Ms Ahamed Nishai, a Tamil language teacher at Skool4Kidz Preschool.

Skool4Kidz is in the forefront of inclusive education. An emphasis on Mother Tongue languages is a mainstay and part of the core preschool programme. Selected preschools offer Tamil to ensure little ones use and appreciate their Mother Tongue language. Engaging and authentic activities offer immersive learning and fortifies the childcare’s curriculum efforts as a top preschool in Singapore.

Preschoolers of Ms Ahamed Nisha, a Tamil language teacher at Skool4Kidz, were enthused by her teaching methodologies. Learning is always fun as Indian string instruments and folk dances are incorporated into storytelling sessions, even during outdoor learning.

Engaging and authentic Tamil Mother Tongue activities offer immersive learning at Skool4Kidz Preschool.

Ms Ahamed Nisha had completed the training in Preschool Mother Tongue Language at the National Institute of Early Childhood Development. She looks forward to cultivate more children to love their mother tongues as living languages through this route of learning. “It is enriching to enhance pronunciation and communication in Tamil personally. It is wonderful to be able to cultivate these to the children too,” quips Ms Ahamed Nisha.

Skool4Kidz prepares our children through creative and endearing approaches through a pool of well-trained and passionate teachers. This is made possible through the support from the Singapore Government. Together with Ms Ahamed Nisha, Skool4Kidz continues to raise the bar to make mother tongue languages come alive for the preschoolers.

Read more on Singapore Government support for Mother Tongue Languages at The Straits Times:

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