Dearest Ms Syah & Le Hua Laoshi,

The both of you have been the most wonderful and greatest help for Azreal especially during his first few months. He was able to adapt well due to your care and concern for his well being and temperaments. He is able to articulate your names at home and he really enjoys school. It was hard for me to leave him in school but you guys have made the process easy for me. Thank you for the regular updates about him. The pictures especially was fun to look at. The 2 weeks Documentation was helpful as well as the parents meeting for new enrolment with you two.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Aklili, proud parent of Azreal Bin Riduwan, PG

On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank the teachers of NID; Miss Sharmaine and Laoshi for their patience with my daughter, Arissa. Arissa has grown so much since she started school and we believe it would not have been possible without the love, care and dedication from these two teachers.

Kamisah, proud parent of Arissa, N1

I cannot know how to express my gratitude towards all Aaren teacher except by saying thank you very much.

Andy, proud parent of Aaren, K1
Thank you Miss Sulastri and Dai Laoshi for making class activities exciting and meaningful for Sharlyn. Sharlyn comes home telling me all about what she has done in class. She looks forward to school every single day and it is so assuring to know that she is comfortable in this environment. Thank you for the effort taken in encouraging her to participate and patient in handling not only, Sharlyn but the other children. May the passion for teaching continues. We appreciate all the hard work and time that you have given to the children!
Syaza, proud parent of Sharlyn Alya, N2

This message goes out to both Teacher Jasmine and Chen Laoshi. Thank you for being Iman’s second parents when he is in school. He looks forward to school each day and sometimes talks about school before bed. Thank you for imparting knowledge to him the best that you could. Thank you for teaching him how to be kind to others, how to be a responsible and caring person. Thank you for instilling good values in him and be his role models. Any amount of thank you won’t be enough for all that you’ve done for Iman and his peers – you both have been such a blessing and both of us are grateful for it. Thank you once again :)

Sarah & Ridha, proud parent of Iman Mika, N1

To all PG teachers. Thank you for caring for Nabil. We appreciate your hard work and efforts to impart valuable knowledge and create memorable learning experiences for Nabil. Special thanks to the tchrs of PG C (Tr Sarah, Laoshi).
Sincerest apologies if your name is not mentioned but worry not because each and every one of u had played an important part in Nabil’s growing year. Keep your passion alive!

Nurdiyanah And Nurfitrah, proud parent of Nabil, PG

I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my child’s social development and confidence. I believe this is largely due to her teachers, Teacher Aidah and Miss Gao.

Every time when I pick my child up, they will update me on her daily on-goings e.g if she has a runny nose, if she had cake for her classmates’ birthday

I am very grateful to them for showing exemplary care and concern for my daughter’s well-being during her formative years and their work and effort can truly be seen through my daughter.

Darrell, proud parent of Caitlynn, N1
Thank you Teacher Mia for your efforts in being patient and efforts in guiding my child in achieving her growing milestones. We can see that she showed improvements in languages and has become more sociable and independent.
Quan Yu, proud parent of Xiao Fang, N1

Dear Teacher Jasmine,

Thank you for your love and dedication to Estella and her friends. Estella likes you very much and we are thankful that you are her teacher. You are warm and caring, you understand children’s development needs and have always updated us and given us tips on how to extend her learning at home. You always have a big smile and hug for the children. May you enjoy enriching the lives of these little ones always! Be blessed!

Eva and Estella

Eva, proud parent of Estella, N1
To Yuen Laoshi

Thank you for always caring and loving Aryan. He speaks only good things about you. You have taught him well. He loves Mandarin because of you. We wish you all the best in health and wealth. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Natasha, proud parent of Aryan, N1

Dear Claire,
I would like to wish you a happy teacher day! A big thank you for professional teaching , passion and outstanding caring to my daughter.

Bingsheng, proud parent of Olivia, N1
Thank you teacher Syrah and Jenny Lao Shi for the endless love and concern showered on my child. My child likes going to school because of you. You are there to 1teach and guide him and he’s comfortable with both your existence.
Geraldine, proud parent of Roman, N2

To: Teacher Mia

You made this day very colourful by your best teaching methodology,
happy teacher’s day to one of great teacher of our best teacher list.
We are very proud to work with such a dynamic passion person.
Once again, happy teacher’s day.

Joash Tan and family ^^v

Jessie, proud parent of Joasj, N1
Dear Teacher Chari, Cheng Lao Shi and Teacher Rose,
The only reason why Sophie looks forward to going to school is because of her dearest teachers. Thank you for your kindness, love, patience and gentleness towards every single child in the class. Despite the challenges of managing a group of toddlers, you teachers never fail to demonstrate your best attitude to them. I truly appreciate all that you have done to not just teach and nurture Sophie and her classmates, but for partnering with us parents to help bring the best out of our children. Thank you once again for always giving your best. The children may not tell you this every day, but they really do love you all very much! Happy Teacher’s Day!
Estee, proud parent of Sophie, PG
Thank you teachers for the great work, I could see the development of my Kid Everyday. Kudos to all of you and you should be very proud. Enjoy the day and all the best!
Kaibin, proud parent of Junxuan, PG

To Ms Aida, Gao Laoshi, Ms Lydia, Ms Kim, Min Min Laoshi and all teachers who have cared for Farlyn and Farzyn and made school fun and feel just like home.

You teachers are truly AMAZING!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nuryn, proud parent of Farlyn & Farzyn, PG/ N2

Thank you Teacher Su and Dai laoshi for all your efforts! Argus love going to school and enjoy learning with you, thanks!

Ching Wui, proud parent of Argus, N2

I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to teacher Jasmine and Chen Laoshi for giving my daughter all the love, guidance, and encouragement each day. Because of you, she look forward to going to school. Thank you for being so patient and caring in making her early childhood education such a great one!

Jesslyn, proud parent of Zi Han, N1

Ms Su
Thank you for your patience in constantly encouraging Kaisern in all ways. Although he may not be as expressive, but we are happy that he has improved a lot under your care. At least now he’s speaking to you! Thanks for always keeping us updated about his progress.
we Are really glad that Kaisern has such a great teacher Su!
Happy Teacher Day!

JY, proud parent of Kaisern, N2

Dear Gao Laoshi and Ms Jane:

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank both of you for your passionate and patient guidance and teaching my daughter Carmen Sim. I am thrilled to know that Carmen always looks forward to attending the centre everyday. She will miss and wants to go back to the centre ever during school holidays, which really demonstrates how much she enjoys being at the centre.

Thank you again for all the hard works and continuous inspiration being provided.

Warm Regards
Maggie Chen (Carmen Sim’s mummy)

Maggie, proud parent of Carmen, N1

Dear Ms. Jane,

Thank you for being such a patient and compassionate teacher for Idhika. We have noticed marked improvement in her social and interpersonal skills. You make learning an adventure for her. From saying magic words to singing lovely poems, it’s a wonderful learning experience altogether for Idhika. She is gaining confidence and becoming more independent. We really appreciate your dedication towards this lovely bunch of kids. Thank you for all your hard work!


(Idhika’s Mum – Nursery 1A)

Priyanka, proud parent of Idhika, N1
Thank you Teacher Mia for being my child teacher. It feel so good to know that Phoebe has a teacher like you. I really appreciate your teachings, love and care. Happy Teacher’s day!
Jacqueline, proud parent of Phoebe, N1

Thank you Teacher Jasmine and all the teachers teaching N1B.

Keep up the good work and effort to make the class a positive environment.
Very few people have the power to educate the little ones! You all do it pretty well.

Happy Teacher’s Day! :)

Norfadilah, proud parent of Erfan, N1
I will give thanks to Teacher Jane and Guo laoshi, they have patience with my child.I think they have lots of love when I see their smiling face everyday, give thanks again!
Chang Hui, proud parent of Shine, N1

Hi miss kim, you have been such a great teacher with nasha. I can see a progress in her because she is starting to talk alot more at home and tell me the things ahe learns. Also, she always talks about you and how kind you are. Nasha being quiet and not really sociable, this is definitely a good progress! And a new milestone achieved. You did something right somewhere! Please keep inspiring the kids to do more than what they can! Thank you!

Razan, proud parent of Nasha, N2

Dear Lead Teachers of Sengkang Riverside Park,

Ms Lili & Ms Syaza,

Though you are not taking any classes, we, parents see you around and about the school. We might not really know what you guys do exactly but we do know that the children in the school loves you very much. We could hear them calling your names out whenever you passed by them and it warms our heart to see the children so happy.

Keep doing whatever that you’re doing! Happy teacher’s day!

Riduwan, proud parent of Azreal Bin Riduwan, N1

To the most dedicated and amazing teachers, Ms Syra and Jenny Lao Shi, thank you for being a great mentor to Celine! She’s been learning and growing a lot under both your care. Thank you for making learning fun! Happy Teacher’s Day =)

Jolyn, proud parent of Celine, N2

Thank you Teacher Sarah for always looking out for Allie and taking great care of her in our absence! We know we can count on you always!

Happy Teachers’s Day! You’re amazing :)

Andrea, proud parent of Allie, PG
Ms Sharmaine is a responsible and passionate teacher who shows her utmost care and concern for her students. She tries her best to be a friend to Yan Kai so that he will connect with her on the same level. Yan Kai has grown and learnt alot under her care. She patiently tries her best to think of the best way to discipline Yan Kai whenever he misbehaves and we thank her for that. Thank you Ms Sharmaine for taking good care of Yan Kai throughout the past few months. Your love for the kids in the school can be felt by us whenever Yan Kai shares with us what he did in school together with you.

Li Dan laoshi who has just joined the school in July 2019 has influenced Yan Kai to speak more Mandarin at home. We were surprised at how he started speaking Mandarin at home. Occasionally, he do share with us what Li Lao shi taught him in school as well. Thank you laoshi!

To the rest of the N1 teachers, you have been awesome. Thank you for constantly watching out for Yan Kai and ensure that he is well taken care of in school.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Thong Loon & Geneca, proud parent of Yan Kai, N1

Ms Vinna
Thank you for your effort in nurturing the kids. Kaizer enjoys your class very much and he’s always sharing interesting information and even personal information of you. Thanks for always keeping us update about his progress and we are happy to put him under the good care of yours.
Being a childcare teacher is never easy….101% respect to you!!

JY, proud parent of Kaizer, K1

We are thankful towards Chen Lao Shi for guiding our twin girls in learning Mandarin. Through the Parent Teacher session, we feel that she put in great efforts to make Chinese classes enjoyable with creative songs. Our girls love so much that they will sing to us every day. Chen Lao Shi is able to analyse our girls’ characters well. So she is just one of the amazing teacher the centre has !

Irene, proud parent of Carrie & Carisa, N1

I am writing to express our gratitude to the teachers and staff from S4K (Sengkang Riverside Park). The teachers in my girl’s class are caring, genuine and responsible. They have put in great efforts in helping each child to learn and be a better person. Faith’s dad and I are happy to see Faith’s progress everyday.

In addition, the leaders and the admin staff of the school are all very helpful and supportive.

Many thanks to all the teachers and staff from S4K@ Sengkang Riverside Park.

Jiang Ying, proud parent of Faith, K1B

Special shout out to Teacher Sarah who has been with us since March. She’s been paramount in helping me feel at peace going to work, leaving Thad under her care. Thad’s since been loving school, his teachers and classmates alike. He brings home what he’s learnt from school, evident in the way he explores, tries to speaks, becoming an independent & confident toddler. We can’t be grateful enough for his Teachers, Zhou Lao Shi & Su Lao Shi as well as all the Teachers and assistants who’s always been there and trying their best to love and care for the kids. We’ve spent a few days in class with them and cannot imagine the amount of energy and tenacity that’s needed to fulfil their role as Teachers and care givers. We understand then, that this role requires a calling, big love for the kids. We hope your passion for loving and teaching them never fades and that you can find strength & encouragement daily to help you continue in this calling. So here is a very HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY to you! We can’t thank you enough, Superheroes, in our opinion.

Carrie, proud parent of Thaddeus, PG

It takes a village to raise a child. We are really grateful and extremely thankful to all the teachers here for being part of Julian’s journey and touching Julian’s life in one way or another. Thank you for your hard and heart work! Happy Teachers’ Day!!

Wong Keng, proud parent of Julian, PG

Teacher Sharmaine, thanks for your quality care and teaching to Jeriel. He’s so blessed to have you to prepare him to a lifetime success. I am so grateful to your passion, loving and enthusiasm.

Yana, proud parent of Jeriel, N1

Thank you Ms Chen and Ms Jasmine for your patient and teaching! Nathaniel has learnt a lot in school thanks to both of your teaching! You both are great!

Irene, proud parent of Nathaniel, N1

Dear Teacher Jenny and Syrah

A big thank you from the bottom of our heart for going beyond your teaching duties on nurturing our child. Taking this opportunity to wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day. A deserve this day and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Subhan , proud parent of Izara, N2

I would like to thank teacher Jasmine and Chen laoshi of N1B for their passion in their teaching and always encouraging Kevin to join in class activities even though he is a shy boy. I can always tell that Kevin enjoys going to school and sometimes even wants to go on the weekends where there is no school! This shows how much the teachers have made an impact to the children which keeps them motivated to learn and go school. Thank you very much for all your hard work and really grateful to leave Kevin in such good hands! Keep up your passion and love for kids!

Mei Xuan, proud parent of Kevin, N1
Teachers are the 3rd parents. Enough said.
Thank you all for your dedication and commitment.
Kudos and keep up the good work!
Derek, proud parent of Torsten & Heidi, K2

Hello to all teachers, Asst teachers and Principal of SK Riverside Skoolz4Kids. Thank you for all your handwork and dedications in moulding our future generations. Thank you for the guidance discipline and love that give to the children. We wish all of you a very Happy Teachers Day.

Radiah, proud parent of Erina & Zefre & Ziqry, PG/ N2/ K2
Thank you for taking care my child.Eva is making great progress
Jiankun, proud parent of Eva, N1

Dear Teacher Chen,
Lang wei is blessed to have a caring and dedicated teacher like you. Under your guidance and care , Lang Wei is able to adapt to the new environment seamlessly, both social ( with new friends) and academy. Now Lang wei can converse well in Chinese and show interest in the language. Thank you teacher for your kind patience and caring that you have given to Lang Wei, we hope that you can continue to strive your very best as a teacher and caregiver to many lucky children like Lang wei for many years to come.

Happy Teacher Day

Yong Keat, proud parent of Lang Wei, N1
Thanks Ms Chris and Li laoshi’s effort on My child. I really can see the improvement on Chenxi.
Happy Teacher’s day!
Junyi, proud parent of Chenxi, K1

Thank you and happy Teachers day

Andy, proud parent of Alyssa, PG

We truly appreciate all your hard work, effort, patience and kindness towards my girl in school.
Without you all being a good teacher to our girl, we wouldn’t have a peace of mind at work.
We thank you for the bottom of our heart!
Happy Teacher’s Day

Agnes, proud parent of Amberlyn, PG

Special thanks to Teacher Mia and Yuan lao shi of N1C. We appreciate the way they have been handling Ayshan. Ayshan has always been telling us how much he likes his teachers and always looks forward to go to school to “play” with his teachers. This goes to show how wonderful they are. Keep up the good work, teachers!

Ida, proud parent of Ayshan, N1

Dear teachers, wishing you the best in life. Wishing you a happy Teacher’s Day.

Fang Gang, proud parent of Junhao, K1

To yuen lao shi and teacher Mia, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the effort and your passion to care and nurture Tristan. As parents even I find it difficult to handle one kiddo not to mention a class of 16. We could also clearly see how trusting and attached Tristan is to both of you. Keep up that good work and that passion burning …

Parents of Tristan Tan SR

Alex, proud parent of Tristani, N1
Thank you for nurturing and guiding Sage. When she first started school she barely spoke a few words. She now expresses herself really well and even sings both English and Mandarin songs. This wouldn’t be possible without Ms Aida

Sage looks forward to going to school every morning being received by her class Teachers as well as Teacher Sarah, Teacher Ziqi and all the other Pg Teachers.

Sherlyn, proud parent of Sage, PG

Teacher Sarah, thank you so much for being so caring, nurturing and passionate.
Aysha looks forward to school everyday and I know that one of the reasons is YOU! You’re one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. We will miss you when we leave. Keep up the amazing work.
Thank you

Laoshi, thanks for being so gentle with Aysha. She adores you! We will miss you when we leave
Thank you

Jelita, proud parent of Aysha, PG

Leaving a tiny vulnerable baby at daycare can be quite daunting for some mummies but thankfully, the educarers who’ve cared for and will care for Far’azlyn are truly a godsend.
You make a mummy feel assured that their baby is well taken care of.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nuryn, proud parent of Far'azlyn, Infant Care

Dear teachers, and a special mention to Ms Kim and Ms Minmin. Thank you both for your patience and constant love for the children in class N2B and to our beloved son, Elyon. We like to sincerely wish you all a blessed teacher’s day and we pray for your good energy and health always. Continue the good teachings to our next generations to come! God bless you all! Best regards!

