go unnoticed. Your commitment to his well-being is a source of comfort for us as parents.

Thank you for going above and beyond every day to ensure our child feels happy, secure, and enthusiastic about learning. Your efforts contribute to his holistic development, both academically and emotionally, in ways that are truly invaluable.

We are genuinely appreciative of your dedication and the care you extend to our son. Your influence is making a positive impact that will last a lifetime, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Please accept our deepest gratitude for your tireless efforts and genuine care. We look forward to continuing this wonderful partnership in nurturing and guiding our child.

With heartfelt thanks,
C****’ Parents”

Zi Zong, proud parent of C**** Ho, K1
This will be the most special message of gratitude to all the teachers in S4K Wateway Cascadia. A**** has been with S4K Waterway Cascadia since he was about 10 months old. The school is literally his 2nd home and the teachers will always be close to our hearts. From taking his first few steps, eating and trying new foods to talking non-stop. These are the developmental stages A**** has gone through with the S4K family. A**** has been showered with lots of love from the S4K family. Thank you to all the teachers as well as Ms L*** for making A****’s childhood a very loving and pleasant journey. A**** has grown to be a fine individual with the help from the S4K family. Thank you and WE LOVE YOU
Linda , proud parent of A**** J*****, K2
“Thanks to the teachers of N1 for taking such wonderful care of L*** and I can feel assured when I am at work that my girl is in good hands.

They have always gone the extra mile to take care of my girl such as hand-feeding her when she is picky with her food and drinks and we really appreciate that.

Also appreciate other teachers in the centre for looking out for L*** and helping her to adapt to the new school when she just joined.”

Liting, proud parent of L*** Ho, N1
Thank you to the teachers of S4K PGWC for all your hard work in taking care of my child. A****** looks forward to go to school everyday and she loves all the outdoor activities the teachers have planned for her. She comes back to tell me excitedly about her day in school and I truly believe it’s because she enjoys school tremendously. Very thankful for the great teachers from her class and even beyond her class. Thank you N2 teachers Teacher N** and T*** Laoshi. On this Teachers’ Day, we celebrate your hard work, patience and effort in giving the best care to our kids!
Ya Yun, proud parent of Ang S** H** A******, N2A
“Thank you for your guidance and patience towards me..

This will be my last year in this school/class, I will miss all my teachers and friends.

Although I may not be able to remember much when I grow up, but I will remember all the wonderful times, kindness, and warm hugs that you had given me these years.. These are precious memories that I will hold dearly to my heart.

I Wish All My Teachers a HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!!

~Love A***** Tay”

Kait, proud parent of A***** Tay, K2
“Dear Teacher I** and Z*** Laoshi,

We are writing to express our sincere gratitude for your dedication and care in taking care of R*****. And you have shown him so much love and compassion. You have gone above and beyond to meet his needs, both physical and emotional.

We are especially grateful for your patience and understanding when it comes to changing his diapers and wiping his nose. We know that this is not always the most glamorous part of the job, but you do it with such care and tenderness.

We are confident that R***** is in excellent hands with you. You provide him with a safe, nurturing, and stimulating learning environment. We are so grateful for your service to Skool4Kidz and to our community.

Thank you again for everything you do.”

Jessica, proud parent of R*****, Playgroup
“To the teachers of N2 ,
Thank you so much for your kind patience and effort to put on for the kids , especially for Greg who is not easy to manage. But getting to see his improvement day by day, the efforts from the teachers cannot be missed.Tha nk you for all that you do. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. You’re appreciated!

Last but not least, wish all the teachers from Skool4Kidz have a wonderful Teachers’ Day ~”

Chiew Yen, proud parent of Seow J** Y*, N2
The class teachers, including Teacher D***** and H* Laoshi, have been very patient in helping my twins adapt to their first time in preschool. We can sense that they have come to trust the teachers a lot and they both adapted well over the past few months. Almost no more crying when sending them to school, and they will tell us about what they recall in school sometimes, sometimes through singing new songs they learnt. They are now much more communicative (with us and with each other), they have learnt to be more patient and understanding, and less timid, and have learnt how to play together well (most of the time). Kudos to the teachers for shaping them into brave and confident kids!
Jinrui, proud parent of J****** and X****, N1A
“Happy Teacher’s Day!! We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the infant educarers and teachers of Punggol Waterway Cascadia for taking good care of W** F***. (Dedicated to Teacher I**, Teacher H*, Teacher A*****, Teacher A*****, Teacher F*****, Teacher L***, and Teacher L***!)

