Skool4Kidz has opened another childcare centre in the Central Region after the first one began operation at Woodleigh Hillside late last year. The latest centre is located at Block 357 of Ubi Grove, Ubi Road 3.

It is well positioned to serve residents as well as those working in the industrial estates in Ubi, Macpherson, Eunos and Kaki Bukit.

The centre has a childcare capacity of 205 and infant care capacity of 35. It is conveniently located a short distance from the Ubi Downtown Line station.

Its classrooms and multi-purpose room feature cultural and touristic icons from around the world, such as Mount Fuji of Japan, Pagodas in China and Singapore’s very own Merlion and Marina Bay Sands.

Surrounded by colourful posters and craft, the children can literally explore the world during their lessons within the centre premises. What will be even more exciting for the children are several different playgrounds found within Ubi Grove. They offer plenty of fun with different themes where the children can check out a toolbox or drive on a road circuit.

Outdoor play gives preschoolers opportunities to be physically active, improve their motor skills and strengthen their immune system.

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Published On: March 27th, 2024
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