Rui Hao, proud parent of Elyon, N2

I would like to express my gratitude to Ms Kimberly of N2B. My daughter loves Ms Kim alot. Everyday she looks forward to go to school because of Ms Kim. She will tell me she loves Ms Kim very much every night before she sleeps. And she forbids me to tie her hair because she insist on wanting Ms Kim to tie for her. Hence, I would like to tell Ms Kim a big thank you for tying Elysia’s hair every morning without fail. You are one of her favourite teacher by far. And she is always so happy seeing you in the morning. On days where she doesn’t see Ms Kim, she will get moody and cry. So thank you Ms Kim for everything! Happy Teacher’s Day!!!!

Audrey, proud parent of Elysia, N2

Dear Chen Lao Shi,

Thank you for looking after Estella so well. Her mandarin has improved a lot under your warm guidance and she is able to reply in Chinese now. May you always be blessed for your hard work and love for these children!

Eva and Estella

Eva, proud parent of Estella, N1

To Teacher Jane: Heartfelt gratitude for being a wonderful teacher to Lucas! My boy looks forward to going to school everyday and enjoys your class. Under your guidance, he has developed into a confident fun learner. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY :D

To all school staff: Thank you for playing an important part in the growing journey of all students in the school, it has been a wonderful journey together!

Liting, proud parent of Lucas, N1
Dear Teacher Syrah,
Thank you for spending your time and effort to nurture and look after Olivia!
Olivia always tell me that she likes Teacher Syrah very much!
We really appreciate it! Thanks!
Faith, proud parent of Olivia, N2
Dear Guo LaoShi,

Thanks for making the class so fun and engaging – Tyler loves Chinese! Thanks for being so patient and caring towards our little boy!

Keep up the passion in teaching!

Tyler’s parents

Libby, proud parent of Tyler, N1
Dear Miss Kath,
Thanks for being so patient and caring towards our little boy Tyler!
Tyler’s parents
Libby, proud parent of Tyler, N1

Dearest Tr Mia and Yuan Lao shi,

I am grateful to both of you as Tristan’s English and Chinese Teachers!
We are happy that Tristan is enjoying every lessons and learning new skills and languages in school.
We would like to thank you for all your hard work, support and encouragement that you have given him!

Carrie, proud parent of Tristan, N1

In the 7 months that Theodore has been with Skool4Kidz, he has shown tremendous development in all areas. This would not be possible without the dedication and care from all the teachers, assistant teacher, program helpers, and other staff.

A special mention goes out to Theodore’s main caregiver, Teacher Fazirah. She gives constant updates on Theodore and would even call to inform us that Theodore got a small scratch during playtime. In the evening when we pick Theodore up, she will take the opportunity and initiative to discuss with us if Theodore’s feeding schedule/amount need any adjustments.

Other teachers we would like to thank are Teacher Siti, Teacher Ivy and Ms. Yan Yan for taking good care of Theodore. And there are many other teachers that we couldn’t mention all here, thank you for the care and love given to Theodore.

You guys have been a superstar! Keep up the good work!

Caridee, proud parent of Theodore, Infant Care

Dearest Teacher Sarah, Zhou Lao Shi & all the wonderful caregivers of Seth,

Thank you so much for all the sacrificies you have made to become teachers! Our heartfelt thanks for creating such a fun and enriching learning environment for Seth and he is always so happy going to school. As working parents, we can never thank you enough for taking care of our child so that we could be at work. Happy Teachers’ Day 2019!

With love, Mark & Sophie (parents of Seth Marceau Tan)

Sophie, proud parent of Seth, PG

Chloe is always talking about teacher Charie at home so I’m sure teacher Charie is doing a great job taking care of my daughter. Thank you!

Jeremy, proud parent of Chloe, PG
To Ms. Sharmaine, Li Dan Laoshi, Ms. Huda and all the teachers from N1, thank you for your friendship, guidance, and discipline. We cannot always be with our child, but we know that she is loved and cared for when she is in your class. We have watched her become more confident and strong during the last few months. Each day, it seems like she always has something new to share. When we ask where she learned it, she always says that teachers taught her! Thank you for taking the time to teach our child and for helping her become the best that she can be!
Maoyi, proud parent of Junqiu, N1

Thank you Teacher Karlene and Huang Lao Shi, thanks for the patience for correcting my girl.

Gillin, proud parent of Peng Yin, N2

I would like to express my thanks to all the infant teachers. Thank you for taking care of Elijah especially Noorhayati who always provides me with updates on how my son is doing in school. I’m so glad for her and I know I can be at ease knowing she’s there to take care of my son. It is not easy taking care of many babies at one go and the infant teachers are doing a great job! Thank you for everything and forever with the smiley faces when I send and fetch my son to and from school. Happy Teacher’s Day infant teachers!!!

Audrey, proud parent of Elijah, Infant Care

I want to thank Ms Syria, Ms Jenny and the assistant teachers especially Ms Kath for their patience and compassion for the children.
Handling preschoolers can be a handful and kudos to them to maintain their calm during those times.
Children first teacher is as important as parents because they are the next closest adult that the child comes into contact with.
Many thanks to the teachers and here’s wishing all teachers “Happy Teachers Day”!

Cyrene, proud parent of Maximus, N2

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the PG Teachers in S4K Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park for a job well done! The PG teachers have such tremendous team work. Every morning when Azreal arrives to class, he’ll be received by all the teachers on different days even if the teacher is not from his class. As a mother, I feel Azreal is in good hands in school. Thank you so so much from the bottom of our hearts for being passionate, loving and caring educators! To infinity and beyond!

Aklili, proud parent of Azreal Bin Riduwan, PG

Dear Teacher Jasmine and Chen Laoshi,

Thank you for being very patient and loving towards Hanna. She has grown and developed into a confident and expressive child. Thanks to your nurturing ways, Hanna loves to go to school and has learnt so much from the both of you. Even though it can be quite a challenge to get her to understand and follow routines, we truly appreciate the amount of effort you both have put in to ensure Hanna enjoys her lessons and all the feedback given to us to ensure Hanna can develop to her fullest potential. No amount of words or presents can truly repay your contribution and sacrifices as Hanna’s teacher. Happy Teachers Day!

Hanna’s parents

Siti, proud parent of Hanna, N1

Thanks Teacher Syrah and Jenny Laoshi with the other teachers.

Leon is now confident speaker and enjoy learning.

Big Check Mark to the the positive guidance and patience.

Takes a village to bring up children. You ladies are awesome.

Siow Fong, proud parent of Leon, N2

Thank teachers for all your love, patience and guidance to the children. Thank you for your hard work, Happy teachers day!

Songvyu, proud parent of Hoe Tee, K2

Teacher Sharmaine, thanks for your caring and quality teaching every day. Jeriel is so blessed to have you to get him prepared for a lifetime of success.I’m so grateful to you for your patience, enthusiasm, and passion.

Yana, proud parent of Jeriel, N1

During the past six months, I have seen tremendous growth and joyous change happening to my little boy. He is growing up like a little sunshine because he’s been loved and taken care of by a bunch of lovely ladies. My great appreciation and gratitude for your hardworking and devotion to all the kids! Happy teacher’s day!

Peiyi, proud parent of Hansen, N1

We would like to express our gratitude for having Ms Kim as Matthew’s form teacher this year. She is always very caring and patient. She takes time to explain things clearly to the kids at this young age and Matthew is able to recite what he has learnt in school every day. She is a kind and passionate teacher whom we always hope our children could have. May she continue to find joy of teaching and Happy teacher’s day! Ms Kim!

Jingya, proud parent of Matthew, N2

We just wanted to express our gratitude to you for teaching our daughter some of the basic social skills she will need in elementary school. We cannot thank you enough for your help and patience in taking care of her. Thank you.

Kevin, proud parent of Carine, N1

Dear Teacher Jasmine,

We have been blessed that you came along to be Lang Wei’s first teacher. We observe his development in his language and behaviour after he attended your class. As parents to a pre-school child, we always hope that our child will be able to play hard, enjoy learning and at the same time learn how to get along with others. Fortunately, Lang Wei is able to obtain all these under your thoughtful and caring guidance. We appreciate the help, patience and sacrifices that you have given to our son. Lang Wei likes you dearly and he think that you are gentle and wonderful. My elder daughter ( P1 this year) always insists to pick up her brother from school. Not once, but repeatedly commented ” I wish I can go to Wei wei school to study!” — this show how much the class has won our heart.

You are an amazing teacher, we wish you joy and happiness. Keep it up the good job and continue to cultivate a fun, loving and caring environment for the kids to play and grow up.

Yong Keat, proud parent of Lang Wei, N1
Dear Ms Jasmine and Guo Lao Shi,

YuCheng might not be your student this year but it is always nice and heartwarming to see that he greets and hugs both of you whenever we leave the school for home. It shows that you have made a difference in his life and touched him thru your guidance.

Thank you for nurturing him and enable him to be a better son ^_^

Happy Teachers’ Day!!

proud parent of Yu Cheng, N2
Dear Miss Jane,

Thanks for making the class so fun and engaging – Tyler loves going to school! Thanks for being so patient and caring towards our little boy!

Keep up the passion in teaching!

Tyler’s parents

Libby, proud parent of Tyler, N1

We would like to thank teacher Mia and Yan laoshi for being fantastic teachers to Ayden. Thank you for your patience and care that you have shown to him. The teachers have done a great job in teaching Ayden with the necessary skills he needs at his age. He really enjoys going to school to his teachers. Thank you so much once again.

Muhammad Firdaus, proud parent of Ayden Amrin, N1

I would like to gladly shout out many thanks.. Firstly to the infant teachers.. Tr siti, tr sapiah and other infant trs who no longer teach..
Thank you for treating hazwani like your own… Kudos n good job to all infant trs as not easy to handle babies sometimes.. Push the negativity aside and carry on the good work..
2019 may.. Hazwani moved on to Tiny tots class… And she is being much loved by the teachers now.. And also being well taken care of.. Thank you for updating her school journey life with me… As parents i can rest assured to see my baby growing up well..
Thank you tr syah.. Laoshi n tr suzie and the rest of u… For taking care of bambam

Siti, proud parent of Hazwani, PG
Tristan used to hate conversing in Mandarin. However, with Yuan Lao Shi’s continuous encouragement, he can now reply and even describe things/feeling in Mandarin. Every day after school, he will tell us school is fun and he likes playing with Teacher Mia and Yuan Lao Shi. From the way he interact with both the teachers, I can see that he love them very much! I felt fortunate to have both of them as his class teachers. Just want to say a BIG Thank You to Teacher Mia & Yuan Lao Shi! Happy Teacher’s Day!
Jamie, proud parent of Tristan, N1

Dear Teachers of PG D from the wonderful Sengkang Riverside Park Campus, Thank you all for being such amazing teachers!
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
Keep up the great work in making the spark in our little ones!
Happy Teachers’ Day~

Warmest Wishes,
Raphael & Family

Willard, proud parent of Raphael, PG

We are happy that our twin girls love going to school. With the guidance and patience from Teacher Claire, our girls gain confidence and speak alot about school and classmates. So Big Thank You to Teacher Claire for shaping and nurturing their small minds.

Irene, proud parent of Carrie & Carisa, N1
Thank you Teacher Jasmine and Laoshi! Because of you Sofia looks forward to school. You guys eased her into her new routines with so much care. We will miss you when we leave.
Thank you again!
Jelita, proud parent of Sofia, N1

I want to extend my appreciation and thanks to Ms Syah and Ms Xu for taking care of Asher in his first few weeks of school. They were patient and showed genuine care for him. I believe that their sincerity and care played a significant role in helping Asher to get used to a new environment. Thank you both and blessed teachers’ day!

Britney, proud parent of Asher, PG

Dear Teachers, thank you for all the love, patience and guidance to Jalynn and Javan. Happy Teacher’s Day! The kids loves U

Vivian, proud parent of Jalynn (N1) and Javan (K1)

Dear teachers of N1A,

Thank you very much for your care and guidance for Chevelle! greatly appreciate for your hard work and hope you enjoy being with her. hehe. :))

Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Chevelle, Daddy and Mummy :D

Celine, proud parent of Chevelle, N1
It Takes A Big Hearts to Nurture Little Minds…

Thank you to all teachers who has helped to nurture, cherish and grow Amily to what she is today!

I would like to personally thanked all the Teachers with whom she has been:

Teacher Syaf, Chen Laoshi, Goa Laoshi, Cikgu Ida, Teacher Veronica and Teacher Siti.

It has been a great journey for Amily through her growing years.

A HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY to all Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun! Thank you for Igniting Dreams and Inspiring Hope…..

Mdm Izan, proud parent of Amily, K2
Thank you teacher Divine, teacher Christ and Duan laoshi, for the dedication, patience and care towards the toddlers.
We are appreciative of the amazing work, keep it up.
Suqing, proud parent of Yixiang, N1
Thank you Teachers for your patience & dedication. Each of you have made a difference by being a part of our children interregnal path to learning development to holding their little hands and imparting knowledge to what they are today.
Wishing you a wonderful Teacher’s Day and may you continue to inspire them in your own ways!
Ifah, proud parent of Airis, K2

Happy Teachers’ Day

Chenjing, proud parent of Jaden, N2
Dearest Teachers Qi, Nurul and Sally,

Thank you for the unconditional care and patience you provided to YuQin since she joined PG last December.
We like to express our appreciation to you for nurturing her in both academics and personal skills development.

Once again, thank you for your dedicated efforts!

Xiangmiao, proud parent of Yuqin, PG
To teacher Lee, for always looking after our son Trevor. He always look forward to going to school knowing he will be able to play with his friends and see his teachers. Most of the time, we will pick him up quite almost 7pm so we would always or most of the time see teacher Lee with trevor or even other previous teachers too. Thank you so much!
Precious, proud parent of Trevor, N2
To : Teacher Jah, Wu Laoshi ,Teacher Fina, He Laoshi

Thank you for providing a safe and loving environment for Jin Yi.

Thank you for sending me pictures while you’re watching Jin Yi‚Äì little pictures give me life, and I view them and re-view them at least 100 times.

Thank you for cleaning and keeping Jin Yi’s chin dry all the time, the rashes have finally recovered :)

Thank you for your patience in bottle feeding Jin Yi.

Thank you for reminding me to apply cream for Jin Yi’s broken skin (nose) , truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Thank you for loving Jin Yi :)
We are truly grateful to have such a caring and patient teachers like you to look after Jin Yi, thank you !

Siao Wei, proud parent of Jin Yi, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Divine,

We appreciate for your fullest love and kind patience towards our Gia Yee, you have taught her a lot and she likes you very much.
Hope Teacher Divine can stay with her and continue to teach her more. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Mei Kei, proud parent of Gia Yee, N1
Dear teacher Ivy from Yishun Large Campus,
Thank you for your guidance, care and concern towards my girl. Thank you for creating an environment of enthusiasm for learning and being such a wonderful teacher. You helped her made a big difference in her development. I am grateful to have you being a good teacher to my child.
Arissa’s mummy,
Nur Syahidah
Syahidah, proud parent of Arissa, K2

Thanks Teacher Syairah for accompany Shanice for the past two years. Shanice has achieved plenty of milestone in her development with the help and effort from you. Your smile always an encouragement to kids and parents. Happy Teacher Day and wish you happiness too.

Stella, proud parent of Shernice, N2

Thank you teacher for the sacrifice and understanding towards Anaqi. Thank you for taking care of my son. Truly appreciate. Lastly Happy Teacher’s Day!

Azean, proud parent of Anaqi, N1
Dear teachers,

Your love and patience guidance are like the rain and sunshine, to allow the children growing up sturdily like the young tree.

Your nurturing has led my child to have the rich knowledge which impressed me a lot!

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU teachers!

Wishing you Happy Teachers Day!

Ling Ling, proud parent of Qiu Yong, K1
Heartfelt thanks from the family to Teacher Divine, whom have taken great care of our boy and his friends since playgroup.
She is a very dedicated and patient teacher whom takes effort to understands each and every child’s needs and temper in her class.
She’s very caring towards the kids and the kids adore her!
We appreciate her hard work and dedication very much!
Keep it up!
Soo Cheng, proud parent of Yixiang, N1
I would like to compliment Teacher Jessica and Teacher Jem. They have been great teachers to my child in PG & N1. My daughter loves her teachers and is very fond of them. Although they are not locals, they are very passionate and caring to the children and their needs. They also understand the concerns of local parents. Well done Teacher Jessica & Teacher Jem. There are many other nice teachers who receive my child in the morning. I hope to see more such teachers being groomed in the school.
Prasath, proud parent of Vanshika, N1

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following teachers:

1. Qi Laoshi
– A good and highly responsible Chinese teacher. I can see she is always there for her class children. My girl has grown fond of her under her care. Thanks for your dedication, Qi Laoshi! Good teachers are hard to come by, keep up the passion!

2. Teacher Nurul
– A smiley and observant teacher! My girl is able to recall what Teacher Nurul has shown and taught her. There was once Teacher Nurul taught her about egg, my girl mentioned “Teacher Nurul” when I asked her about the egg she has brought home. Even when my girl was playing with her Singapore flag, she also mentioned: “Teacher Nurul” That clearly indicates how much my girl is fond of her! Thanks, Teacher Nurul for your dedication! Keep up the passion!