He has grown and learned so many new skills (and made new friends too!) from school! Thank you for being patient, caring, and teaching valuable skills and knowledge to W** F*** and other infants in the class. It’s not an easy job, but definitely a important and meaning one!

Once again, Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers out there! You are doing a great job!

Yan Ling/Jun Xian
(W** F***’s Mummy and Daddy)”

Yan Ling, proud parent of Chua W** F***, Beebies 2023
Hi, I would like to congratulate all the teachers especially to Y** N**’s and Y** C**’s form teachers They deserve praise for the amount of Patience, Care and Understanding they show to the children under them. These kids look up to them and behave and learn effectively to their teachings. Our family appreciates their hard work, tolerance and teaching capabilities. Keep up the good work. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Mr Tan, proud parent of Y** C** and Y** N**, K1A and PGB
“很荣幸有李老师成为 N*** E* 的第一位老师一直陪伴她成长,谢谢您的教导和照顾❤️ 教师节快乐!!

Thank you Teacher A**** for all the care and guidance to N******❤️Happy Teacher’s Day!!”

Jenny , proud parent of N****** Hu 胡 N*** E*, K1A
“We are so fortunate that our child K**** was put in your classroom for preschool. It always warmed my heart to see the artwork she had brought home from school. It was obvious how much thought and effort you all have put into planning their activities, and I am so grateful for your commitment to developing young minds. You all have created a caring and engaging environment that has set the tone for her education journey. Thank you all for being the very best starting point that our child could ever have for her education. Once again, a big appreciation for your extraordinary work.
谢谢各位老师们。 你们超棒。”
Calvin , proud parent of K**** Soh Y* Q*, N1B
“Thank you Teacher F**** & L* Laoshi for maintaining the standard for all students.

We look forward to the days where J**** can start communicating more with your team and eventually our family so that we know he’s taught well, just like how J****** was before.

Thank you.”

Emilia, proud parent of Li H** J** J****, PG
“Dear Teacher L***, Teacher H*, Teacher I**, Teacher A*****, Teacher F*****, and Teacher A*****,

We wanted to take this moment on Teacher’s Day to thank you for being so patient, kind, lovely, and caring with my son N********. Being a teacher is always not easy, but I believe you have already given your best to make him happy and comfortable at school (and he takes bottle everyday!).
You are not just a teacher. You are a real role model for all children. Once again, thank you to all the wonderful teachers!

Best regards,
Kent & Sylvia”

Kent & Sylvia, proud parent of N******** Khoo, Infant
I would like to say thank you to Teacher F****, L* Laoshi and Ms L*** for caring about my daughter’s learning and developmental growth and showing love towards her. I believe she learns alot in school as she comes home singing songs repeatedly, using words she learns in school, putting aloe vera on herself when she got mosquito bites and more. Appreciate all the effort to ensure my daughter is well taken care of in school.
Hayatee, proud parent of A*****, PGA
“Thank you to Principal Ms L*** for being very upfront & helpful during K*****’s enrolment, she definitely has the fun & bubbly side behind that serious face :)
Thank you to Teacher F**** & L* Laoshi for being patient with K***** & taking such great care of him, I’m sure he’s not very easy to manage. Thank you to all Skool4KIdz teachers, aunties & uncle who are involved in their daily life. I’m seeing positive growth in him although he had only started 2 months ago. He smiles alot more, has better eye contact, learns to eat better & faster, throw his own diapers, stop crying in the morning during drop off, able to nap in school without much issue, which I can assume he’s enjoying his time in school & he’s comfortable with his teachers.
To me, being a preschool educator is a tough job, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all educators for your passion, patience & love for the children. I wish you all nothing but the best, you all deserve a gold medal!!!”
Siou Fang, proud parent of Lim K** Z**, K*****, PGA
“Thank you to Teacher Fatin & Lu Laoshi for taking care of Luna. We have see her learn to speak more words and grow to be more confident of herself after she has been prompted to PG.
Appreciate all the teachers effort to encourage her to learn and explore new things.
Happy Teachers’ Day and have a good break on this day!”
Xue Hua, proud parent of Luna, PG
“Unlike his older brother, M****’s not one to plunge readily into new social settings… so it was with some worry and no lack of challenge that we started his journey in preschool. Today, M**** talks of his teachers like they’re his village, his people — and they truly are! He beams when he speaks of them, and you can tell he has a certain almost territorial endearment towards them, haha!

