Continuous learning for our educators at Skool4Kidz Preschools motivates them to be better equipped to build children’s skills for the future. Skool4Kidz Preschools’ annual Professional Development Festival promotes professional development and reinforces its culture of lifelong learning for all staff.

Continue Our Learning Curve!

The key highlight of the festival this year was held over five days in May. It was held virtually to continue the observance of COVID-19’s safety measures.

Skool4Kidz educators and staff gather via virtual platform to celebrate continuous learning at the Professional Development Festival 2022.

With the theme “Continue Our Learning Curve!”, the festival was attended by over 650 preschool educators with a variety of workshops. Some of these focus on teaching Music & Movement. Separate workshops also catered to the Mother Tongue (Chinese) language teachers to develop infant and toddler interests for Music & Rhythm.

Our educators had the opportunity to refresh their knowledge on the developmental needs of young children. They also connected with their inner child while engaging in hands-on activities involving music, singing, percussive instruments and props to enhance learning.

Learn from the Experts!

The workshops were conducted by specialists in various fields of early childhood education. The topics were intentionally crafted to include creativity, critical thinking, music, inclusivity and even counselling.

Music & Movement plays an important role in early childhood learning. It can effectively help children to develop critical skills such as cognition, problem-solving, self-expression and social awareness.

Young children can reach their full potential with the help of yearly professional development training for our educators.

Teachers as Learners

Ms Marion Mony, Skool4Kidz Preschools’ Director of Programme & Professional Development, espoused: “Continuous professional development creates opportunities for educators to step out of their daily routine and become learners.” It encourages educators to acquire new skills and keep pace with the latest academic trends for the benefit of our children.

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Published On: August 1st, 2022
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