As frontliners in healthcare and essential services continue to brave the unknown in their respective responsibilities during the Coronavirus outbreak, they are getting lots of kudos from the community.

In the months of March till May, Skool4Kidz children, parents and teachers came together to express their appreciation and urge frontliners to soldier on in this time of crisis.

Red Cross Singapore donation tins were placed in all Skool4Kidz preschool centres. Proceeds collected went towards efforts for the Coronavirus pandemic. We are thankful to the parents, our children and staff for their hearty contributions to support communities outside Singapore.

Our little ones are taught the importance of giving back too.

Our children worked with their teachers to come up with colourful hand-painted art pieces to express their appreciation. They presented various messages thanking our healthcare officers and frontline workers for their selfless perseverance, hard work and bravery during this challenging time.

Parents applaud the outreach appreciation effort involving their children, calling these “meaningful” gestures.

Ms Siti, parent of Hana and Aleef shares, “Thank you for the kind gesture from Skool4Kidz. It is truly heartwarming to know that people care.”

As part of efforts to appreciate our frontliners, children across all our centres collaborated for the Rainbow Hope and Health initiative. They drew rainbows that portrayed their well wishes, hearty appreciation, hope and positivity to cheer everyone to stay strong and stay safe.

Skool4Kidz children express their well wishes to all in the community through the Rainbow Hope and Health Initiative.

Skool4Kidz teachers from different centres also came together to participate in #ClapforSGUnited to cheer Singapore’s frontliners on. Their combined effort received much love and acknowledgement on our Instagram page.

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Skool4Kidz teachers clapping on 20 April 2020 in solidarity with the rest at SGUnited, thanking our heroic frontliners across Singapore.

‘Stay strong frontliners, your bravery inspires’: our future leaders on Skool4Kidz’s Leadership Development Programme encourage our frontliners.

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