Infants bonding with Skool4Kidz’s educarer during play time.

TheAsianParent Singapore forum ranks Skool4Kidz Preschool as one of the Top Infant Care Centres in Singapore after careful research.

Noted by the online forum, Skool4Kidz’s highly-skilled caregivers ensure their infant programme supports the development of each child’s confidence.

Since its inception, Skool4Kidz has been offering an infant programme to take the load off working mothers.

Parents can be confident when sending their infant to Skool4Kidz.

The ranking criterion is based on good hygiene practices, a safe environment for little ones and a reasonably price scheme.  Moreover, Skool4Kidz’s infant care services align with the Early Years Development Framework from the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

“Our care programme is child-centered and relationship-based. We believe caring for young children requires special knowledge and training to help them develop into confident and happy learners. Most importantly, the health and safety of all children are our top priority. We are pleased to be recognised for our care philosophy and service delivery efforts,” said Dr. Jane Ching-Kwan, Curriculum Founder.

Skool4Kidz Campus@Yishun staff relish in delight with the infant at play.

Skool4Kidz continues to ensure a clean, comfortable and safe environment for little ones. We focus on the consistency of our educarers’ sensitivity, affection and for the children. This allows us to effectively respond to each child’s needs and family culture to help the children gain a sense of security and confidence. Our high care standards also ensure we deliver home care-like activities and individualised holistic nurturing programmes for the little ones.

The top 7 list can be viewed on The Asian Parents website at

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Published On: March 31st, 2021
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