The teachers at Skool4Kidz Waterway Cascadia have been a part of our family’s life for many years now, and I’m so grateful they’re our kampong. 🤎

Thank you Ms L***, Teacher N**, Teacher Fa****, Teacher K****, Teacher I**, Teacher R****, Teacher Y*** and Laoshi T***, Laoshi L*, Laoshi D***, and the WHOLE TEAM for walking with us and loving my kids!! Happy Teachers’ Day 😘

Teachers rock!”

Dianne, proud parent of M**** Lim, N2
As a parent, I am grateful for the open lines of communication you maintain with me. Your unwavering commitment to teaching has had a profound impact on my child’s academic journey .Thank you to Teacher D***** and H* Laoshi for keeping me informed about my child’s progress and for your willingness to address any concerns.
Natalia Astarina, proud parent of S****** E********* Ang, N1A
“As the parent of C*******, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for all the teachers.

Your kindness, and nurturing nature have created a safe and loving environment where we feel supported and encouraged to grow.

Special thanks to H* Laoshi and Teacher D*****. From the moment C******* joined your class, your creative teaching methods and ability to make even the more challenging concepts accessible have sparked her curiosity and encouraged her to explore new things.

Lastly, Happy Teacher’s Day! May this day bring you joy, happiness.”

Jack + Christine, proud parent of C*******, N1A
“Happy Teacher’s Day!

We are thankful to have Teacher D***** who is very meticulous in taking care of K**** in school. Teacher D***** would frequently update us promptly on any incidents that had happened in school and what she had done to ensure that K**** was alright. She would also continue to monitor K**** and update us. We really appreciate the effort she had made to assure us working parents.
In addition, K**** really likes to show us the different hairstyles that Teacher D***** has tied for her. She would feel really pretty and nothing beats seeing the big confident smile on our K****!
We understand that it is not easy to have so many little children under your care so thank you for the care and patience toward our little girl. Thank you so much, Teacher D*****!
You are truly awesome!”

Fiona, proud parent of K**** Wong, N1A
“I would like to express my gratitude towards the teachers, laoshi, principal, cook and cleaning staff at Punggol Waterway Cascadia (PGWC),

I’m thankful that I have found such a good childcare centre for my kids,

My 1st son (currently in P1) was with PGWC from PG till K2. By seeing how my son had been safe and well in the centre, surrounded by teachers, laoshi who genuinely care for the children, I decided to enroll my 2nd born to the infant care without any hesitation.

Special thanks to Ms L*** – the Principal of PGWC. Ms L*** would reach out to parents very frequently to provide updates on the children. What impressed me is that she could memorize the names of the children in her centre very well. This proves how dedicated she is in her job. Thank you so much.

Special thanks to Teacher D***** and H* Laoshi – I understand it is hard to deal with my feisty F*** at times, I truly appreciate your patience and efforts to guide, to care and to love her. F*** has never once cried whenever we send her to school.

I believe children know very well who truly care and love them. F*** knows she’s safe and she’s loved by all the staff at PGWC, that’s why she simply could not wait to leave the house in the morning to go to school.

“”A teacher is like a candle, which consumes itself while lighting others””
I can’t agree more with this.
Thank you very much :)

F***’s mom”

Ashley, proud parent of F***, N1A
“Teacher J****, Z**** Laoshi, Teacher D*****,

K***** has grown so much under your care. She has been sharing a lot with us at home like songs learnt in school, dancing to music, and even pretending to bea teacher giving instructions and telling stories to her soft toys :D

Thank you for your kindness, love and patience that you have given to K***** as well as her friends.”

Yun Ping, proud parent of K*****, Fun learners N1A
“I have utmost gratitude for the infant team at Sembawang Sunbreeze as they showered N******** with plenty of love, comfort, care and learning opportunities! As it was N********’s first time in school, he often fell ill and had to stay away from school for longer periods to recover. Coming back to readjust to school was always a challenge for him. Even so, the teachers always comforted him and helped him feel safe and loved. It must be a tiring process for the teachers to continuously resettle him into the environment!
I am also very grateful for all the updates and lovely communication and accommodation of requests to ensure N********’s health and well-being is placed as priority. I can also tell that N******** loves being with the infant teachers as he still wishes to go back to the infant classroom.