3. Teacher Sally
– One of her favourite teachers! I could see Teacher Sally is highly patient and nurturing towards the children. This is why my girl is so attached to her. She is also gentle, and makes an effort to tie my girl’s hair so nicely! Thanks, Teacher Sally for your love and dedication. Nurturing and caring teachers are rare! Keep up the great work!

4. Teacher Shafina (INFANT); Teacher Khadijah (INFANT); Teacher Tessie (INFANT)
– Dear Infant Educarers,
Thanks for playing the most important role and building a foundation in Lowenna’s life. She joined S4K since she was 2.5 months old and, has grown tremendously under your care!
You are amazing! Thanks for your love and dedication!

5. Teacher Anna
– Dear Teacher Anna,
though Lowenna is not under your care, I could clearly see your patience and love for the children. Keep up the passion!

6. Ms. AJ & Ms. Pei Ni (Customer Service)
– Dear Ms. AJ & Ms. Pei Ni,
both of you have demonstrated great customer service! I could clearly see both of you make great teamwork!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Mrs Tan, proud parent of Lowenna Tan , PG
I am very happy to see my son every day likes to go to school. He enjoys studying in Skool4Kids @ Yishun .
I want to say thank you to all the Teachers there. Especially, Dou laoshi , teacher Meiqi and teacher Sharon. They are show love and care for kids. Children love them very much. Appreciated. Thank you and happy teachers’ day.
Helu, proud parent of Alan, N2

Dear N2A Teachers,

Thank you for your patience and care for Ethan. We are very appreciative of your understanding of Ethan’s temperament and your dedication to ensure that he is well taken care of, even missing your lunch to ensure he naps. We are also very glad that you believe in Ethan and his learning.

Thank you for your commitment and love.

Jiuen, proud parent of Ethan, N2
I would like to commend all teachers the teachers who have taught Sayf since his very first year in the school. The teachers are dedicated, show care & take the trouble to update us on our child’s development. We appreciate every single thing they have done & may they have the best Teacher’s Day yet, this year.
Special shoutout to Teacher Lissa, Teacher Ria and Lao Shi (I’m sorry, I am unsure of her full name but she has short, wavy hair and is a very patient and nice lady).
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Sayf’s Mom & Dad
Mrs Fadli, proud parent of Sayf, K1

I love to Thank Teacher Lee Hui Zhen (Assistant Teacher)for her passion and patience in taking care of Daniel since he was in PGB. It has been a fantastic growing journey for him and I am always so at ease with her presence. Thank You for being such a great Teacher!

Shanice, proud parent of Daniel, N2

Thank you Teachers for all your love and guidance for Michaela. Thank you for all your hard work and we deeply appreciate everything that you have done.
Happy Teacher’s Day!

Norina, proud parent of Michaela, N2C

Dear Teacher Meiqi and Dou Lao Shi,

We would like to thank both of you for your patience and guidance in making Naufal’s school experience a positive one.
Naufal has grown to be more independant and confidant thanks to the love and support you showed him throughout his time in Skool4Kidz.
We wish you the best in your teaching journey!

In Naufal’s words: “Mummy cannot speak chinese to me, only Dou Lao Shi can!” “Mummy go different school become teacher because Teacher Meiqi is my teacher!”

A Thank-You Poem:
As teachers go
You are the best.
You shine above
All the rest.
So accept our thanks
For all you do
Naufal’s very lucky
For his teachers were you!

With Love,
Naufal, Mummy & Daddy

Ain Hairis, proud parent of Naufal, N2
We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for your delicate care and love for our child, Shernice.

Thank you for your patience in guiding her, making her smile when she is moody and showing her that learning can be so fun.

Thank you to all the wonderful teachers in PG.

Sook Hoon, proud parent of Shernice, PG
Dear Teacher Syaf & Teacher Vanessa,

Thank you for your dedication and love for the children, in helping them grow and learn and being excited about school every single day.
Vivienne would like to wish all teachers “Happy Teacher’s Day”!

Warmest regards
Vivienne & mummy/daddy

Marie, proud parent of Vivienne, K2
“We will always be thankful to you,
For the hard work and efforts,
That all of you have put in,
To educate Dania.

All of your dedications,
Are very much appreciated.


Zurina, proud parent of Dania, K1
To teacher Jen & Teacher Anna,
You have mould my child from not wanting to school to enjoy going to school everyday.
Jaslyn, proud parent of Meiqi, K1

Si Hui enjoy going to school Everyday and play with her classmates. She like teacher Nadia,
teacher lily and lessons. Thank you teachers for their patience and understanding.

Mei Leng, proud parent of Si Hui, N2
Dear teachers of N2A, I would like to express my utmost sincerity of thanking Teacher Naderah, Teacher Lee, Laoshi and Cikgu Hana for showering care and concern to Naufal. Being vigilant on Naufal needs when needed. Teacher Naderah has been so helpful in motivating Naufal to potty trained in the toilet. He has been showing massive improvement at home too. Teacher Lee is so caring and vigilant towards Naufal too, there was once she spotted an ulcer in Naufal’s mouth and alerted me on this. Truly apperciate that and we took preventive measures of him not to attend achool. Laoshi has been also very caring towards Naufal on his well being. Cikgu Hana always greets Naufal good morning everyday and she is also very caring, always asked Naufal’s well being when he is unwell when not coming to school. Not foregetting the Ops team, thank you in helping to manage my sons finance and fees matters. Continue the good work everyone! I would want to compliment each and every of them. Thank you soooo much. And wishes you all a great Happy Teachers Day!
Nurul, proud parent of Naufal, N2


Carol, proud parent of Abbigail, N2

Thank you teacher Nadia for being patient with Luis. I know at times he’s been noisy and loud. Thank you for looking after Luis as he’s a loud boy with weak lungs though.

Colin, proud parent of Luis, N2

Teacher Meiqi has become a big part of my son’s life influencing not only his education, but also his discipline and his life skills. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t quote words of ”my teacher Meiqi”

Zahidah, proud parent of Irfan, N2

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for being understanding teacher towards Alya. I’m proud now there’s a lot of changes in Alya. I hope we can work together again next year. Lastly Happy Teacher’s Day!

Azean, proud parent of Alya, K1

My husband and I wish to expressed our appreciation to Teacher Norsiah, who has been a very caring and unbiased teacher. My child has shown consistant learning results in her academic and also Teacher Norsiah has taught her hoe to respected through her discipline with Ginger.
We are also grateful as we know to have a sincere educator nowadays is not easy.
Thank you teacher Norsiah for the hardwork!

Lyndia, proud parent of Ginger, K1

To all teachers, thank you for taking care and teaching Olliver throughout all these years since he was N1. Transferring him from Eager Beaver to this school is definitely a wise choice made, and we never regretted it. I believe all the teachers have helped shape him in many ways positive. Lastly we wish all teachers a very Happy Teacher’s Day!

Celest, proud parent of Olliver, K2

Thank you teacher Divine for the love, care and always very patient with my son, which my family n I really appreciate that.
I know my son is in good hands when she is around and I see her passion in this.

Last but not least, I also would like to thank the other teachers who has been showing my son all their love and care.

Happy teachers’ day.

Xin Ling, proud parent of Kendrick, N1
Dear teachers of N1B, I would like to express my utmost sincerity of thanking Teacher Divine, asst Teacher of N1B, Laoshi and Cikgu Hana for showering care and concern to Nufael. Being vigilant on Nufael needs when needed. Teacher Divine and the rest of them has been so helpful in motivating Nufael to be on his good behaviour in school and continued it at home. He now can speaks clearly and expresses his feelings. Nufael loves to dance and sing. Teacher Divine took note and showed best interests in Nufael likes and dislikes. Cikgu Hana always greets Nufael good morning everyday and she is also very caring, always asked Nufael’s well being when he is unwell or when not coming to school. Not forgetting the Ops team, thank you in helping to manage my sons’ finance and fees matters. Continue the good work everyone! I would want to compliment each and every of them. Thank you soooo much. And wishes you all a great Happy Teachers Day!
Nurul, proud parent of Nufael, N1
Dear Teacher Ivy/Xue Hong/Komala,
Thank you for ur guidance and patience towards Ashlyn & Asher. It can be very challenging to have a pair of twins in same class. But I believe both of them enjoyed their class everyday, cause they will ask me what class they will be attending and they loved Teacher Ivy. You guys is their superheroine. Thank you!
Soo Teng, proud parent of Ashlyn & Asher, K1
Thank you all teachers for you dedication and hard work in grooming my child into a kind n passionate child.
Even after leaving Skool4Kidz he has been asking to return to see his teachers. He misses teacher Ivy.

Keep up the good work

Bee Giok, proud parent of Quinton, K1

Dear Teacher Nadia, Teacher Lili and Du Laoshi,

Thanks very much for your great passion in teaching! With your patience and guidance,Bryan improves a lot along the way.

Wishing you joy and happiness and you all deserve the best!

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Jane, proud parent of Bryan, N1

Love to Thank Teacher Aw (Hu LAO SHI) for her Love and Patience to guide and teach Daniel. Daniel has difficulty in speaking mandarin but now he can speak so well and love to sing mandarin songs. Great moral values and guidance are given and I really Thank Teacher Aw for all her time.

Shanice, proud parent of Daniel, N2

Dear teacher Norsiah, Zhang Laoshi, Lyana

We are grateful to you all for the care and guidance to Lucas on a day-to-day basis, as it is definitely not an easy job. Lucas has fun learning while developing perspectives about this world and his daily lives. We are aware that your influence is monumental to him.

Your role is profoundly important to a child’s growth and education. You have fuelled their desire to learn and because of what you work tirelessly to do. You make a difference in the life of each child that comes into your class in Skool4Kidz. That is a high calling, and one of the greatest, most honorable jobs in the world. Happy Teacher’s day!

Lucas Chan & family.

Elise, proud parent of Lucas, K1

Dear Teachers of Infant Class,

Thank you so much for taking care of Kate! The feeding, changing diapers, showering, coaxing her to sleep, playing with her, teaching her, cleaning her up when she vomits, running after her when she goes exploring… And the list goes on! In addition to the already very long list of responsibilities, patiently answering queries from us, parents. It’s a lot to do and you guys are doing an awesome job!

Thank you for keeping Kate safe and helping her to grow happily. Thank you for being patient with Kate and with us.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Joyce, proud parent of Kate, Infant Care

Dear teachers, a big thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Yishun campus for loving katelyn since her first day. She is always so welcomed by the principals (teacher Jin especially), teachers, and her infant educarers (teacher shafina and teacher durga took such good care of her) .

Her PG teachers, teacher Sally, teacher Nurul and Qi Lao Shi helped her transition to PG and is always patient with her tantrums.

Thank you for the dedication and the endless love for the kiddos.

Your heart work should be loudly celebrated beyond this special occasion.

Thank you so much for everything.

Amy, proud parent of Katelyn, PG
Thank you, Lee Laoshi, Ms Christine and Ms Fiona for your unwavering care towards Ethan. We are thankful that you continue to exhibit professionalism even when our son misbehaves and continue to teach him social skills and nurture him with patience. It is not easy looking after so many toddlers and on this special day, we offer our heartfelt appreciation to you. Happy Teacher’s Day!
Clifford, parent of Ethan, N2

I am happy with my child’s development since she started attending N1 class at Skool4Kidz Bedok Ping Yi Green. Now that my child is in K1 class, I can see that she learns a lot from her teachers and she enjoys being with her friends in school. She loves her teachers Ms.Lin and Li Laoshi.
Her teachers are approachable and know very well how to handle the students. They are very passionate in teaching.
I would like to thank my child’s teachers and all the teachers at Skool4Kidz Bedok Ping Yi Green for simply being their best.

Samantha, parent of Ashleigh, N2
A big thank you to all the teachers and support team for making a conducive space for my son to nurture and be taken care of. Happy Teacher’s Day :)
Yogesh, parent of Aun, N2

We have been very happy that Zachary has been having such a fulfilling time in school with all the teachers, not only in his level but even the other levels who do come to help watch the kids too. We are thankful for the teachers in the school and congratulate all on a job well done!

Sabrina, parent of Zachary, Infant Care
The teachers care for both of my children. Principal Ms Sarah, Teacher(s) Ms Hani, Ms Christin, Yi Mei Laoshi, Ms Tina, Ms Angela and all of the other teachers in the Infant bay as I am not sure with their names. They are great! Thumbs up for them! They takes good care of my kids.
Nandi, parent of Keshavi & Kovidh, N2 & Infant Care
Thank you beebies teachers for always caring and teaching our precious boy with love and patience!
Special shout out to teacher Angeline and teacher Tuyet! We are able to work in peace because of your
Jasmine, parent of Asher, Infant Care

Thank you Yimei Laoshi for always looking out for Stefalyn. Laoshi is always so patient to guide her in her work. Her mandarin is constantly improving. Thank you!

Shiya, parent of Stefalyn, N2
Dear teacher Ms lin

Thank you for looking after me and teaching me everything that I know. I love Ms lin’s lessons and high fives. Thank you for also helping me to top up my water bottle everyday when I finish drinking it. Thank you Ms lin.

from Marco Ong with loves!

Sebastian, parent of Marco, K1
Thank you to all the teachers in infant care for taking care of Eden. We appreciate your patience and love towards this little lobster! Happy teachers day to all :)
Tianle, parent of Eden, Infant Care
Teacher Christine has been a important person in my kid’s growth. She has really helped in every possible way and understands the needs of my child.
She is travelling with Vihaan for almost 2 years now and I can really see Vihaan from where he was to where he is now.
Teacher Christine also communicates with us on how well Vihaan copes up in the class.
We are able to stay at peace and do our work at office because we know Vihaan is in the safe hands.
Ever tiring and very patient she has always been.
Not just with classes but also with how to talk and how to behave are few changes I have seen in my kid.
The credit goes to the teacher and I whole heartedly appreciate all her efforts.
Vihaan loves his teacher and his school.

Please continue to do all the good work. Thanks.

Bhavani, parent of Vihaan, N2
A group of responsible teachers. A special shoutout to teacher Angelina who provide very timely feedback on my son at school. Good job and keep it up!
Alicia, parent of Qi Jun, Infant Care
Qloe and me are very fortunate to have good, caring dedicate teachers at Skool4Kidz Bedok pingyi. Would like to specially thanks Teacher Debbie, Shiyun lao shi and Teacher Ros for coaching my child and I can see tremendous improvement in my child motor skills and languages. Teacher Debbie and Shiyun lao shi never fails to take cute photos of my Daughter. And I am very thankful for this extra attention they have given to Qloe. Whenever I see my Daughter smile in the photos it just makes me sure and confirmed that my child is enjoying her lessons with the Teachers. I really hope the Teachers can continue to be with Qloe throughout her journey in Bedok Pingyi. Thank you and well done Teachers!
Jie Bin, parent of Qloe, N1
Teacher Cristine is a dedicated teacher. She puts alot effort in her teaching materials and we appreciate the school assignments given as we parents get to bond with our children. As parents, we are ensured if our kids are in the hands of a good teacher. HAPPY Teacher’s Day!
Zen, parent of Julius, N2
Dear Teacher Christin and Yi Mei Lao Shi

Thanks for making school so enjoyable for Caleb and for taking such good care of him. Your efforts for the class is much appreciated!

Kristen, parent of Caleb, N2
Would like to give my utmost appreciation to Teacher Belle as she has showered my girl with lots of love. Alexis mentioned once or twice that Teacher Belle is her best friend‚ which shows how much she adores her in return. Keep up the great work and touch more little lives! Thank you!
Jenny, mother of Alexis, N1
Dear Shi laoshi, Thanks for your care on Yu zhe for the past one year he joined the scholld. I really appreciate your attention to details, you will notice what was happened to yuzhe and update us, we really appreciate on this as we know they are many other children who needs to take care on. Keep it up teacher, Yu Zhe love you.
Yee Ling, parent of Yu Zhe, N1
Thank you teachers of N2 for the care and patience towards Koey!
Genny, parent of Koey Yong, N2
To my Amberlyn’s dearest Teacher Belle
for your patience and caring
for your kind words and sharing
for your knowledge you share and love you shower
Makes you
The world’s best teacher
Happy Teacher’s Day!!!
Joyce, mother of Amberlyn, N1
Hi Teacher Debbie, Thank you for your guidance for the past 1 year Yu zhe has been in this school. Initially, Yu Zhe was very reluctant to go to school and always crying but recently i found out that he is very happy at school and no more crying especially seeing you in the class. You must be putting lot’s of love and care to the him. This can be tell from kid’s reaction. I sincerely appreciate your care on him though there are more children to take care of. Happy Teacher day to you and all teachers. You all are the best.
Yee Ling, parent of Yu Zhe, N1
Thank you Teacher Christine for tapping Sky to sleep on some occasion. He always has difficulties falling asleep. Thank you foot being so patient with him.
Shiya, parent of Skydan, N2
Specially for teacher debbie

Nabil often says alot of positive things about you. How much he has enjoyed his lessons in class;
and will often says teacher debbie says i cannot.. i can.. i have to do this,
Thank you for the little efforts :) Happy teachers day! Lots of love; Nabil

Nabillah, parent of Nabil, N1A
To whom it may concern

First and foremost , as a parent we are pleased with the education That the teacher has given a great encouragement and confidence especially in study for my daughter, Tavia Chan Yi Xuan at Skool4Kidz.

