We believe that every child is unique. To support preschoolers with mild developmental needs, Skool4Kidz Preschools have a specialised team of Learning Support Educators (LSEds) offering inclusive learning support programmes.

Together with paediatricians, educational psychologists and allied health therapists, the LSEds tailor support to kindergarten children who require low levels of early intervention needs.

Supporting Early Intervention for Little Ones

One of our LSEds, Ms Sevilleja, shares her experience in helping these children with early intervention needs.

Ms Sevilleja during a group therapy session as part of learning support for preschoolers.

She recalls how she helped a student who was labelled “very slow” and did not have friends to play with. A K1 preschooler, Amy (not her real name) could not hold a pencil properly due to weak fine motor skills. She used to grip the pencil in her palm to write.

Every day for over a month, Ms Sevilleja helped Amy to practice and strengthen her grip to gradually improve her handwriting. Amy eventually succeeded in writing her own name legibly with the help of occupational therapy and encouragement to persevere through sheer determination.

Skool4Kidz Preschools’ efforts of inclusive learning through our LSEds have been recognised by The Straits Times.

Thank you The Straits Times for the feature highlighting the extra mile effort of Skool4Kidz Preschools’ Inclusive Learning and our Learning Support Educator, Ms Sevilleja.

Together with our LSEd Ms Sevilleja, we are honoured to be recognised for the exceptional efforts of inclusive learning in the preschool years.

Making Every Child Feel Loved

After being a preschool educator in Skool4Kidz Preschools for two years, Ms Sevilleja pursued her passion and became an LSEd two years ago. She believes that Early Childhood educators play an important role in helping children with developmental needs feel that they belong. She feels strongly in encouraging other children to be more accepting of children like Amy to make them feel safe and loved.

For Ms Sevilleja, this year’s Teachers’ Day was especially sweet as she received a handwritten note by Amy along with a banana cake she baked. Her success with Amy is one of the reasons she loves her job. “I feel very fulfilled when parents tell me how grateful they are for what I have done for their children,” she chimed.

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Published On: December 23rd, 2022
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