As he just joined the Playgroup class, the playgroup teachers have also been very caring of his emotional needs and has accommodated to our requests for N******** as parents. We look forward to working closely with the Playgroup teachers to build a strong rapport.

Thank you teachers for all your hardwork and dedication to care for and teach our young ones!!”

Sophia , proud parent of N******** Z***, Infant/PG
We would like to say thank you soo much for allowing S**** to be a part of the Skool4Kidz family. Sy**** has been showing lots of improvement since he went to school all because of the help of his teachers especially his Teacher J****❤️ As a mum I work as a team with his teachers to see a better version of my son . May you teachers be successful In this fruitful journey with the kids and be in a good health 🙏
Siti Aisyah, proud parent of M******* S****, N1
Thank you teachers ☺️ for taking of care my granddaughter, K*****. Your patience 😜 and ever loving care😘 and concern for her is remarkable. Teachers are stepping stones in each child’s life. You are doing a great 👍 job. You show great pride and delication in teaching. Applauding all teachers and Happy Teacher’s Day.
Jessica, proud parent of K***** , Infantcare
“Thank you all for looking after my son and all the other children.

Thank you all for your patience with the children’s crying and parents’ constant concerns!

Despite the backaches from carrying the children and changing their diapers, you all still do your job with dedication and professionally.

Enjoy your Teacher’s Day!”

Kelvin, proud parent of L**** Chen J******, Playgroup
“We really appreciate the wonderful activities the teachers always think of to keep the kids engaged! All the effort and hard work you teachers invested to bring out the best in Z***** can never be repaid in mere words. We can only feel grateful for having such great teachers!

Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Juliana , proud parent of M******* Z*****, N2
Hello~ Wish to thank the teachers there for helping and teaching J**** even though her sleeping problem is still not solved, but we understand that it is not easy so we really appreciate the teachers’ patience.. Especially want to thank Teacher Y* H** and Teacher H* P*** for updating us always with J****’s progress in school. Happy Teacher’s Day to all once again (^_^)
Kailin, proud parent of J**** Koh Y****, PG
Thank you Teacher J**** for all the help in getting my son to integrate. Having to take care of so many kids at this developmental stage where they absorb everything is not easy. Everything they see and hear means the world to them and thank you for being a part of their world.
Yuyan, proud parent of C********* Peok, N1
“I would like to thank you to teachers and teams of Skool4Kidz at Sembawang Sunbreeze for the supportive learning environment for the children. Appreciate the teachers for their hard work, patience, care and educatiing our little R*****. Happy Teacher’s Day !

Warm Regard,

Lela, proud parent of Wee Y* X** R*****, N2
谢谢 Z**** Laoshi 的耐心教导,P** N*** 从不会讲华文到现在已经进步到会唱华文儿歌!🥰
Mrs Ng, proud parent of Wu P** N***, N1
“I would like to wish all the teachers a ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’!
Thank you for your hardwork, for guiding the students, inspiring them and making them what they are today – little geniuses!”
Tengku Nordiana, proud parent of N** S**** E*****, PG
A very big thank you to all teachers at Anchorvale Crescent for showing so much love to D*****. Your care and patience towards D***** is very much appreciated.
Siew May, proud parent of D*****Seah, N2
Thank you Teacher B**** & Y* Laoshi for your dedication and commitment to the well being and development of the children. Special thanks to all other teachers and support staff at Sengkang Anchorvale. Have a restful holiday break!
Sharon, proud parent of V*** Ng S* Y**, K1
We will like to wish a Happy Teacher’s Day to Teacher A***, Z**** Laoshi & Teacher S*** for being a great educater to my daughter & other children. 💕
Nurfitrii, proud parent of P**** A*****, PG
“We would like to thank Teacher N** for her dedication towards M****** C****. We remember the time we had a discussion about M****** who was not speaking nor paying any attention in class. She showed so much care and concern towards him, it really moved us.

2 weeks later, she called us over the phone to tell us how much he has improved. I could never forget the joy in her voice as she was telling me about M******.

To have a teacher who is so caring towards her students is a blessing and I feel that we are very lucky to have her as M******’s teacher.”

Shamathi, proud parent of V M****** C****, N1
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of the teachers for their dedication, care, concern and love towards all the children. As a teacher, they are always there to cater to the needs of the children. It is my daughter’s last year in this school. From playgroup to K2, she has tremendous improvement in her social, intellectual and emotional skills. This is all thanks to the teachers. Keep up the good work. Happy Teacher’s Day❤️💖❤️
Sherene, proud parent of X****** A****** R******, K2
“I am truly grateful to have Teacher L*****, Teacher S*** and Teacher Y** Y** as my child’s teachers. Their dedication and passion in nurturing young minds have left a lasting impression on both my child and me.