We have seen the positive change I our child day by day , and we wish to thank you for all you have done to grow her mind .
The teacher was always available for help , concern and given a good cares to our daughter.

In addition, we would like to highlight that the class room environment/ventilation with no air-con that had caused my daughter felt very sick with
A badly skin rashes due to a very hot weather . Hope the school management will look into this matter seriously as we are not very happy and disappointed of what had happened to our child lately .

Thank you again for your great efforts

Kindest Regards,
Tavia’s Parent

Kelly, parent of Tavia, K1
For Your Caring & Patience,for All The Words of Encouragement.
We Want to Say a BIG Thank You to :
Miss Meiqi & Miss Dou & The Assistant Teacher from N2D
Mr And Mrs Toh, parent of Jayden, N2
Dear Teacher Hani, Chen Laoshi and teachers of the PG class,

Thank you so much for your hard work, love and care for the kids in Hannah’s class.

Thank you for being there for the kids so early at drop offs and staying late till they all go home… Knowing that your presence is a comfort to these little ones. We really appreciate all the hard work you put in, texting us about our kids and asking about them when they are unwell.

Wishing you all a Happy Teachers Day! Thank you once again for all that you do for our kids :)

With blessings,
Hannah and family

Tracy, parent of Hannah, PG
I want to sincerely thank all the teachers (especially to the PG teacher Ms Chen Laoshi and Ms Azhani) for taking good care of my daughter. I cannot thank you enough for your patience, hard work, and for giving her everything needed to have fun while learning.

Since my daughter went to PG she has learned to recognize quite a lot of animal, started to say a few words and be more open and started to learn to get along with other kids and people.

I’m sure you don’t hear this enough, but you are really great teachers. Thanks for putting up with my kid!

Mr And Mrs Wang, parent of Ruozhang, PG

Shi Laoshi is a dedicated teacher with children’s’ best interests at heart. She is strict with the children, and enforced rules and regulations in school, which is crucial for children’s’ development. She also teaches Mandarin with passion, and I would like to applaud her for it.

Jenny, parent of Alexis, N1

Appreciate all the patience dealing with active toddlers. Keep the passion alive and give your best, always. As these little ones look up to you, second from their parents. Thank you!

Amirah, parent of Ezaan, PG

Thank you Teachers, for making our first journey as parents a smooth and joyful one as our little tyrant goes to school! Hope she brought u as much joy as she brought us. Thank you for your unwavering patience and strive to give your best each day to our little ones. Your efforts is never unappreciated!

Melissa, parent of Alexis, PG

Thank you T. Azilla, T.Jess & Kang laoshi for being so patience & caring for Claire. We saw her transformed for the past 2 years. Thank you once again!

Jassline, proud parent of Claire, N2

To: Teacher Christine & Teacher Ding,
Thank you for your patience, putting up with my little girl and encouraging her in every way.
Happy Teachers Day to you !
Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best!

Celine, proud parent of Rola, N1

Dear Teacher Nurul & Chen Laoshi,
Thank you for all the effort, love and care you guys have given to Jovin during his journey in Skool4Kidz. He has been very blessed to have you both as his teachers guiding him with all the patience that you have. Without the time and love you two have provided, Jovin wouldn’t have grown up to be this sensible. Thank you for working so hard for the kids! All the children in K1 definitely loves the two of you. Keep up the good job and effort in cultivating and nurturing the pre-schoolers!

Evonne, proud parent of Jovin, K1

Dear Teacher Puspa and Deng Laoshi
Thank you for your patience and caring, kind words and sharing. We just want to say THANK YOU.

Geok Eng, proud parent of Peng Ho, K2

Kuso to all teachers guiding and teaching Yu Xuan. She has benefited greatly from Skool4kidz beyond our expectations. Both teachers really go all out to develop her interest in learning. Greatly appreciate whatever the teachers have contributed and have a great Teachers’ Day celebration!

Eriko, proud parent of Yu Xuan, K1

Dear Teacher Tine and Ding Laoshi,
Thank you for all the time and love you ladies have given to the N1 pre-schoolers. They are at a stage where they are exploring every single thing with maximum curiosity. Without the love and guidance, they wouldn’t have progressed so well and develop so finely. Keep up the effort. It’s very heartening to see all the kids dashing to you both, mentioning the teachers name despite being at home.

Evonne, proud parent of Jowenna, N1

Thank you T. Tine & Ding Lao Shi, T Fara for taking such good care of Olivia so that we parents can go work at ease. Glad that she was given opportunities to learn & develop her social, motor skills in school. We saw that she is more independent now. Thank you Ms & Ms Andrea for the strong backup too.

Jassline, proud parent of Olivia, N1

Dear Ambrose’s Teachers, thank you for taking such good care of Ambrose making him happy and always attends to his needs and wants when parents are busy.
We really appreciate your effort. Keep up the good work!

Stella & Bryan, proud parent of Ambrose Jeremiah, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Tine, thank you for always being so patient witb my child, making efforts to update me regularly on her condition/ learning in school.

Qiuluan, proud parent of Giselle, N1

Greatly appreciate all teachers for contributing to yu chen’s learning and development. Without u all, her speech and language wont improve so drastically and we were impressed to see how her colouring skills have improved. Thank you for all your patience and encouragement in this growing journey of hers. Keep up the great work and we look forward to more fun and joy with Skool4kidz.

Eriko, proud parent of Yu Chen, N2

Thanks Teacher for your guidance for my kids. Wish u all a Happy Teacher Days. Best Teacher in Singapore

Jeffrey, proud parent of Oscar, K1

Dear teachers, thanks for showering care n concern towards him . He loves coming to school n playing with his friends . As he might be posted to playgroup , he is going to miss the teachers in infant care. Last but not least Happy Teachers Day.

Sharon, proud parent of Samuel, Infant Care
Dearest Li Kang Li Lao Shi, Teacher Filah and Teacher Nurul, Thank you as all of you are really committed and very warm towards the kids. I am really thankful for your commitment and dedication to Aryan as you are part of Aryan’s growing journey.

I would really want to thank all of you for your patience and guidance to my Son. I really hope all of you are able to bear with his antics and guide him together to be a better person.

Special thanks to Ms Mala, with you on board as the principal or centre leader your creativity in ideas on celebrating the difference really counts. There have never been any celebration happening at that center and the Teachers are all very cold unlike now. You have make a great difference and change to Skool4Kidz!

Well done to you and your fellow Teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Lots of love,
Aryan and Aryan Mommy

Radia, proud parent of Aryan Rehaan, K1

Heartfelt thanks to teacher sheila, chloe, Ying Laoshi. They have done amazing job in educating my daughter. Lesson plans have been enjoyable for her. Have always work hand in hand with tcr Sheila with regards to mikayla well being in school. Thank you for doing good job!!

Rabiyah, proud parent of Mikayla, N1

Heartfelt thanks to teacher pamela, kristen, Ying Cheong n Gao laoshi. They have done amazing job in educating my daughter. Lesson plans have been enjoyable for her. Have always work hand in hand with tcr Pamela with regards to iffah well being in school. Thank you for doing good job!!<

Rabiyah, proud parent of Iffah Rania, N2

Lara is happy to go to school and I am thankful that she is in good hands while I am at work. Thank you so much for all your help, teachers!

Dhanya, proud parent of Lara, N1

Thanks teacher Sheila for helping to apply lotion for Jovie and thank god her skin has improved alot!

Jean, proud parent of Jovie, N1

The teachers are good. Keep up the good work.

Alsafrin, proud parent of Jarif, N1

Thank you to Teacher Pamela and Laoxi for being patient with Ilhan, especially with his speech and language delay. Even though there may be a communication barrier, Ilhan did display new things learnt from school and he seems to enjoy going to school to meet his teachers and friends. This is definitely as a result of the kind and patient teachers who showed their attention to Ilhan’s progress and development.

Zarina, proud parent of Daniel, N2
I am happy that my child, Ayra Eiliyah Mohd Rizzuan, is enjoying preschool. It is not easy to send my daughter to school, but seeing what a ball she is having makes it a breeze. And as we know, I have you to thank for that. The activities planned, the decorated room, the friendships she fostered ‚Äì it is all incredible, and it’s helping my daughter (and me!) believe that school is fun, which is incredibly important.

Her preschool years will come to an end in a few months! I would like to thank you for all your hard work, support and encouragement that you have given during her years in the elephant group. Thank you for teaching her how to wash her hands, eat with a fork, clean up toys, wait in line patiently, take turns, and so many other life skills ‚Äì all to the rhythm of upbeat tunes. She loved every minute of preschool and always came home full of enthusiasm and stories to tell over dinner. I can’t thank you enough for making her years so happy. Nothing contributes to the nation’s development more than the sacrifices made by teachers.

A sincere thank you to everyone who is involved in her upbringing.

Rilla, proud parent of Ayra Eiliyah, K2
It is almost 7 months since Fathiah enrolled in Skool4Kidz and I will like to thank all the Nursery teachers who has taken care of her.
Fathiah has achieved valuable social skills such as communication and getting along with her peers.
She is more independent and as much cooperative ever since.

Special thanks to Teacher Sheila for keeping me updated about her progress and answering all my doubts whenever I got the chance to fetch her after class. Really appreciates her promptness and constant updates. For someone who is approachable, friendly and comfortable to confide with, we do feel safe for Fathiah to be under her care.

Thank you Teacher Sheila for taking good care of Fathiah & teaching her good values. :) <3

Maryam, proud parent of Fathiah, N1

Thank you for Teacher MC , Xiong LaoShi and Teacher Filah for taking good care of Aiden. Happy Teacher Day.

Melissa, proud parent of Aiden, PG

teacher Sheila has shown patience to my daughter since Day 1 and under her care in school, she has become my girl’s favourite daughter. Apart from this, Teacher Sheila has taken initiative to update me on Averil’s behavior and the little bits and pieces in school. Keep in up Teacher.

Brenda, proud parent of Averil, N1
To Teacher Sheila:

I would like to say that you are so thoughtful and caring!
Sincere thanks for the extra effort you have done.
We thanks you for your kindness and thoughtfulness throughout Daegen school days, you have a great hearts !

Withs heart full of thanks, we appreciate you

Victoria, proud parent of Daegen, N1

Thank you all PG and Infant care teachers for guiding our son be a kinder, braver and wonderful young man since he joined S4K. Our son enjoyed school lots with under all ur care and guidance. Thank you.

Hweeqin, proud parent of Kayen, PG
Dear Teacher Kristen,

You have done an exceptional great job in instilling confidence in our Daughter, Calista!

You totally understand each individual with different approaches and you definitely understand Calista like how we do. We appreciate it so much!

You’re a God sent and we believe that you’re everyone’s favourite teacher.

All the best to you!

Atiqah, proud parent of Calista, N2
One of the best childcare teacher by far. Teacher Angie shows care & concerned. Have initiative & was able to build the confidence in my shy boy. We need more childcare teacher like teacher Angie. Hope she will move to k2 next year with same group of children.
Zulayha, proud parent of Syed Muhammad Yusuf, K1

Every time I see the massive class Teacher Ivy (and Ding Lao shi) manage, I am filled with awe at how they run the show! They are AMAZING; I don’t know how they do it. And somehow Teacher Ivy always manages to maintain her calm and cool. She’s never frazzled. She’s always that consistent motherly figure to the kids. There’s no doubt she genuinely loves them and on top of that, she’s great at what she does. Kids need rocks in their lives. Constants. Routine. Teacher Ivy is that sort of person. Kids can read people well – We know Ezra certainly can! He knows when people are genuine and he loves Teacher Ivy. Ezra (and we) are so blessed to have her in our lives. THANK YOU Teacher Ivy for all that you do for us!

Mr And Mrs Lim, proud parent of Ezra Lim, N2
To Teacher Yana and Tong lao shi of S4K Waterways cascadia N1B:
On this teachers day, we give our appreciation
To the teachers with all the determination
To give the children under their care the best
And nothing less
The job of a childcare teacher is not easy
They are always so busy
Having to handle the little toddlers’ antics
And having to come up with clever tactics
Aiden is a lucky boy to have these teachers caring for him
These teachers make a great team
Thank you teachers for being such superstars
Thank you for being just the way you are!

Aiden Ang loves you guys!

Ya Yun, proud parent of Aiden, K1

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed significantly to my child’s growth and his curiosity for learning. Thanks for your patience and for the quality care you provide each and every day.

Mary, proud parent of Ashton, K1
This message is written to show our appreciations to Teacher Rose and Teacher Naw Lah.
Teacher Naw Lah has been taking care of Asher since he was in toddler class. Teacher Naw Lah is a very patient person and understands Asher very well. She is also very gentle and caring towards Asher. As a parent, I can feel the love Teacher Naw Lah is giving to Asher. For example, Asher went for an excursion to OH Farm and did not want to participate in the activities. However, Teacher Naw Lah managed to coax and persuaded Asher to join in the activity.
Teacher Rose is a kind teacher and is very caring. She is concern and takes very good care of Asher. She updates me Asher’s well-being and progress in class. Like Teacher Naw Lah, Teacher Rose is able to persuade Asher in doing things that he is not willing to. For example, Asher does not want to wear shoes from home. Teacher Rose is able to encourage him to put on shoes just in 1 day.
In conclusion, I really am thankful for both teachers. They have made Asher a good child and they have ensured safety in all children at all times. Thank you very much Teacher Naw Lah and Teacher Rose. We are truly gratified by both your dedications!!
Linda, proud parent of Asher, PG
My daughter started Skool4Kidz @ Waterway Banks early this Feb 2019.

It was a first step to childcare and she as so afraid each morning while she made her way to school.

She cried almost every day and reluctant to mix around with her peers.

To my surprise, it took her only 3 Weeks to overcome her fear.

6 months down the road, she is more responsive, independent, active, loud & interactive
much with her teachers & classmates.

She will not be able to achieve such milestones if its not from the dedication, support and motivation from her wonderful teachers, especially her form teacher Ms Sheila.

Ms Sheila has been a very helpful and approachable with from the start. She has been providing us constant feedbacks on Fathiah’s activities in school. She has also instil such warmth attention in a way my child feels secure & confident attending her daily class/activities.

Like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others .

Thank you for being an amazing teacher… HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY !

Maryam, proud parent of Fathiah, N1
To Teacher Angie and Laoshi,

I wish you both a happy teacher’s day on this special day.
We would like to say thank you for guiding and educating my daughter so well to make her Smart/Clever she is today.
We feel very grateful for your effort and patience..

Maria, proud parent of Amira, K1

Heartfelt thank you to all the teachers esp Teacher Ding and Teacher Ivy. Thank you for patience and dedication. Kouki loves all of you, and so did we
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Rhea, proud parent of Kouki, N2
I would to say a special thanks to Teacher Angie and Song Lao Shi for being a great teacher. My son who is always crying when going to school cause he don’t want to has change to a joyful kid when going to school. I could see big changes in him after they became teachers for my son. A bigger credit goes to Teacher Angie cause she go to extra mile to learn about my son condition as he is autistic and never differentiate him with other children. Always taking good care of him which makes my heart feel at ease every time i sent him to school. I really2 appreciate what she have done and i can’t thank her enough. Thank you so much and may you continue to become a patience, wonderful teacher.
Jun, proud parent of Khilfi Awali, K1

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. Thank you to all the teachers for the hard work of looking after our little ones.
For keeping them safe and giving them knowledge.
Happy teacher’s day!!

Jasmine, proud parent of Jayce, PG

We would like to wish all the teacher happy teachers day. Especially to Ding Lao Shi, teacher Angie, Teacher Ivy, Tong Lao shi

Mrs Quek, proud parent of Luna, N2
Hi, I would like to thank all the teacher for taking care of my child while my husband and I are at work.

It is really meaningful to each and everyone of you for helping.

Thank you!

Stephanie, proud parent of Claire, Infant Care

We are thankful for Quinton to meet a group of great teachers; Teacher Naw Lah, Teacher Rose, Teacher Rayne Ho, TianTian lao shi & Teacher Charlotte. Being teacher is indeed not an easy task, but your passion and patience has inspired us as parents. With all your help, Quinton has grow to be more cheerful and curious in gaining new knowledge.

Karina, proud parent of Quinton, PG

Teacher Rose and Teacher Naw Lah were always ready to share how Ryker has performed in school regularly. They were very patient with the children.

Geok Lan, proud parent of Ryker, PG
It always amazes me when persons who aren’t parents themselves yet somehow deal with young kids so well. Ding Lao Shi is that sort of person! We just love how she communicates with the little ones. She’s open, firm and understanding towards these little creatures with huge feelings. She never talks down to them. She talks to them like individuals with thoughts and feelings of their own. She really is a friend and guide to them. Kids need people who are constant, firm and give direction. Ezra (and we) have been so blessed by Ding Lao Shi! We can tell Ezra respects her and has learnt so much… and on Ezra’s good mood days, she’s even his friend HAHA. THANK YOU Ding Lao Shi!
Mr And Mrs Lim, proud parent of Ezra Lim, N2

Thanks all the infant teachers for all the effort put in to take care of the little baby!

