Drama programmes encourage eloquence and confidence in our little ones.*

Skool4Kidz collaborates with selected Enrichment specialists, including Crestar Learning Centre, to ensure bespoke Enrichment Programmes for our children.

These programmes are inspired by the unique STEAM pedagogy championed by our Curriculum Founder and Director, Dr Jane Ching-Kwan. STEAM’s educational approach enhances Science, Technology, English, Arts and Mathematics to guide critical thinking and inquiry-based experiential learning. Through these subjects, Skool4Kidz grooms the interest and love for arts and sciences in preschoolers. Our children are encouraged to discover, innovate and become confident lifelong learners.

Our line-up of enrichment programmes** include:

  • English Speech and Drama,
  • Chinese Speech and Drama,
  • Science and Technology,
  • Abacus & Mental Arithmetic,
  • Creative Music Movement,
  • Kinder Art,
  • ACT3 Drama Academy – Drama Programme.

** Above enrichment topics may vary at each Skool4Kidz Preschool.

These imbue children with cognitive, literacy and kinesthetic development. Through the fun-filled activities, the children can explore role-playing, creative imagination and inter-relational communication.

What Our Parents Say.

In the recent parent survey conducted by Skool4Kidz, parents rated the quality of these enrichment offerings highly. ‘My son’s love for arts has grown. He is doing great and enjoys Kinder Art lessons,” contributes Madam Nooraisha, mother of Amsyar, K1.

A Speech and Drama class filled with interaction and communication*.

All our Enrichment educators are specialised and professionally trained. “We are very happy to see Titus progress well in his Abacus. He has shown increased enthusiasm in his studies. Thank you for your effort, patience and guidance given to our child. Keep up the good work!” quips Mrs Go, mother of Titus Go.

Children are fully engaged in the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic enrichment class*.

Through the enrichment programmes, our children become well-rounded and independent learners, ready to become innovators and leaders of the 21st century!

*Photographs used in this article were from pre-COVID times.

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