Above all, Teacher Y** Y** has a remarkable ability to create a warm and stimulating environment where children feel safe, supported and eager to learn. Her patience, kindness and genuine concern for the children’s well-being are evident every day.

I wholeheartedly recommend Teacher Y** Y** to any parent looking for an exceptional childcare provider. Her influence on my child’s early years was invaluable, and I am confident that she will continue to inspire and guide many young learners in the future.”

Michelle , proud parent of Zhao Y* R***, N1C
“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Teacher A*** for having the patience and guidance in assisting E**** to transit to this new school campus.

Thank you Teacher A*** for the professionalism she has shown to E**** ensuring she is coping well when she first came in to the school.”

Steven , proud parent of E**** Koh, PG
谢谢老师们的爱心与耐心,让 Z*** 很快的适应了新的学校。愿老师们在这个特殊的日子里笑颜常驻,事事如意💓!
Meihua, proud parent of Li Z***, N2
Thanks for your hard work teachers! Thanks for the wonderful learning and growing journey you give to K******! Special thanks for the nice hair braiding for her almost every afternoon so she always has a nice hairdo whenever I pick her home. 🙏🏻 Appreciate all teachers!
Louiss, proud parent of K****** Chong, N1
“I will like to thank all the teachers in the preschool. M**** has become more confident, more expressive and happier during her time with Skool4Kidz. She has been looking forward to school and always have happy things to say about school when we speak to her. My elder kid, Y**** (P1) has also mentioned to me that she misses her days in Skool4Kidz.

Once again thank you for all the support and care towards our kids.”

Jake , proud parent of M**** Low, N2
“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Teacher K****** and Teacher Xi**** for having the patience and guidance in assisting E**** to transit to this new school campus.

Thank you Teacher K****** and Teacher X**** for the professionalism she has shown to E**** ensuring she is coping well when she first came in to the school.”

Steven, proud parent of E**** Koh, N2
“Dear S4K SPV Principal, Teachers & Staff

Thank you all for your help, hard work, dedication, patience, guidance and loving kindness for our kids. We recognise and appreciate all of it! May you all be blessed with good health and happiness always.”

Xiu Hui, proud parent of X******, N2
Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers in S4K Senja! It takes a big heart to shape little minds. We are forever grateful for all your little sacrifices and effort in moulding our young ones. :)
Liyana, proud parent of D***** E******, N1
“Thank you for taking care of me.
I have lots of fun in school.
Happy Teachers’ Day!”
Rujun, proud parent of J*****, Infant
“Happy Teacher’s Day
The first steps on the road to learning are important steps. Thanks for helping my child start the journey.”
Sara, proud parent of A*** Ho K** X**, PG
A big thank you to the amazing group of childcare teachers who work tirelessly to make each day special for our little ones. Your teamwork and commitment are deeply appreciated.
Eline, proud parent of Liang E**** and Liang L****, K2 & PG
“We have 2 kids studying at Senja Parcview Skool4Kidz.
We are grateful for the teachers’ dedication towards our 2 girls. Thank you for the constant updates, and being there for our girls when we were not able to do so due to our work commitments. Thank you Principal A***** for being a great school leader!

Happy Teachers’ Day everyone! :)”

Nasuha and Fahmi, proud parent of E*** and L****, IFC and N1
“A big thank you to Teacher D******, Teacher Sa****** and W*** Laoshi for showering A***** with lots of love, care and patience.
This year will be her last year in this school, we feel very sad but she will always remember and miss all of you.
谢谢你们的教育,关怀与爱戴。。让 E* X* 很喜欢上学,和老师们与学生们一起学习。。😆😆😆”
Emeleen, proud parent of A***** Lim, N2
“Thank you for all of your effort and time.
Both of you have always been generous, caring and understanding.
Always believed in the students’ capability and never gave up on them.
Happy Teacher’s Day Teacher N** and T*** Laoshi !”
Sabrina, proud parent of Q******, K2
“Dear Ms R***, Teacher I** & G** Laoshi (and Teachers of N2!),

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact you’ve had on A*****’s life. Your dedication to teaching, your unwavering support, and your genuine care has made a world of difference, creating a safe and inspiring environment where children flourish.