Jean, proud parent of Elise, Infant Care
Thank you Zhang Yan Jun Laoshi for take care of Oscar.
Oscar is too active at school, Zhang Laoshi will talk to Oscar patiently.
Winnie, proud parent of Oscar, N1

Dear Teacher Ivy & Ding Laoshi,
Happy Teacher’s Day!
Nadine is very lucky to have you both as her teachers!
Thank you for your care & concern towards her education & well-being in school.
We appreciate it very much!
Enjoy Your special day and we hope you will always be happy teaching!
Best wishes,
Nadine & Parents

Juli, proud parent of Nadine, N2

Dear Teacher Angie
Thanks for giving your patience to teach and guide the children. This is not an easy tasks given that the aged of 5 now, they have their own opinion, started to have their own thinking

Chiew Yen, proud parent of Yue Qin, K1
Siobhan is extremely blessed to in this IFC where teachers go the extra mile to communicate about her progress everyday. I want to express my appreciation for your excellent work caring for my daughter. You make an immeasurable difference in our lives. THANK YOU and KEEP IT UP! :)
Mrs Xie, proud parent of Siobhan, Infant Care
As working parents, we entrust our son in good hands of Teacher Charlotte and Zhang Laoshi. At the beginning, our son was shy, anxious, quiet and not socialise. We were worried that it might take a long time for him to get used to the pre-school environment. As days pass, we can see the difference. We are so happy to see him coming home singing new songs, telling us stories of what he learns and does in class. He would even ask us if he’s going to school on Saturday and Sunday. As Teacher’s Day is around the corner, we would like to use this chance to send our wish to all the teachers at NK Bay, especially to Teacher Charlotte and Zhang Laoshi, thank you very much for your kind guidance and gentle care towards Felix. We really appreciate your effort and patience in caring of Felix.
Ashley, proud parent of Felix, N1
Dear Teacher Yana & Tong Laoshi,

We will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in for educating Cerys!

With Love,
Cerys Daddy & Mummy

Cory, proud parent of Cerys, N1

I would like to say my most sincere Thank you to Teacher Angie and Song Laoshi for the utmost care and love for Almaas. Their dedication and patience is truely appreciated. Good job teachers for always being there and not giving up on Almaas!

Dian, proud parent of Almaas, K1
Thank you Teacher Naw Lah for taking good care of Ethan. Ethan like Teacher Naw Lah so much!! :-)
Winnie, proud parent of Ethan, PG
We always joke that Teacher Yana is Ezra’s godmother HAHA. She loves him like family and we have been so so blessed to have her in our lives. Yana goes above and beyond for us and our son. She is clearly concerned about his well-being, health, development and his little big heart. Most of all, she has a magical way of being a friend to these little ones. Ezra loves her and so do we! On a day when he just doesn’t feel like school, only the sight of Teacher Yana motivates him to give it a go :) THANK YOU Yana for all that you do for this little boy and all that you are to us!
Mr And Mrs Lim, proud parent of Ezra Lim, N2

Hi Management,

We are the parents of Leethan s/o Manivannan would like to the this opportunity to thanking overall teachers in Waterway Cascadia (Skool4Kidz) for putting their love and care towards our child and we feel very relief while we were on works. Reason being, we don’t having any helper or older parents to care on him whenever we are off for work.

Our heartfelt thanks to all teachers in General reason of they really treating all the child’s with full care and concerns.

There is no any worlds to describe on their hard work contributed. We (parents) so grateful for having you guys in Skool4Kidz Waterway Cascadia.

Thank you soo much for your time and effort put on our child’s. You guys are great and wonderful.

Long live and God bless.

Thank you.

Your Faithfully,
Mr. Manivannan- Daddy
MS. Joyce – Mummy

Manivannan, proud parent of Leethan, N1

Wang Lao Shi, thank you for guiding Darwisy, inspire him & making him happy during lessons. Thank you so much for all the things & effort you have done for him. You are his favourite teacher!!! Also thanks for being patience with Darwisy throughout the day. Keep inspiring other students & be the BEST!!!

Nur Dalila, parent of Darwisy, N1

To the awesome teachers from beebies esp Teacher Aida, Adawiyah, Aisyah, Kiran, Elnah n other teachers, thanks for the TLC given to “Adidi”. She seems to enjoy each passing day n i always feel at ease dropping her off b4 work, knowing she is in safe hands.

Leana, parent of Adeela, Infant Care

Thank you so much for all the guidance & love that was given to Alayna since she joined when she was only 7months. I’m so happy that she has learned so much with all the wonderful teachers & staff that always made her feel so loved. We are so thankful for all the kindness.

Gabriella, parent of Alayna, PG

Thank you Teacher G and Li Jie laoshi for your dedication and love for teacher. Ashley enjoys school a lot and has always talk about her day in school. Thank you for nurturing Ashley as like how a mum would nurture her kids. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you!

Kristy, parent of Ashley, PG

Thank you teachers for tirelessly taking care of Tessa! Thank you for the constant update on Tessa’s development and I can feel that you all truly care for her well-being.

Seok Xian, parent of Tessa, Infant Care

Thank you Teacher Ann and Wang Laoshi for their patient and dedication to teaching. Adam is not an easy child and I really appreciate the time and effort to educate Adam.
Thank you once again, you are great teachers!

Kristy, parent of Adam, N1
At this special day
Would like to wish all the Teachers
Happy Teacher’s Day
Would like to take this opportunity to thanks the N2 Teachers (Bavani, Huang)
For their patience care and professional guidance
As kids growth during this time is very much linked to their teaching
Very happy to that Jayden is able to have them as his first Teachers
Happy Teacher’s Day
Mika, parent of Jayden, N2

Teachers have been great and I am very thankful. It has been some time since Adam last went to school. It was a rough start but the teachers made it easier for me and soon after Adam settled down. Of which, I really did not expect. Thank you for all the time spent to educate our children. We appreciate you!

Elisa, parent of Adam, N2

Teacher G and Li Jie are really engaging and patient with the children. It is not surprising to see why they are so famous and well-loved by them. I am frequently taken aback and proud to observe the skills and knowledge that Nathaniel has displayed.

Regina, parent of Nathaniel, PG

Thank you teacher Fifi for your efforts in nurturing my son. I appreciate your hard work and dedication in providing my son a good learning environment. He really enjoys going to school and learning new things with his classmates. Thank you for doing your best to provide for the children growth and learning.

Rosziati, parent of Rian, K1

Thank you so much for being passionate in teaching young children. It’s never easy. I cannot thank you enough for your influence in my child’s growth and milestones.

Aisyah, parent of Ulfairah, PG
I am very thankful for teacher g and liu lao shi to be my girl’s form teacher. They are very responsible and willing to go the extra mile to ensure my daughter well being. They will keep me posted of her condition to keep me from worrying too much and they always get back to me whenever i have inquiries. Most importantly. They are always energetic and my girl just loves them! I feel assured whenever i see them that my girls are in good hand. Can i request again for the 2 of them to follow my girl up?, they know my girl best and is a familiar face. They know my girl needs and growth and her habits. They can better follow through and monitor her growth easily. As a fellow educator, saying that they are reassuring means its really true. Thank you for giving us such awesome teachers!!! Happy teachers day!!!!

P.s. teachers please fight to stay with the class! We all need you 2!!!!

Wei Xuan, parent of Maya Teo, PG

Improvising learning into a fun and enjoyable activity makes my son to look forward to go to school every day. And, we do know that you are the reason why. We appreciate the effort and dedication that you put in my son’s learning. Thank you.

Rose And Fareez, parents of Raykal, N1
All the teachers are friendly and very helpful. Very happy that you guys are Eisa’s very first few teachers… In life!!!
Elisa, parent of Eisa, Infant Care

Teacher Ann is the best teacher. She take care my daughter very well and same goes to all N1 teachers too. We love you teachers. Happy teachers day.

Nuraszlynn, parent of Nurmardhiya Nayla, N1
Thank you teachers for taking care of my child and nurturing him in the best way that you can. He enjoys going to school and enjoys learning. Happy teachers’ Day! You all deserve a rest! :)
Lin Xue, parent of Davin, K1

Thanks to all teachers and Lao Shi for teaching and taking care of my son. I am surprised to see all teachers from PG class to K2 involve in the care of my son. He enjoy going to school!

Siew Seen, parent of Kean Hao, K1

Thanks to all the teacher, Cindy like to go school very much!

Liuhailun, parent of Cindy, N1

Teacher: which meant “a person who teaches, especially in a school” in dictionary. However, to Zi Le, Teacher would have meant the world to him. To all teachers: A Very Happy Teachers’ Day!

Zhi Wei, proud parent of Zi Le, N2

Dear Teacher Melaine,
Thank you for being patience in toilet trained adiy even though sometimes he’ll pee in his pants. He have been more talkative ever since he started schooling! Double Good Job!

Zura, proud parent of Adiy, N1

Teacher Katrina is a reliable and responsible teacher. Thank you for nurturing and teaching Cherisse.

Teri, proud parent of Cherisse, PG

Dear (N1C) Teacher Mia & Yuan Laoshi,

We would like to express our upmost sincere gratitude to you for all your patience, hard work, and dedication. We are so blessed to have you as her initial lifetime preschool education teacher. Since May 2018 when she started her preschool, Petrina has learnt to be independent, acquiring basic vocabulary and numeracy at school and this is not possible without your passion and guidance about preschool education.

Indeed, you are a blessing not only for Petrina but to other toddlers and for many working parents as well. Kudos to your hard work and dedication!

Last but not least, thank you for making our days stress-free and for caring for Petrina while we are at work. You have no idea how much that means to us. Thanks for everything that you do, may you enjoy your well-deserved Teachers’ day celebration.


Parents of Petrina Ong (N1C)

Mr And Mrs Ong, proud parent of Petrina, N1
My family and I would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to K1 English Teacher (Nur) Nazurah Hamid. Thank you for your patience and care towards Jalen and looking out on him when he is feeling unwell and updating us on his well being. We are grateful to have you as his preschool educator and hope you will continue the career and challenges of preschool education journey to create many wonderful contributions ahead.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Jermaine, proud parent of Jalen, K1

Thanks to all the teachers for putting in effort to take care of Wilfred whenever he is sick. It is through your hardwork that Wilfred have enjoyed his day in school and learn so much within the past 6 months. Special shout out especially to teacher Farzana, Katherine and Chris. Thanks for taking care of Wilfred!

Wilson, proud parent of Wilfred, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Melanie,

You are the heart for the children; the soul for the class.
Your patience & understanding ; Your courage & commitment.
Because of you our children learned a lot and we can hear their voice of improvement.
Thank You Dear Teacher for all the loves and cares through the years.
Thank you Dear Teacher for brighten up my child everyday and their happy smiles.

Jennas, proud parent of Vera, N1

As Zhi Yi grow from N1 to now K2, she has always been taken care well, taught well and groom well by all the teachers of Skool4Kidz. I am very grateful for the teachers that she have been taught by, the advise they have given her and the happiness they have given her. I wish every teacher in Skool4Kidz, a very Happy teachers’ Day!

Zhi Wei, proud parent of Koh Zhi Yi, K2

Dear Teacher Karlene.
Thank You For Teaching Adam. He will always talk about how good you are everyday after school. He always looking forward to go school daily!
Good Job!

Zura, proud parent of Adam, N2

It’s great to see Emery excited and happy to go to school, I would like to credit the Teachers for this and would like to give my heartfelt thanks.
I hope they will continue to bring joy and happiness to the kids in their learning journey in skool4kidz

Felicia, proud parent of Emery, PG

Thanks to Teacher Xiong for guiding Princeton while he join Skool4Kidz since N1. Especially now, she is his Chinese teacher for K2. Appreciate for her hard work to guide and teach Princeton. As the school teachers keep on changing but I felt Teacher Xiong was so responsible and passionate in her role. Thank you so much for her guiding. Beside that, thanks to Teacher Lim for taking over the previous English teacher. Thanks for her guiding for these few months. Look forward for her guidance too. Thank you to both teachers for their continuous guidance! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Chinn Leei, proud parent of Princeton, K2

Dear Teacher Nur & Zhang Laoshi,

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Thank you so much for everything you do for Abram!
My son is always look forward to coming to class because of your tender, loving & care towards him and the entire K1 class.

I want you to know that all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!


Abram’s parents

Eddie, proud parent of Abram, K1

Dear Teacher Li, Teacher Dorothy, Teacher Kai & Teacher Liza
Thank you for being such an amazing teacher to Elias! Just wanted to let all of you know that your hard work, patience and efforts are very much appreciated.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Stephanie, proud parent of Elias, K2

Dear Ms Chen, Ms Tan, Ms Athirah and Ms Qiao Si,
Thank you for all the efforts that all of you have done for my Baby Averie.
Thank for being patience and caring towards her. And showering all your loves on her, sing, play with her too.
Thank for participate on her growing journey too.
Once again Happy Teacher Day!!!

Best regards,
Averie’s Mummy

Emeleen, proud parent of Averie, Infant Care

To all N2 Teachers
Greatly appreciate your patience and love in teaching Ezekiel.

Serene, proud parent of Ezekiel, N2

We wish all the teachers who enlighten young minds every day. We salute everyone who has been a part of building the future of our nation. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Nor Hasliza, proud parent of Farisya, N2
To all the Teachers whom taking care of Elena,

Thanks for your patience and cares to her as always, even on her bad days.
Due to yours smiles and kindness, Elena enjoying her life in school.
I can see she likes to be with you from her smiley face.

Appreciate your support and thanks for being so nice to her.

Best Regards,

*Just managed to take pictures with the teacher in afternoon shift but my appreciation is to all Teachers taking care of her.

Stephanie, proud parent of Elena, Infant Care

Thank you all teachers in bay one for taking care of my gal and make a memorable period during her growing up in school.
I would like especially thankful for teacher tan and teacher Arthirah upon updating on Vanna growing status as and when..
wish all teachers in bay one a happy teacher day and thank you for your loving care..

Joyce, proud parent of Vanna, Infant Care

Our heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers in Skool4Kidz @ Senja Parc View who spend their time and energy to educate the children and showering them with love. Happy Teachers Day!

Chee Keat, proud parent of Yi Yun, K1

Dear Teacher Ezra,

Thank you for your patience and guidance towards Zac. I can see that he is really happy to see you whenever he arrives in school. Thank you for doing what you do, hereby wishing a very happy teacher’s day!

Zac’s mommy

Valen, proud parent of Zac, PG

Teacher Ezra and Ms. Liao, thank you for being so patient with my whiny kimi girl.. She has learn to keep and say a lot of words and share her days with me.
She will say that singing is fun and all.
For the other teacher who has help. Thank you so much.

Kevyn, proud parent of Kimi, PG
Carys, like her sister, has never attended playground before she attends N1. She took quite a while to adapt to life in N1. Teachers were very patient with her, and buddied her during the initial period when she was trying hard to get used to N1.

Carys, from a shy and quiet girl, has become very vocal and expressive. Although she still have mood swings at times when going, overall she is happy to attend school. She will come home and tell us what happened in school.

We would like to thank the teachers for being patient and firm when need be.

See Yin, proud parent of Carys, N2

The best evidence is when the child looks forward to school – Bosco looks forward to going school EVERYDAY! Thanks Teacher Tan, Chen, Athirah, Chelsea & Su for your dedication and energy in creating a great learning environment for the preschoolers. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Thank you Teachers!!

Joanne, proud parent of Bosco, Infant Care

Dear Lao Shi (the one caring for PG class),

Hannah enjoys going to school.
That is definitely something nice to know.
We will not feel too worried about leaving her at school.
She definitely loves Mandarin or at least she is always singing Mandarin songs at home , which we parents don’t even understand. haha
But the tune , we know, is something not picked up from home.
The song goes something like “Hannah Chi Na Li, Hannah Chi Na Li” (Where is Hannah, Where is Hannah) – I think so.

Thank you for your efforts and being a great teacher to Nur Hannah.
You deserve a pat on the back :) And a thumbs up. hehe.

Happy Teachers’ Day to you

Mazlina, proud parent of Hanna, PG

Dear Teacher Dorothy, Teacher Liza & Li Laoshi.. let me begin by saying that I don’t know where you find the patience, strength, and energy to deal with me and my classmates every single day. We know we are a handful, but you always keep your smile and composure. You are very much appreciated! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Kasmilah, proud parent of Ili Qeisha, K2

Sheen, from a quiet and shy girl when she enters N1, has now become a very vocal and expressive girl. She took quite a while to get used to N1’s routine, and with the teachers’ continuing care and concern, she finally adapted to school.

We continue to see the growth in her, she showed her interest in school by role playing what happened in school, how her teachers teach the kids.

We would like to thank all teachers that had taught and who are currently teaching her, for all that you have put in for Sheen and all the kids!

See Yin, proud parent of Sheen, K2

Dear Lao Shi (the one caring for K2 class),

Tiara always talks about you at home.
She always mentioned that you love to braid hair for her and the other children.
I have seen how warm and caring you have been with the children.
Thank you for your efforts and being a great teacher to Nur Tiara.
You deserve a pat on the back :) And a thumbs up. hehe.

