Children from Skool4Kidz @ Yishun Orchid Spring listening in attentively to an educational talk session on childhood cancer by CCF.

To promote awareness and support children with cancer, Skool4Kidz has partnered the Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) to raise funds for victims of childhood cancer and their families. We also wanted to show support to children with cancer that they are not alone in their fight towards health.

Giving Back Together

Together with the community, Skool4Kidz raised more than S$30,000. Out of which, S$16,000 was donated by Skool4Kidz. This is a continuation of our community giveback of our partnership with CCF since 2019. We are grateful for the increased support from the Skool4Kidz community despite the pandemic.

On behalf of Skool4Kidz, Operations Director Mr Timothy Chan presents a cheque of S$16,000 to
Ms Ng Siao Sze, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Assistant Director of Community Partnerships.

Understanding Childhood Cancer

Public Education talk sessions on childhood cancer were also held through online platform, Zoom, across all Skool4Kidz centres. Children learnt about empathy, showing care and concern for the ones affected by childhood cancer.

Children also watched ‘How are you feeling, Ben?’ an engaging animation that educates and explains childhood cancer, treatment processes and the facts and myths of the illnesses. ‘How are you feeling, Ben?’ can also be found on YouTube for those who are interested to find out more.

About 120 children below 15 years of age are diagnosed with cancer yearly.  The most common cancers seen in children are Leukemia (35%) and Brain tumour (20%).

We would like to express our gratitude to parents and staff who have donated generously to the cause through

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