You’ve not only imparted knowledge but also inspired my little girl to think, question, and explore beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Your patience and encouragement have given her the confidence to believe in herself and her abilities.

Thank you for investing your time, energy, and passion into shaping A*****’s growth.

With sincere appreciation,
A***** Chong’s mommy — Chrystia”

Chrystia, proud parent of A***** Chong, N2
Thank you Teacher N** and T*** Laoshi for taking care of and guiding C*****. Appreciate it. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Cynthia, proud parent of C***** Wee, K2
Thank you Teacher S***, Teacher W***, Teacher A****, G** Laoshi,L** Laoshi, Principal R*** and Auntie F*** for taking care of C***** and making school so enjoyable for her. She loves coming to school every day to meet with her friends and teachers.
Audrey , proud parent of C***** Lim , N2
Dear Teacher A*****, thank you for guiding and teaching E*****! You create very fun and interesting lessons for the students and he enjoys learning from you. Thank you for your dedication and hard work towards E***** and all the little ones. Happy Teachers’ Day!
Lyn , proud parent of Chee K** M** E*****, K1
Thank u for all the love and time spent to teach n play with I****. She is blessed to be learning from her teachers that she can bond with so well. Appreciate ur utmost effort and dedication, HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!!
Sunny , proud parent of I**** S***** Swee, N1
Dear Teacher A** and D*** Laoshi, thank you for being so patient and caring towards B******. Do continue to care for him and teach him as many things as possible. Grateful for your guidance towards him 😍 万分感谢你们对 W** E* 的教导与耐心,请继续爱护他吧!感激不尽
Wendy and Benjamin, proud parent of B****** Soh, Tiny Tots A
“Thank you teachers and Aunty F*** for taking care of S****!

S**** loves the food!

Special shout to Teacher E** for taking care of S**** so well!”

Fiona and Sunny, proud parent of S****, Beebies
“Hi Auntie F***,

Thank you so much for cooking so much yummy food for the school kids, heard from the teachers in the centre say that L*** eats well in school, and yes, she has gained almost 5kg from February 2023 till now. Appreciatee it and and thank you once again ❤️ Keep it up, you have been doing so great! 😊”

Kelly/Kevin, proud parent of L*** Ang, Playgroup
Thank you Teacher A*****, Teacher N**, Teacher T***, Teacher S***, Teacher Y***, Teacher L**, Teacher X*, Teacher T*** and Teacher M* for educating A** from infant care till K1. A** will miss you all.
Fenni, proud parent of A** Lee, K1
“A***** has been with the Centre since he was an infant. He has been showered with care and concern by many at the Centre. Teacher N** and T*** Laoshi have been taking care of and guiding A***** for more than a year. Their creativity in various educational activities, including festive celebrations, makes A***** happy to go to clasa They are also firm to discipline him when required, training him to be independent in daily tasks and academically. The teachers also attempt to update parents with photos, send us timely reminders etc, sometimes even after class hours. We are grateful that the teachers make an effort to prepare the class for transition to Primary 1.

In addition, Ms R*** has been updating parents about happenings in the Centre, and is open to parents’ feedback. It is heartening to also hear that A***** is helping himself to Aunty F***’s yummy cooking. There are many unsung heroines at the Centre, such as Aunty J*** and Aunty P** C***. Thank you for being a part of A*****’s growth at S4K Tampines Greenleaf!”

Yam, proud parent of A*****, K2
“Dear Teacher K***,
Thank you for making learning fun for A***** all the time. Thank you for always making A**** feel that he belongs in class. Happy Teacher’s Day!”
Sharmila , proud parent of M***** A*****, PG
“To: Teacher N*** Z******* and all the Teachers in WCM,

Thank you for your extraordinary patience and effort towards A***. It takes a big heart to help shape little minds. Thank you for being his inspiration and guide. You are the greatest teacher A*** has ever had. Thank you for being an excellent educator. We appreciate your time, your patience and effort for caring for and teaching A***. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day!”