Happy Teachers’ Day to you

Mazlina, proud parent of Tiara, K2

Dearest Teacher Dorothy,

Thank you for your passion and drive to care for my child.
It has been a pleasant journey for us putting our child under your care
and having to see Tiara achieve her milestones.
Thank you also for your time and effort in every way possible.
You have done well :)

Happy Teachers’ Day to you.

Mazlina, proud parent of Tiara, K2

Thank you to Ayra’s teachers for your patience in taking care of not only my child, other children too. I know it’s not easy and very tiring yet you choose this noble job. Your passion in teaching and care for the children deserve my respect to you. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Siti, proud parent of Ayra Fadilah, N1

A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers who spend their time, energy, and love to care to educate our children. Happy Teachers Day!

Mr. Lim, proud parent of Kai Jun & Kai Ye, N1 and Infant Care

Thank you for being the day time parents when we are at work. Your hardwork goes a long way in nurturing the next generation.

Thank you all for your care and patience towards the kids.

Anthony, proud parent of Renzo & Reagan, K1/ Infant Care

Dear Teacher Dorothy, Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you for your unconditional care & love for Renelle. She has learnt a lot under your guidance. You are awesome!

To the rest of the teachers & staffs, you are definitely not forgotten. Thank you for creating such a conducive learning environment for Renelle & her peers. Great job!

Jr, proud parent of Renelle, K2

To Teacher Suhana, Teacher Fathin, Liao Laoshi
Thank you for teaching Luna Ayra and making her a wonderful girl that she is.

Sumiati, proud parent of Luna, N1

Dear Teacher Ezra,

Thank you for caring and always informing us on matters at school about Hannah.
She may be a handful to care for but seems like the dedication she got from school , made her a better listener.

In the earlier days when she first started school, she may not be comfortable as yet with everything around her.
She is new and she is scared , definitely. She bite the kids and bites anyone who she is unhappy with or have done her wrong.
I mean this is part and parcel of life of a kid that is new to the environment.

I know , my Hannah, is a very active child. She is also a smart one.
I believed as days goes by, there is a way to handle her more effectively as she is already disciplined in a way.
She picks up fast and learns quick. Even I am amazed myself at her progress.

Well, your dedication and your never giving up character, helps builds it all in Hannah.
She enjoys school a lot. (But she can never see her mom or she’ll asks to stay home haha)

Thank you for your efforts and being a great teacher to Nur Hannah.
You deserve a pat on the back :) And a thumbs up.

Happy Teachers’ Day to you and may your service at Skool4Kids still flows through.
Good job, nonetheless :)

Mazlina, proud parent of Hanna, PG

A big thank you to teacher Ezra, teacher Ming Yan, teacher Fatin, teacher Suhana, and Teachers who had taught Zen. Thank you for making school and learning enjoyable for him, he has made so much progress, and we really appreciate the effort the teachers has been putting in. When we had concerned with Zen’s performance, they kept assured me that there was nothing to worry and he is making progress.

Gladys, proud parent of Zen, PG

A big thank you to the all the teachers for their hard work!

Kevin, proud parent of Asher, N2

We like to thank the following teachers for their patience, guidance and love for our children.

1. TR AMALIAH (K1) ~ fav teacher of Nicholle
2. TR JOYCE (N2) – fav teachers of Nicholas

Wishing you an enjoyable teachers day!

Adrian & Huiling

Adrian, proud parent of Nicholle & Nicholas, K1, N1

I really appreciate all the Teachers that is taking care of my gal Gabriella, especially big thanks to teacher sally, she is always going the extra miles for my gal. She shower her with tender lovely care but yet teaching her good discipline. She is a very encouraging teacher, she smile and sing songs all the time to make my gal feel safe and comfortable with her. There is an incident that my gal is not feeling well, she even txt us to find out how’s gal is doing. She know that I’m very busy with 2 young kids and plus no helper now, I wld always missed out msg or events inside the teacher communication book, she will take extra efforts to text me and give me all the reminders. I really really wanna give her a big hug and big thanks to her. Without her I think my gal and I will not be able to enjoy pre school life that much! Love u teacher sally and all the pg Teachers! Gabriella wanna sing this song for all of u! My teacher is the best, the best I ever have! She is always kind and lovely with a smiley face, I love her love her so much, my teacher sally!!

Annie, proud parent of Gabriella Grace, PG

From bottom of our hearts, we really appreciated all the teacher at Greenforest Skool4Kidz for teaching and taking care of my son. I wish you all have a wonderful teacher day with all luck , wealth and health.

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, proud parent of Jun Sheng, N1

Dearest Tr Iqa, Tr Sally, Tr Amor, Tr Nadia,

Thank you all for your efforts, dedication and love towards George and Kate. Being a teacher is not easy, we know.
Thank you for being the guiding light, and for being there for our children when we are not. All of you are one in a million!

We would also like to thank Principal Kastturi, cook and everyone in the centre for doing all that you do for our children!

Linus and Liying (+ George and Kate too!)

Linus And Li Ying, proud parent of George & Kate, N2 and PG

Dear Teachers

Thank you for your loving, care and kindness towards the children. You are much appreciative. Have a blessed Teacher’s day!

Lee, proud parent of Charlotte, Infant Care

I would like to show my appreciation to Teacher Amaliah for being so caring and loving towards my child. She’s always very patient with him whenever he cling onto me and refuse to enter school. Explain clearly to us his progress in school. Also let us know the part we have to work harder on together to see more. Improvement on jayden. Happy Teacher’s Day.

Pei Jie, proud parent of Jayden, K1

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed significantly to my child’s growth and emotional well-being.
Specially to Teacher Sally, it takes big heart to shape little minds! Thank you for showering Persia with all your care and for constantly updating me on how Persia is doing each day as she transit from Infant care to Playgroup.
Thank you again for making me feel comfortable while I am away from my child at work and for comforting her beyond my expectations when she is feeling uneasy.
We truly appreciate all that you have done for the kids!

Pauline, proud parent of Persia, PG

Thank you Teacher Amaliah & Laoshu for taking teaching and taking good care of my girl. Lakshana is always excited to go to school and is happy. She has also learnt and tends to apply what she learnt at home. Good Job!!

K.Yahthavi, proud parent of Lakshana, K1

We would like to take this chance to thanks the teachers in charge of the N1 class. Thanks for their hard work and appreciate that they inform us of whatever happened to our kid during the day at the earliest opportunity. We would like to wish all the teachers in Skool4kidz Preschool@Tampines GreenForest a Happy Teacher’s Day 2019.

Soo Peng, proud parent of Junsheng, N1

Dear K1 Teachers,
You definitely deserve a big “THANK YOU” for your efforts in making the pre-school journey a joy and interesting experience for Tze Yang.
A very special shout-out to Teacher Amaliah for your lively and motivating ways in bonding with the children and making every school day delightful. My child often shares stories of what he learnt in school and always in a cheerful manner – that goes to show how he enjoys school! Special thanks also to Zhu Laoshi and Liang Laoshi for your dedication and in making Chinese lessons enjoyable with songs as well as creating a fun environment! Happy Teachers’ Day!

Chwen Yiing, proud parent of Tze Yang, K1
I always believe that how good the school curriculum is depend very much on the persons who execute the programmes. The teachers and school principal play very important roles as the executors of the school programmes.

Thus, I just want to say special thanks to Teacher Nor, Teacher Atiqah and Teacher He Lao Shi of N1 (Fun learners) Class of Tampines Green Forest. I would also like to thank Teacher Wani and Teacher Ros of Infant class (Beebies) Tampines Green Forest. I truly appreciate your patience and dedication in taking care of them each and every day!

Jaime, proud parent of Charles & Frederic, N1 & Infant Care

Oh this very special day, thank for all your love and care towards Raelynn. She has become a more independent and cheerful baby after enrolling to the school. I admire the patience and passion you are having for all the children that you are taking care. In another few months, Raelynn will be promoting to playgroup and I know she will be missing the great teachers who took care of her. Thanks for enduring her naughty and tough times and nurturing to a more sensible and caring toddler.

Thank you Teacher Haz (Teacher in Charge) for informing me when Raelynn is sick and uncomfortable. You definitely plays an important role in her heart. Thanks for the constant updates in her learning progress. You are also a flexible teacher to play by ear when she is fussy or cranky. You placed an important place in her heart too! I hope you will be getting your well deserved promotion or rewards based on your excellent work performance ! A great teacher that I can depend on.

Thanks Teacher Wani, Teacher Rose, Teacher Nafizah and Teacher Lynn for being so thoughtful and caring! I always feel so happy when I see Raelynn coming out from the school with a bright . You guys are great too! On this special day , I wish you a Happy Teachers’ Day! Had a fruitful teaching journey ahead!

Janet, proud parent of Raelynn, Infant care

My son loves his form teacher Amaliah. Everyday he will tell me what was taught in school and the poem he learnt.
Teacher Amaliah has been very patience with the children and I can see through the interaction that the kids love her as well. Thumb up and keep up the good work

Joanne, proud parent of Branden, K1

Thank you to all members at S4K green forest and also to Zhu laosi and teacher Fa’iza for the constant updates on communication book and the verbal message to my helper when kai Quan didn’t take nap for example. Such constant updates on kids behaviour are greatly appreciated and especially for working mum like me. Thank you for your hard work.

Ace, proud parent of Kai Quan, K2

I was abit worried when Elman upgraded from infant to PG as it will be a larger group and class room is an open concept. With Teacher Sally, Amor and Nadia care Elman had improved alot within 3 months. I can see they put lot of heart in nurturing the toddlers, they put me at ease ensuring that our children are well taken care and taught. I would like to thank them for their handwork, effort and patience towards my child.

Shu Ya, proud parent of Elman, PG

Would like to take this opportunity to thank all k1 teachers. Sherallyn has learn so much in school and always bring back to share with us what she had learn daily. Thank you for taking great care of her. Thank you for all the effort you all had put in. A very big improvement. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Priscilla, proud parent of Sherallyn, K1

Many thanks to Teacher Joyce, Teacher Sally, Teacher Amor & Teacher Nadia for teaching and guiding my 2 children.
You have been excellent role models for them and they really learn a lot from all of you.
They will come home each day with different stories to share about the fun activities you have planned for them.
On this special day, would like to express our sincere thanks for taking such good care of our children.
Happy Teachers’ Day to you!

Mrs Chan, proud parent of Charlotte & Zachary, N2 & PG

To All Infant Care Teachers

I appreciate your care n concern towards Qayyum.
I am so thankful and appreciate how the struggle you guys to look after Qayyum. The patience and tolerance all of you to Qayyum is priceless
To me .. Qayyum is so blessed to have all the Wonderful Teacher..

Nuri Arisa, proud parent of Qayyum, Infant Care

“I love you, Teacher Iqa & Teacher Atiqa!” are the words Aaliyah squeals when we asked how she feels about her teachers.
These words mean a lot to us as it assures us how much she appreciates her teachers’ presence in her life.
It goes to show how these teachers have touched her life beyond the curriculum sessions–she must have felt the emotional warmth from
teachers’ words and embraces. We’d like to express our gratefulness in writing to Teachers Iqa and Atiqa for their sincerity and patience in allowing our daughter the chance to grow and learn well physically, emotionally and mentally. Aaliyah has shared how Teacher Iqa has several times guided her and her friends on how they could be socially and civically responsible towards one another–traits which we find meaningful to be embedded into the hearts of these impressionable young minds.
Finally, thank you for keeping safe the environment that these children are in daily.

Amalina, proud parent of Aaliyah, N2

Thanks for the effort and concern you show on our child.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Teacher Day!

Tricia, proud parent of Israel, K2

To The Wonderful Team @ Skool4Kidz Tampines Greenforest,

Thank you for your outmost patience, love and care for my two monsters.

The team of Teacher Amor, Teacher Nadia,Teacher Sally & He Laoshi have been nothing but amazing at grooming, moulding and correcting Zaara whenever she is up to no good in school. Zaara enjoys school and comes home with an extensive use of vocabulary and is great at her numerals.

As for Noah, he is still adjusting to the Beebies team as he is new to the environment. The Beebies teachers have been an absolute dear at trying to ease him and displays great patience at soothing him.

To Principal Kas, thank you for always attending to our queries patiently and consistently. Greatly appreciated

To everyone else(Teacher Amalina Etc, Etc), Thank you for being wonderful the way you are. Keeping on flying high and proud that all of you are educators who play such a significant role in our children’s early years.

Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

With Love
The Manuel Dauds

The Manuel Dauds, proud parent of Zaara & Noah, PG & Infant Care

Dear Teacher Sally, Teacher Amor, Teacher Nadya and Laoshu,
Thank you for teaching Yohanth and taking good care of him. He is very vocal now and always sings the songs he learnt in school. Good Job everyone!!

K.Yahthavi, proud parent of Yohanth, PG

Dear T Cheng, T Eqa, T Linda & T Ayu, thank you very much for looking after Alyssa so well. It gives us a great peace of mind to know she’s in very safe hands while we’re at work. We really appreciate the efforts that Teachers put in to engage the infants in hands-on activities and to understand the different cultures in SG. Thank you also for your advice as we go through this journey as first-time parents. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!!!

Chuanming, proud parent of Alyssa, Infant Care

Dear PG Teachers.

Thank you for working closely with the teachers at Infant Care to allow Andrew to transit smoothly to PG class. We are glad to see him gaining more independence. Your kind attention to allow him to grow in a safe environment also puts us at ease when he is in school. Thank you and have a great Teachers’ Day.

Andrew's Parents, proud parent of Andrew, PG

Thank you Teacher Nabilah for being patience and always giving the children support and encouragement. I’m so glad for teachers like you who really made a difference in a child’s life.

Michelle, proud parent of Stacie, K2

Happy Teacher Day…
It is never easy to be teacher, and today with technology taking over, it is even difficult. Really appreaciate and thanks for all the efforts in taking care of the toddler and kindergarten who are the future of the nation… Great Work and Dedication.
Thanks and Wish all the best

Sivakumar, proud parent of Maayan, N2

Thank you for your patient to teach, guide and care my kids

Meli, proud parent of Tristine, K2

I want to thank Teacher Nabilah for her unwavering support and patience to Paolo.
She always look at the children for who they are and not what she wants them to be.
I thank her for always recognising the strengths of the kids and help them build on them, giving them the confidence to go forth and do great things.

Meng Soon, proud parent of Paolo, K2

Hi Teachers,

Thank you for looking after Reagan for me so that I can focus in my work.
Looking after a class of children is never an easy task.
Keep up the good work, your great effort is much appreciated.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Shirley, proud parent of Reagan, N2

Seth has been in S4K since his infant time.Thank you for caring Seth with patience, nurturing with high expectations, and a degree of fun not often found in many schools. Your combination of creativity, energy, and humor simply delight all of the children you teach, and their parents too! Your thoughtful decisions about how to meet the needs of our kid, the time and care you put into the work you do, and the fact that you all know our kid really well are all appreciated deeply and will be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you for your countless hours and boundless love!

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart.
A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers@Skool4Kidz Tampines Greenleaf!

Betty, proud parent of Seth, N2

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for being wonderful and caring teachers. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Fazwin & Huda, proud parent of Rayyan, N1

he teachers have been engaging parents over the school year and we find it very constructive. This keeps us informed on Hazel’s progress throughout the year. The class dojo app has also helped and give us an instant communication channel. Please keep it up and you have done a good job.

Kelvin, proud parent of Hazel, K2

Thank You Teacher Armina for taking care of Carena.
And also other teachers who take care of her too.

Thank You Teacher Zila, Teacher Siti for taking care of Caresa..
And also teachers who take care of her too.

Cynthia, proud parent of Carena & Caresa, N1, PG

Dear Teachers of N1 class,

Thank you for your dedication and hard work in taking care of our kids and planning various activities to engage them! Happy Teachers’ Day!

Teacher Siti – It was very kind and thoughtful of you to encourage and help Rei to make the card for her auntie who has recently left us. Appreciate this very much!

Mr And Mrs Ng, proud parent of Rei, N1

Dearest Teacher Linda, Teacher Cheng, Teacher Ayu and Teacher Eqa, it is not easy for a parent to leave their young child in the hands of strangers, but my experience with Ilham in infant care(thank u teacher Linda,2016.missing tch Rozi)
And subsequently pg (2018 thank you teacher Cheng) gave me the confidence to place Ihsan in infant care too.
Thank you for the smiles, love and especially patience in handling the young growing ones.
I could not imagine doing this day in day out.
Thank you for understanding that I need to see my child happy when I leave him, so that I can go work with peace accompanying me the whole day.
Thank you for Greeting me with smiles every time i send and fetch them.
“It takes a village to raise a child” and I trust that i have chosen the right village.
I will forever remember and appreciate all of you as you have, and are still playing a crucial part in the upbringing of my child.

Thank U

Aysha, proud parent of Ihsan, Infant Care

Special thanks to English Teacher, Ms Nabilah and Chinese Teacher, Ms Lin. Your love to the children and your dedication to the education industry has earned a lot of respects from parents. I’m sure my child will be sad when they leave for P1 by end this year.

