All the pre-nursery to kindergarten children in each of our fourteen Skool4Kidz centres marked World Water Day on 22 March 2018 with a water rationing exercise. Focusing on the theme of “Make Every Drop Count”, they explored the ways to move Singapore towards water sustainability with their teachers. With this event, the children internalise the water conservation tips and cultivate good habits for life.

Throughout the week, the children participated in a series of water-saving activities, including craft work, reading and sharing, besides class discussions on water conservation and how to prepare water rationing.

Beaming smiles from the children of Woodlands Crescent as they put on their hand-made Wally headgear during water-saving activities.

A day before the water rationing exercise, the children collected water with containers they brought from home. They exercised much care not to spill nor waste water while their teachers reminded of days past when Singapore faced extremely dry weather and water rationing.

The excited children from Tampines Greenleaf as they queue for their water rations.

On the World Water Day itself, the water was shut off to the taps in our preschools for a couple of short hours. The children used water they had collected to develop greater awareness of the importance of the nature resource and learn responsibility, care and respect for the environment.

Our teachers guide the children of Woodlands Ring on how to use water efficiently.

Parents made pledges with the children to reduce their water consumption for the next twelve months by completing an “I Save” pledge card. Our sincere gratitude to the parents who partnered their children in identifying the daily activities at home that need water.

The children of Punggol Waterway Cascadia deep in thought as they wrote down their water pledges, together with their parents.

Feedback from the teachers showed that the children enjoyed and learned from the exercise. They were pleased that the older children became more aware and able to share their water saving tips more readily.

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