Teachers and children from Skool4Kidz showing their appreciation of the mask gifts.

Our children, community and teachers are always our priority. Skool4Kidz Care Fund appreciates everyone for the exceptional resilience with a Care-&-Share Reusable Mask Giveaway during Covid-19 pandemic.

Cheering Everyone On.
Mr Low, grandparent of little Aden of Skool4Kidz Campus @ Sengkang Riverside Park commented, “During the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker, our little ones received masks from Skool4Kidz to safeguard their wellbeing. We are very thankful for this thoughtful gesture of caring even for us, the guardians, with these masks too.’’

Teacher Ms Siti added on, “We were extremely busy at the start of the pandemic and reusable masks were in shortage. A big Thank-You to the company for these masks!’’

Mr Low, grandparent, donning his reusable mask from Skool4Kidz Care Fund.

Sharing is Caring.
7,000 reusable masks were distributed free to ensure the wellbeing of children, parents, teachers and our communities. Some of these masks were hand-sewn by the staff.

7,000 reusable masks were distributed free for the wellbeing of children, parents, teachers and our communities, including these hand-sewn ones.

The Skool4Kidz Corporate Social Responsibility Division supports the Care Fund to care and share to the community through noble initiatives. Heading this social outreach, Director of Communications and Capability Development Ms Teri Teo expounds. “Our Care & Share Reusable Mask Giveaway ensures no one is left behind during this challenging period.”

It is heartwarming to come together as one big family to give and make a difference. Skool4Kidz collaborates with families and the community to ensure quality care and education for everyone. We commit to give back to the community and support worthy causes for preschoolers always.

For more on Skool4Kidz Care-and-Share Mask Giveaway:

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