Davis, proud parent of Yu Jie, K2

Happy Teacher’s Day

Alice, proud parent of Eason, K1

We are very grateful for all playground teachers. They show caring, patience and tolerance in educating the young children.
As parents, we feel relieved, believing that the teachers are taking good care of our child. They really do a great job!
They will update us if have anything happens. They keep smiling when communicating with the young kids.
Our child Wayne is able to adapt to the new learning environment in short time.
Many thanks for Huang laoshi, Ms Chitra, Ms Zila and Cikgu Siti ^ ^

Siew Gein, proud parent of Wayne, PG

Appreciate Teacher Siti for the patience and guidance that they have given to Dexter.
He really enjoys the lesson.

Rui Zhen, proud parent of Dexter, N1

Thank you for creating such a fun n educational environment. Thank you Teacher Siti for being patience to Sage and nurturing her.

Michelle, proud parent of Sage, N1

I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to the form and assistant teachers that have been looking after my children in School4Kidz. These educators deserve a pat on the back not only during this special occasion but 365 days throughout the whole year. My observations may not be comprehensive but I do witness the challenges that these teachers face daily and not only from students but from parents as well. Primarily our children are our main priority. However, aside from that, it must not be forgotten that these teachers are humans and their continuous effort to ensure safety and quality education are cascaded to the students every day needs to be appreciated as well. I have also noticed educators being queried on day to day basis by parents pertaining their children’s well being in school and it is notable that it is not a simple task to convince parents that their children are doing well in school. I have seen great progress in my children in terms of linguistic and mental approach towards their everyday life since receiving a quality education from Skool4Kidz. No doubt improvements can be implemented in this education centre to further heightened the programmes for the students in this school but at the present moment, I will have to commemorate the diligence and efforts from the teachers. I wish the teachers a happy teachers day and continue the dedication towards building the future of our children. Special thanks to Teacher Nabila, Iza, Siti(PG), Siti(N1), Tang Laoshi, Mira, Zila, Ayu and Chitra.

Khairul, proud parent of Faihana Hafsha & Salsabila Khalisha & Sayf Ilyasa & Fayi Al-Isyari, K2 / K1 / N1 / PG

My heartfelt thanks to all the teachers who have been looking after Insaf since she was 3 months old till now.
Your acts of love, care and dedication are highly appreciated and commendable.
I truly thank you for all your support, guidance and attention given thus far.
Happy Teachers’ Day!!!

Fiyza, proud parent of Insaf, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Nabila And Ling LaoShi

Thank you so much both of you for ur caring , teaching and lovely for Naysa Lee . We are appreciate.

Happy Teacher day .

Naysa Lee And mummy

Erna, proud parent of Naysa, K2

Dearest Teacher Siti and Xu Laoshi,
You have both been with Ilham since PG days and I can
see how much you have cared for him sincerestly.
Thank you for your patience in nurturing him.
I have seen him blossomed from a clingy boy to an independent one.
He holds you both in high regard as do I and is constantly telling me
“teacher siti/laoshi teach me this”
Thank you for being the wonderful teachers that you are.
I truly appreciate you both with all my heart and ilham loves u both with all
His heart.
I hope you both get to read this.
Thank u once again

Aysha, proud parent of Ilham, N1

We would like to thank Xu Laoshi for all her passion and hard work in teaching the N1 children and for staying with them from playgroup to N1. She is ever caring and well loved by the children. We could see an improvement in Yule’s mother tongue thanks to her hard work. Thanks for everything, teachers!

Bee Tin, proud parent of Caleb, N1

Dear Teachers, I know it’s hard work to juggle between the children daily. Thank you for taking extra care of my girl due to her severe eczema condition.

Nadia, proud parent of Alaiyna, N1

Thank you for your patience and guidance!

Jia Yun, proud parent of Rachel, N1

Teachers Zila, Ayu, Siti and Chitra

Thank you for being there for Imran all ways always!

No amount of thank yous can compensate your dedication towards our child.

Hidayah, proud parent of Imran Milan, PG

Thank you teachers and Ms Tania to help taking care of my boy Grayson Ling.

Shiau Feng, proud parent of Grayson, N1

Would like to thanks all teachers involved in taking good care of my daughter since she was in Infant. She was 3 months old and she grew up gracefully as a student in Skool4Kidz. She loves and enjoys herself going to school, and that means a lot that she does have great time in school with her teachers and friends. On the side note, would like to give my two thumbs up to the school team / staff team, including the Principal whom had successfully made Skool4Kidz better compared to it first started in 2014. There were so much of improvement and I know that my daughter will be in good hand when she is in school. Thank you for being my daughter “mothers” when she’s in school. Continue the great effort!

Syafiqah, proud parent of Heiden, N1

To the Infant, PG and N1 teachers and the support staff, thank you for teaching and guiding Wesley in his formative years. You have done a good job in making a positive impact in Wesley’s life.

Zhi Hui, parent of Wesley, N1

Thank you teachers for taking very good care of Heiden!

Kathleen, parent of Heiden, N1

Thank you teachers for taking very good care of Heidi.

Kathleen, parent of Heiden, K2

Teacher Shidah,Cikgu Haslinda and Li Laoshi.

Teaching is never an easy task…and yet, you have gone beyond the call of duty to make learning much more meaningful and enriching for the children. The endless fun the children have will forever be etched in their young minds.

Thank you so very much for all your sacrifices to leave a lasting impact on Fudail. Please have a much deserved rest this weekend, and have a great Teachers’ Day!!!

Fadzrun Adnan, proud parent of Fudail Nabih, K2

Thank you teachers for take care of my daughter.

Liweiniya, proud parent of Luoyi, N1

Thank you Tr Siti and Nian Laoshi for their guidance to the class. Yu Xiang looks forward to going to school everyday, and now he has also started communicating in mandarin which he didn’t before. It proves the imparting of knowledge on a daily basis is working well on him. Thank you for being patient all the time.

Jerlin, proud parent of Yu Xiang, N1

Dear Teachers(Anna, Zheng lao shi, Haslinda, Sophia),
Thank you for the patience and care.
Iryssa love every teacher in her class.

Siock Bee, proud parent of Iryssa, K1

Thank you to the teachers especially those who do morning duty. Shuyi is a clingy child and they help to calm her down every morning. And I can see that she has grown to love to go to school. At least she will now wave goodbye happily to me.

Viki, proud parent of Shuyi, N2
Tr Jacey is very passionate about her role as a role model. She greets every child with open arms every morning and ensure the children go into the school willingly. She is also the teacher who would not mind going up the ladder to put up the displays for the skool’s event. Her strong passion towards the skool and the children are felt easily through her daily works. She’s our children’s gem. She will nurture more children in her life thru her ‘walk the talks’ action that comes naturally to her. Keep up the good work, Tr Jacey, and continue to nurture our children. Thank you.
Jerlin, proud parent of Yu Xiang, N1

Dearest Teacher Sophia, Cikgu Haslinda and Laoshi.

My son, Fuhaym Nasih, is very fortunate to have such a kind, understanding, and passionate teacher who believes that every child is special in their own unique ways. Fuhaym is of no exception. He has developed and grown under your care and guidance these past months. We are truly grateful for all that you have done for his development. All those reports, timely updates and reminders..

Not easy to be a teacher to a class full of excited and energetic kids, Yet you remained cheerful at the end of a hectic day. Please know that you have played a huge part in moulding his little heart and mind. And for that, we can never thank you enough.. Have a good well deserved break this Teacher’s Day. Happy Teachers’ Day, to both of you! :)

Filzah Nadiah, proud parent of Fuhaym Nasih, N1

Thank you to the teachers for guiding him in his academic and building his confidence level. Special shoutout to Li Lao shi for having been the chinese teacher since N1 or N2. That provides continuity to the young kids.

Viki, proud parent of Guan Xian, K2

I’m very happy with my child every single day progress. Special thanks to Teacher Sophia and Han LaoShi . Because of your dedication, love and guidance our children truly gained essential learning that they should know.

Hooitiang, proud parent of Yu Rong, N1

Going to Skool4Kidz was my twinnies first experience of care outside our home. Their experience there was so nurturing and stimulating that the transition to Preschool was smooth and exciting. They learned the nature of working and sharing with a large group and how to communicate their needs. My wife, myself have really valued all of the staff communications letting parents know what is happening as well as all of the organizing of the family outings and the amazing field trips. Thank you for the wonderful care Skool4Kidz!

Firdausradhi, proud parent of Nayla Farafisha, PG

To the world, you may be just a Teacher, but to your students you are HERO.

Meng Cheong, proud parent of Jing Qing, K2

Going to Skool4Kidz was my twinnies first experience of care outside our home. Their experience there was so nurturing and stimulating that the transition to Preschool was smooth and exciting. They learned the nature of working and sharing with a large group and how to communicate their needs. My husband, myself have really valued all of the staff communications letting parents know what is happening as well as all of the organizing of the family outings and the amazing field trips. Thank you for the wonderful care Skool4Kidz!

Lila, proud parent of Nael, PG

Dear Teacher Lina, Ding Lao Shi, Teacher Jessie,

Appreciate the encouragement and care that you have provided for Carissa. Her vocabulary has surprised me at times and she is independent to look after her peers or her younger sister. She is also fluent in her conversations and actions which I’ve seen great improvement also in her Chinese.

Once again, we appreciate the efforts behind every lesson (eg. mummy & daddy goes to work, “healthy & unhealthy foods”), which is indeed practical and helps us to explain certain concepts to her.

THANK YOU and Happy Teachers’ Day!

Emily, proud parent of Carissa, N1

Special thanks to Yong rui Teacher Lokand chinese teacher 王老师

He has been in school since play group till now, watching him grow and develop. Thanks for all the effort put into teaching and cultivating them into a better individual and is certainty not an easy feat to handle!

I hope you all will be able to teach them until k2 graduate

Ying Ying, proud parent of Yong Rui, N2

Dear Teacher Lina & Ding Laoshi,

Thank you for guiding and teaching Loshana all the wonderful things that she needs to know. Whenever I ask Loshana who she wants to be when she grows up, she would reply “I want to be a teacher.” Sometimes she role plays at home as a teacher too. Sitting on her mini stool and arranging her dolls as her “students” and using her toy phone to “play music.” She is inspired by you ladies! Thank you for being patient, kind and understanding!

Santha, proud parent of Loshana, N1

Teacher Lina & Ding Lao Shi are very warmth, outstanding and great teachers whom have shown passionate, commitment, patience, high tolerance and great companion to my child. They are understanding and have been very observant to all children under their care. I can never thank them enough for their great effort and for being part of my child growing up phase.

Thank you Teacher Lina & Ding Lao Shi for all your care and concern as well as being patience towards Rizwansyah.

Last but not least, wishing all teachers a Happy Teacher’s Day!

Sri, proud parent of Rizwansyah, N1

Dear Teacher Lina,

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.
Adre had an easy transition from a stay at home toddler to 1st time in school.
He has showed tremendous improvement in being able to recognize colours and numbers.
From the bottom of our heart, thank you for being a star!
Happy Teachers Day.

Sakinah, proud parent of Adre, N1


We are fortunate that we have teachers as wonderful, loving and caring like you are…


Yan Ni, proud parent of Yu Cheng, N1

Dear teacher
Emma is our most precious baobei.seeing how she grows and develops beautifully under your lovely care means the world to us. THANK YOU

Bjoern & Ellen, proud parents of Emma, PG

Dear Teacher Lina & Ding Lao Shi,

Thank you for all the amazing and wonderful things that you teach Nithilla and thanks for taking good care of her.
She always says she loves her teachers whenever we speak about school. She looks forwards to the songs and dancing sessions especially.
Thank you for making a great impact on her. Wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day :)

Nazeera, proud parent of Nithilla, N1

Thank you Wang Lao shi for making Chinese interesting for clouden , I’m proud of him
Speaking mandrain and he speaks quite fluent. He always says Wang Lao shi always helps him
When someone is disturbing him and she does the punish the child appropriately.

Not forgetting teacher lok. Clouden loves her too. When he’s shy she will help clouden.

Thank you teachers for shaping clouden into a better person .

Jacqueline, proud parent of Clouden, N2

To Teacher Virgie and Wang Laoshi: We would like to sincerely thank you and appreciate all the hard work and effort for being patience with the students in the class. Glen had indeed learned alot and I am amazed as he brings home new skill and knowledge everyday. I can see him growing and learning well by the guidance from the Teachers. A big thank you to both Teachers from K1 and we hope to continue to have the same teacher in K2. Happy Teachers Day to Teacher Virgie and Wang Laoshi :)

Christine, proud parent of Khoo, K1

My apology for the late message.
But i would like to pen my appreciation to my child’s teachers, specially Ms Irgie and Ms Wang, for being patient, kind, and being a wonderful guide and teachers.
I wld also like to thank the principal Ms Janis, Ms Yogi, and all the teachers there.

Cijun, proud parent of Cai Yuxuan, K1

Happy teacher’s day. Thank you for guiding for my children.

Michelle, proud parent of Mathias, N1

Dear Teacher Chelsea and Loushu,

It is not easy being a teacher and that too being a pre-school teacher. You not only play a significant role in nurturing young minds but implant the seed in them with good values, moral and behaviour. You have done an awesome job in taking care of them while parents are able to work peacefully knowing that they are in good hands. Thank you for the wonderful care, concern and love for not only my child but for all the children in you class. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Teacher’s day : )

”The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

Rebecca, proud parent of Joshua, PG

4 years old are little terror but my boy is lucky to have Wang Laoshi & Tr Lok, to be so nice and patient towards him. Thank you for all your tender loving care that you ladies have showered on him. Enjoy your teacher’s day!

Jane, proud parent of Jayrius, N2

Very thankful for the nice and patient teachers that my boy is blessed with. Thank you Tr Amirah & Ah Bao Laoshi. It’s never an easy job to teach but you did a real good job! Have a blast on teacher’s day!

Jane, proud parent of Jayden, K2

Dear Teacher Lina & Ding Laoshi,

Thanks for taking care of Nithilla and teaching her so many
wonderful things. She always says she loves her teachers whenever we speak at home.
She looks forward to the songs and dancing sessions especially. You guys have made a great impact on her and thank you very much for that.
Wishing you a very Happy Teachers Day and to many more years of the wonderful work that you do.

Nazeera, proud parent of Nithilla, N1

Thank You Teacher Lok and Wang Laoshi for taking care and loving Viaan . Your hardwork and care is much appreciated by us. We love u.

Cleon Nguyen, proud parent of Viaan Nguyen Lalchand, N2

Thanks teacher Ah Bao and teacher Amirah, Thank you for taking care of my daughter Kimmy these years, there is already a strong bond between Kimmy and you. Kimmy will be separated from you in a few months, but the time you all together will be kimmy’s best childhood memories.
Thank you for ur efforts and hard work.
Wish you all the best!

Joan, proud parent of Kimmy, K2

I’m deeply grateful to have so many teachers contributing to my child’s growth and emotional well-being. Thank you again for making me feel comfortable being away from my child at work, and for comforting her beyond my expectations while I’m away.

Grace, proud parent of Ridzlynn, Infant

Thank You teacher Ms Virgie and Ms Wang.

Your dedication, care and loving attitude towards the children have vastly exceeded our expectations!

Wei Ming, proud parent of Andre, K1

Thank you all the teachers teaching both of them esp teacher Chelsea, lin laoshi, wang laoshi and teacher Igie.

Zoe, proud parent of Yushin Yukit, PG/K1

Thank you Teacher Bella for your warm love for Jazabella. We are grateful for having you as her first ever teacher and she really enjoyed school under your care. She really learn and grew alot under your guidance. Thank you very much.

Joannena, proud parent of Jazabella, PG

Dear Teacher Chealsie,

You have been a great influence to Remelda. You have inculcate Remelda to be well-mannered snd polite and she have grown to be attached to you. She enjoyed ur lessons and even copied ur ways and manners while she plays with us.. Thank you for being a beacon of light to our little princess. We hope you know how much we appreciate u.

Raudha, proud parent of Nur Remelda, PG

Dearest Teachers of Anaqi’s,

To all who is a sincere and wonderful person as well as an amazing educator. All of your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. Sending my love and warmth to all.
You have not only been a wonderful teacher but also a friend, and guide.
The best teachers in world is someone who teach from the heart, not from the book.
May you have a memorable Teachers Day!

Lots of Love,
Arfizah (Anaqi’s Mummy

Arfizah, proud parent of Anaqi, N2

Happy Teachers Day Infant Care Teachers!
Thank you for showering Nathaniel and his friends with patience and love.

Natasha, proud parent of Nathaniel, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Lok & Wang Lao Shi,

Both of you have been extremely helpful in nurturing rayhan to be a sweet little boy. Both of u are able to recognize every child’s needs and adapts well to cater to their needs. Thanks for being patient with him as he may be a handful and for guiding him when he needs the help.

Raudha, proud parent of Rayhan, N2

Thank you teachers for giving Averson so much tolerances and patience, wish the teachers a happy teacher’s day

Jia Chyi, proud parent of Averson, CHILDCARE

Very thankful to have Lin Lao Shi and Teacher Chealsie as the PG’s teachers. They not only take care of the kids welfare, but also constantly think of different activities to engage the kids! Great job!