Nur Atikah, proud parent of A*** Sy*****, K1
A teacher is someone who nourishes the souls of the students for a lifetime. Your hard work and immense dedication at Skool4Kidz inspires many students to do their best. A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers who have spent their time, energy and effort to educate our children. Wishing you a Happy Teacher’s Day 2023!!
Maheswari, proud parent of J******, Infant
I would like to thank Teacher R**** from Woodlands Crescent Meadow Centre who teaches my child. She is very patient, she shows fairness to all the children in school. She has the nurturing attitude in her and most importantly, she has passion in teaching the young ones. Good Job!!
Fahana , proud parent of Z******* , Nursery 1
“Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the Teachers of Woodlands Crescent Meadow, especially Teacher S***** from Class K2.
She has helped to groom I**** to be confident and be a wonderful person he always is. I**** is now able to read fluently and excel in numerics beyond my expectation.
Thank you for all your effort and have an awesome Teacher’s Day Celebration!”
Nurliza, proud parent of I**** R****, K2
“Happy Teacher’s Day to A***’s wonderful teachers from Beebies WLCM.

Thank you for being the best teachers for A*** and caring for her. Taking time to understand her routine be it at home/school. Thank you for accepting her in WLCM. I am indeed surprised that she adapted well within a week of enrolling and I am happy she loves her Beebies friends and teachers.

Continue to be the nurturer in educating, guiding all the beloved Beebies, infants and students in WLCM.

Once again, Happy Teacher’s Day.”

Atiqah , proud parent of A*** I*****, Beebies
H****’s motorskills & speech has improved so much in the past 6 months in Tiny Tots. Thank you to all the educators in Tiny Tots for your hard work & guidance towards her. She loves going to school 💖
Huiyi, proud parent of H****Lim, Tiny Tots
“To IFC & PG teachers,

Thank you for caring for and nuturing our daughter since she joined the centre in Jan 2022. We can certainly feel the love you guys have for her. We saw her grow into a bubbly and friendly girl she is today. Since moving into PG, we have seen so much progress in her communication skills. She has built good confidence in speaking and communicating with others.

Thank you once again for all the hard work you’ve put in into nuturing our kids.”

Ridhwan & Syafizah, proud parent of R***** S******, PG
To the best teachers from WLCM — Teacher A******, Teacher S**, Teacher Q**, Teacher S*****, Teacher N** and Teacher A******, your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed. Words cannot capture my appreciation! The school may have found a teacher in you, but my child S******* found her heroes. Each day when my precious little girl steps into the class her face always glows! Thank you so much lovely teachers!
Rajeswari, proud parent of S*******, Infant Care
“On the first day of our daughter’s infant care, we were unsure of what to expect. We were nervous. We felt overwhelmed with feelings of separation. So, we want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the smooth transition in helping M***** to adapt to the new environment. I do know the first step is always the hardest.

Also, thank you for helping us to care for M***** on a daily basis while we are at work. I am sure M***** feels the warm love from her teachers. And, from her purest heart, M***** loves each and every one of you. Thank you teachers for making a difference in our daughter’s life. ❤️”

Nurul , proud parent of M***** N******, Infant
“Dear Teachers of R***** A*****,

Thank you for taking care of R*****, your hard work and dedication towards children is beyond words.
I truly respect all of you taking care of not only one but many other children at the same time which might not be easy, but nonetheless you all are superheroes!
Wish all of you a Happy Teacher’s Day! Keep up the hard work and your passion. Lastly, thank you for being a great person when taking care of R***** although it might be tough:)”

Aisyah, proud parent of R***** A*****, Infant
Thank you to all infant teachers for taking such great care of our little one. They’ve been really attentive to details or messages that we send them in the mornings. We love seeing your cheery faces in the mornings knowing that our son is in such good hands. We appreciate all that you do whether big or small. Please know that all of you have made a positive impact in one way or another. Thank you teachers.
Siti Naqiah, proud parent of A**** A***, Infant
Thank you too all the teachers who have engaged my daughter. Special mention to Teacher S**** whom my daughter looks up to every day!
Hamidahh, proud parent of A******, K2
“A Very BIG Thank You to all the Teachers of Woodlands Ring Road.
Thank You for your kind patience, endurance and for being an angel guiding and educating our kids. Always being there for them and coaching them. Thank you once again for the time and effort given to all the kids in the class.”
Darshana, proud parent of R**** P***** Singh, N1
“To All Z****’s teachers,
Happy Teacher’s Day.
Thank you for all that you do.
Z**** looks forward to go to school everyday. Surprisingly, he does not complain of being bored 😆”
Emma, proud parent of A**** Z****, K1
“To Y* Laoshi & Teacher S***,

Thank you.
For all your patience day to day,
For every fear you chase away.