Madeline, proud parent of Janet, PG

Dear Teacher Lok and Loushu,

It is not easy being a teacher and that too being a pre-school teacher. You not only play a significant role in nurturing young minds but implant the seed in them with good values, moral and behaviour. You have done an awesome job in taking care of them while parents are able to work peacefully knowing that they are in good hands. Thank you for the wonderful care, concern and love for not only my child but for all the children in you class. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Teacher’s day : )

”The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William Arthur Ward

Rebecca, proud parent of Gerard Raphael, N2

Dear Tr Amira and Ah Bao Laoshi,
Jessica was lucky to have both of you as her teachers . Thanks for your guidances, patience and dedication ! Wish both of you Happy Teacher’s Day!

With love,
Jessica and mummy

Ashley, proud parent of Jessica, K2

Would like to use this opportunity to thanks the teachers like Teacher Ria and Teacher Lissa, they have been very supportive and took good care and concern for The kids well beings and academic. Teacher Lissa always make the class interesting I guess, as there is once when Teacher Lissa was on leave Eden told me it’s so boring as Teacher Lissa is not in school.
Would like to thank teacher Ria too, although she is not Eden’s form teacher this year but she is still very helpful and supportive whenever Eden needs help or when teacher Lissa is not in school.

Karin, proud parent of Eden, K1

Dear Ms Nisha,

Jayden Aryan thoroughly enjoys your lesson. His interest for his Mother Tongue (Tamil) has grown significantly and I am impressed that a boy who could not speak Tamil is now able to recognise the tamil letters and is making the effort to speak simple Tamil sentences. Thank you for inspiring him and making his Tamil lessons fun. He always shares the lessons that he learns in school enthusiastically at home. Thank you for also providing him with opportunities to shine. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Priya, proud parent of Jayden, K1

Under the care of the infant teachers, we can see the progressive growth of Rayner.

Often the teachers took initiative to update us on Rayner growth without we asking.
Every morning when we dropped Rayner at the childcare, he seemed happy to see his teachers.
We believe is because he always have an enjoyable time in childcare.

Taking care of an infant is already tough, imagine 10 infants in a group.
We appreciated the efforts and care the teachers put in on our child.
Thank you, teachers!

Happy Teachers’ Day!! ;)

Betsy, proud parent of Rayner, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Ria
Thank you for the care and guidance And patience towards my son and all children
My son always happy to see you around because he knows that you will showered him
With lotsa of love
Happy Teacher’s Day

Rain, proud parent of Shawn, K2

Dear PG Teachers,

A teacher is a strict and strong father,
a gentle and loving mother,
a cool and intelligent friend,
and just a kind person.

I cant thank all of you enough for your dedications,
Patience and commitments you gave..
Thank you for being there for Sofia..

Nurul, proud parent of Sofia, PG

My girl had been with Teacher Ria since N2, from our daily conversation will know that she really enjoy to be taught by her. I had even have some conversation with others parents from the same class and their child too, enjoy having Teacher Ria around. Me and daddy is really grateful to have Teacher Ria taking up Lovelle’s class since N2 to K1, we can feel that she is really patient and soft spoken towards the kids and that is why there is so many children enjoy her classes. Lastly to Teacher Ria, may you keep up the good job and continue to guide them toward next year K2

Sharon, proud parent of Lovelle, K1

I am very grateful to 陈老师 for her patience towards my daughter. Leeia is a shy girl and was crying everyday when she goes to school. However, 陈老师 was able to help Leeia adapt to going to school and now she loves school and her teachers very much.

Happy Teachers Day to all the teachers at Orchid Spring. I can see that they are all very passionate and dedicated teachers. And also the principal Miss Eileen for ensuring the best for all the children.

Celine, proud parent of Leeia, N1

Dear Teacher Lissa
Thanks for the patience and care towards Shawn and Shawn loves you a lot
And imitate your action to me hahaha
Not easy to be a Teacher
Have to manage the kids and parents
Shawn always love to go to school now as he is looking forward to see you and disturb you
Hope he did not give you any trouble in school
Happy Teacher’s Day

Rain, proud parent of Shawn, K2

Dear Teacher Mina (Shermaine), I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to you for being an amazing teacher to Irfan for the past 2 years. He enjoys going to school to see his teachers and friends. He shares with me about the activities he does in school and he seems to have loads of fun there.I am sure he will miss you and his friends as this is his last year here. I would like to wish you a very Happy Teachers’ Day! Thank you once again!

Siti, proud parent of Irfan, K2

Thank you teacher Bella, teacher Em, Tang Laoshi and all the assisting teachers for teaching and taking good care of Shona in school. We really appreciate your efforts and patience.

Andrea, proud parent of Shona, K2

Thank you and you may keep up the good work! Thank you very much for being such a good teacher to my child. Thank you for your love and care you are giving to my child each day.

Maggie, proud parent of Je Min, PG

Thank you all the teachers for the hard work!

I would like to specially thank teacher bella and tang lao shi for being patient with Je Min.

Thank you for your love and care you are giving to Je Min each day.

Alex, proud parent of Je Min, PG

Thank you of taking good care of my daughter. She had a wonderful time during her 1.5 years stay with Teacher Mina and Hu lao shi and Chen lao shi. I hope Janice never let you all explode due to her stubbornness and sometimes her emotional expression.

Teacher Mina – thank you for being her form teacher for the past 1.5 years in Skool4Kidz, teaching and guiding her to prepare to be a Primary school student. Thank you of styling her hair everyday with beautiful patterns, she always love that. There is a word that she told me just now, “i love Teacher Mina”.

Hu lao shi – thank you of promoting her to keep speaking Mandarin, i know that it is a difficult challenge due to her reluctance of speaking and learning of this language. Pardon me of not educating her well on this language during home time. i hope she will improve under your care and be able to understand and communicate well when she is in P1.

Chen lao shi – although you had left Skool4Kidz, i wish you all the best for your future. You have been a motherhood figure for Janice when she was in your K1 class.

Chun Wee, proud parent of Janice, K2

Dear Cikgu Lina, thank you for imparting your knowledge of the Malay language to my children. They have shown tremendous improvements in speaking and understanding of the Malay language. It is all due to your hard work and effort. We truly appreciate it.Here’s wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Siti, proud parent of Irfan & Arisha, K2 & N2

A big thank you to all teachers and wishing you all a happy Teachers’ Day. I’m glad that my girl have you all as her teachers. She really shown great achievement after attending school. From not wanting to go to school at the start of the year and now, happy and looking forward to go to school everyday. I believe the teachers are great, therefore she’s willing and love to go to school everyday. Kudos to all teachers. Please continue to spread the spirit to more generations.

Jasmine, proud parent of Gwendolyn, PG

Dear Ms Liz,

Thank you for being so welcoming when Eden Shatriyan comes to school. I am so happy that he has adjusted well to school life and that is because of teachers like you who are so welcoming and friendly towards the children. Eden has been showing tremendous amount of improvements in his social skills as well as he is able to express himself better now. Thank you once again. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Priya, proud parent of Eden Shatriyan , PG

Hi Teacher Lissa, Teacher Ria,

Being a teacher is not that easy, you have to accommodate every kids in the class and every parents outside the class.
I just want to let you know, I appreciate all of your hard work.

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher.


Janice, proud parent of Ronan, K1

To Teacher Mina:

Thank you for the continuous efforts and good work

Sheryl, proud parent of Sarah, K2

Dear Teacher Mitchelle,

Thanks for being so kind and caring. I feel extremely grateful to have you as my child’s early childhood education. Zayden have improve so much in his eating habits and his writing. Thanks for your patience and for the quality care you provide to him. You are really a very good teacher . Thumbs up !

Ana Toh

Ana, proud parent of Zayden, N2

From the conversation we had with our girl, we knew that Ms Michelle have been a caring and thoughtful teacher.
She often sharing with us what Ms Michelle did teach her in class, be it academically or personal behaviors.
And, we are pleased to see her growth in a good way under the care of Ms Michelle.

Ms Michelle never fail to answer all our queries and concern regarding our girl.
She took our concern to heart and made her best effort to update us when we met her.
With this, we really appreciated her effort.

She always on her best smile even at the end of the day when we pick our girl from childcare.
Never be easy to look after a bunch of toddlers, we admired her passion and patience towards the toddlers.

Thank you, Ms Michelle.

Happy Teachers’ Day! =)

Betsy, proud parent of Alexis, N2

Thank you PG Teachers for your dedication, time, effort, patience and love to care
and nurture Afeef! P

Afeef speaks of his teachers at home although he says no to school.
He will ask where is Teacher Bella, Teacher Mimi and Lao Shi at home!
He loves all his teachers and we appreciate all your hardwork.

“It takes a big heart to shape little minds”

Happy Teacher’s Day!
Afeef and Afeef’s mummy

Zafirah, proud parent of Afeef, PG

Hi Teacher Mina,

Thank you for being a great and patient teacher to Eryqah for the past few yrs. I have been seeing so much improvement on my child’s knowledge in the past year and thank you for the wonderful job you have done Eryqah. I am so grateful that Eryqah could be in your class! Thank you once again

Hetty, proud parent of Hetty Haryani, K2

I would like to thank Teacher Lissa from K1B that she had show care and patience guiding my son throughout this year. She made an effort to update parents how is the child doing in school and what to look out for. Thank you for your care and guidance!

Qing Yan, proud parent of Caden, K1

As my son prepares to enter primary school, he will always remember the teachers in his childcare centre. These memories will live forever in him as he embarks on his new education adventure. On behalf of the family, thank you for being a part of Zander’s growing years. May you continue to touch many more kid’s life and continue your passion for teaching.


Stuart, proud parent of Zander, K2

A big thank you to Teacher Ria who’s very caring and attentive towards all the children, she’s always keeping updates and school performance for my boy, and I would like to compliment all the teachers in this branch too, I always see the children happily bidding goodbye to their teachers, I’m very glad that my boy is in a good school, lastly I wish all the teachers a very happy teacher’s day.

Wanting, proud parent of Ayaan, K1

I have you to thank Ms Chen for inspiring my child to come out of her shell. She loves you so dearly. Thank you for being so good and so patient with her. I’m so glad for teachers like you who really make a difference in a child’s life. God bless you more and keep up the wonderful work!

Karen, proud parent of Keira, N1

Hi Teacher Michelle,

Thank you very much for being such an awesome teacher to Zayan. Thank you for your love and care you are giving to Zayan each day.

Nura & Syafiq

Nura, proud parent of Saif Zayan, N2

My daughter, Isabelle, has started to talk a lot since she attended childcare in April 2019. Once she reaches two years old, she can be very whiny and fussy at times. All the teachers and assistants in this school are very patient and caring! Whenever I pick up my daughter, the teachers, especially ÂîêËÄÅÂ∏àÔºå will inform me automatically if Isabelle slept or pooped which I am really grateful for as my daughter previously suffered from kidney reflux and she needs to attend school at EIPIC in late afternoon due to speech delay. I am also thankful to Teacher Isabella who will not hesitate to teach Isabelle the right way of behaviour instead of whining non stop in class. I made the right choice by putting Isabelle in this school as the educators here are so noble and truly care for the children with love! I also want to thank Principal Eileen for encouraging me not to withdraw Isabelle during the initial months due to frequent sickness and constantly sending us parenting and educational materials. Thank you Teachers for all the hard work! Happy Teacher’s day!

Zhi Leng, proud parent of Isabelle, PG

hank you Teacher Blanche( Teacher B) for your wisdom and heart, and all the sweet things that you do for Keira. We will always be grateful to you for being there for my child. Thank you for paying close attention to my child’s emotional problems and for not hesitating to bring them to my attention. You’re an awesome teacher!

Karen, proud parent of Keira, N1

Dear Teacher Kiki, We are so grateful to have you as our child’s teacher. You are more than just an educator, and we cannot thank you enough.

Karen, proud parent of Leanne, Infant Care

To: Teacher Ria

Thank you for the love and care you’ve shown to Aden and I can see he really adores you.

Sheryl, proud parent of Aden, K1

English is commonly used within our household, therefore, Alexis’s mandarin has never been good.

With Lai LaoShi’s teaching, we are able to communicate with Alexis using mandarin recently.
We are impressed with her improvement in mandarin and Lai Laoshi deserved the credit of this.

Beside academic progression, Lai Laoshi also influenced Alexis regarding her well-being.
As the age of coming 4, our little girl already can dress up by herself without our assistance.
We believe that she have being taught well in school =)

We appreciated all this little effort put by Lai LaoShi.

Thank you, Lai Laoshi for being such a caring and patient teacher.

Happy Teachers’ Day!! =)

Betsy, proud parent of Alexis, N2

I really appreciate Teacher Ramiya for been such a caring and patience teacher to all children. I am happy to see my child progressing well under her charge and guidance. She took the time to talk to my child when I consulted her that my child said her friends did not want to play with her and appeared very sad. After the talk, my child went back to her old happy self and I am thankful for her action.

Thank you, Teacher Ramiya.

Li Cheng, proud parent of Kai Yun, N1

I would like to thank Teacher Ria for her patience and responsiveness to my son, Xavier.
Xavier will always adore and mention her to us when we asks him about his activities in school.


*Happy Teachers’ Day 2019*

Petrina, proud parent of Xavier, K1

Dearest Teacher Mina,
I would like to thank you personally for always giving ur best in teaching my child and the rest of them. I can see your sincerity in building them to be in their best form!! Thank you so much for your hard work and efforts… Appreciate it so much.. Thank you once again…

Lydia, proud parent of Rayhan, K2

Dear Teacher Emma, I know that your job might not always be easy, so I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work. Because of you, all of your students have a engaging learning environment. Thank you so much!

Karen, proud parent of Leanne, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Sun
Thanks for the care and patience towards Shawn
Always cuddle and showered Shawn with care and concern
Shawn always love to go to school now whenever i say Sun teacher is around and he will give a
Sweet smile
Hope he wont give you trouble in school
Thanks for the everything
Thanks for the updates whenever i get to see you when i fetch my son
Happy Teacher’s Day to you!!!!

Rain, proud parent of Shawn, K2

Appreciate and Thankful to Teacher Bella, Teacher Tang Assistant Teacher Mimi and Assistant Teacher Kumar for their Patient and effort in teaching Cayden, we can see that there are great improvements on him on his speech and as well as his interaction with peoples around him. I know is not easy to be a teacher in early childhood facing some demanding parents n a group of children who cant express themselves at their age, it been tough going through all the cranky children n complain every now n than but you guys have been doing a good job! Keep its up, last but not least. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY.

Sharon, proud parent of Cayden, PG

Teacher Mena and Hu Laoshi, thank you for being so patient and guiding Scarlett in her moral values and academic.
Hu Laoshi way of teaching chinese has also helped Scarlett in increasing her interest in learning chinese. Thank you teachers.

Bee Bee, proud parent of Scarlett, K2

Dear Teacher Michelle, I would like to thank you for being a wonderful teacher to Farisha in her N2 Year. She has learnt a lot from you and looks forward to coming to school everyday. Thank you for the love and concern you have shown for Farisha and I truly appreciate that. Here’s wishing you a very happy Teachers’ Day!

Siti, proud parent of Farisha, N2

Dear Ms Lissa,

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher to Jayden Aryan. He always looks forward to taking on class responsibilities that you assign to him. He has become more independent and responsible. Happy Teacher’s Day.

Priya, proud parent of Jayden, K1

A simple and heartfelt Thank you to all Teachers at Skool4Kidz Yishun Orchid Spring. Taking care of our kids is really not easy yet you have managed all of them well. For that, we truly appreciate and give you our utmost respect. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Tirene, proud parent of Joy & Tyler, N1 & K2

Appreciation to Teacher Mina for guiding, support,
Inspire and teaches Arianna. Thank you for being there
For her. I know it’s quite challenging to handle kids
Like Arianna. No words can decribe how thankful I am.
Thank you for being an oustanding teacher!
Happy Teacher’s Day!!

Nurul, proud parent of Dian, K2

Would like to compliment Teacher Lissa for her passion and patience in educating the kids. My son Zyler has been taught by her almost 2 years. He definitely grew to enjoy going to school. Cheers

Lizhu, proud parent of Zyler, K1

Hi, I am the Father of my two kids – Jayden Aryan & Eden Shatriyan,
I would like to thank the Teachers whom have put in a lot of effort for
the fun activities to enhance learning. The Teachers have always related the
lessons to real life examples that would allow the material to make more
logical sense to the kids. Keep up the great work.. Thank you so much for your
love and care towards all the kids..

Sincere thanks to –
Mrs lissa (K1-B English Teacher)
Teacher Bella (PG English Teacher)
Ahamed Nisha (Tamil Teacher)

Thank you..

Christopher, proud parent of Jayden & Eden, K1 & PG

My daughter absolutely adores her teacher. Teacher June. I’m amazed at her dedication to work. She’s on maternity leave and we still receive emails from her regarding school events and outings. Happy Teacher’s Day and congratulations on the new baby!

Chitra, proud parent of Ashalina, N2

Dear teachers of PG, thank you for your love and caring so well for Sonya. She has grown much in your care, and thank you so much.

Bee Bee, proud parent of Sonya, PG