For little hands you gently hold,
And all the stories you have told.

For silly songs and quiet times,
For peaceful naps and nursery rhymes.

For teaching me how to share,
For being kind and being fair.

For all the kind things you have done,
For making time to have some fun.

For always being there for me,
I’m grateful and I will always be!

M******* A*** (PGA)
Woodlands Ring Road”

Fatin, proud parent of M******* A***, PG
Dear Teachers especially to Y* Laoshi and to Teacher S***. Thank you for taking good care and for nurturing/educating our son, D***** and all the other kids as well. Thank you for consistently giving us updates about our son and for also attending to our requests. Thanks for all your hard work, dedication and for patiently taking care of these kids. You all are doing a great job! Happy Teacher’s Day to all of you! ❤💙💜
Nerissa, proud parent of D***** R**** , Playgroup
Thank you for being such wonderful kindergarten teachers! Teacher M**, Teacher Q****, Teacher L* L* and Cikgu I****, thank you very much for making our child’s first year of school a positive and memorable experience. Your kindness, patience, and encouragement have helped our child to develop a love for learning and a sense of confidence.
Khadijah, proud parent of M******* A******, Preppy Learners
To all the teachers in Woodlands Ring Road.. Especially Teacher Z**** and Teacher Wang. Thank you for the effort in teaching E*** and making fun activities for E***. She loves going to school and at night asking to go school. 🤣 She’s growing up and learning new things every day.. E*** and I would like to wish you teachers a very Happy Teacher’s Day! 💌💟💌
Norashikin, proud parent of N** A*** E******, Playgroup
The teachers at Skool4Kidz have been amazing. They are caring and so patient with children. She has learnt so much in school that she sometimes surprises me with new words. Thank you for taking such good care of my child!
Crystal , proud parent of R**** Wong, Playgroup B
Thank you Teacher I*** and the other teachers for being wonderful teachers! A***** have learned a lot from school and she looks forward to grow with Skool4Kidz.
Muhammad Faisal , proud parent of A***** A****, N1
Z***** has been adapting well since Teacher S** and Y* Laoshi took over his class. He is more cheerful and absorbs whatever that has been thought in class. Surprisingly, he can count 1 – 10 in Mandarin and also sing out loud all nursery rhymes he learnt from school! He recognises his friends especially A*** and M*****. Thank you Teachers for your hard work. Appreciate it! Happy Teacher’s Day!
Emma, proud parent of A**** Z*****, PG
“Dear Teachers,

Thank you for all your patience and guidance given to J**** & J****. Being a teacher is definitely not easy, especially when it comes to managing all the kids their age. Thank you for all the sacrifices made to be a preschool teacher. We are very thankful and appreciative. We want to wish all the teachers in Skool4Kidz especially teachers of Jovie & Jovan a very Happy Teacher’s Day 23!!!”

Jasline & Jun Ren, proud parent of J**** & J****, K1B
“I am delighted to share my appreciation for Teacher R***, my child’s preschool teacher.
Her nurturing and creative approach to teaching has made an impact on my child’s growth and enthusiasm for learning.
She makes lessons engaging. She has open communication with me. Under her guidance, my child has developed both academically and emotionally. I’m grateful for the positive foundation she has laid for my child’s education journey. We are fortunate to have her as our child’s teacher.”
Karen, proud parent of L*****, K1
Thank you so much teachers, giving your best effort and energy in teaching and handling A****. I am really very happy and proud of you teachers. Keep up the good work and best of health for all the teachers. Once again thank you very much for all your effort.
Nelson, proud parent of A**** Lee J****, N1A
“C*** Laoshi,
谢谢您对 L*** 的爱和关怀。在你的教导下,她学习了很多东西。


Katharine, proud parent of L***, N2
Thank you to all the infant care teachers @ YSOS of taking good care of Baby K****! You all are the best!
Shi Hwee, proud parent of Fan L* Y**, Infant
Dear Teachers of PG, thank you very much for looking after A*****! You are all so caring and loving and the kids are so happy to be in school!
Angela , proud parent of A***** Gian, PG
Thank you Teachers from N1 class for taking care of K**** and taught her so many things beyond our expectations!
Li Xin, proud parent of Wu J** Y** K****, N1
Thank you Ms P*** and your team of dedicated teachers and staff. Wishing you a Happy Happy Teacher’s Day!
Katharine, proud parent of L*** and C******, N2 and PG