Skool4Kidz Preschool regularly pays tribute to its teachers for their dedication and hard work in nurturing preschoolers in their midst. This year’s Teacher’s Day is no different. Parents chip in with their appreciation and affirmation too.

Skool4Kidz preschoolers ready for their years beyond the preschool journey.

This year, Skool4Kidz celebrates Teacher’s Day headlining the theme of ‘Nurturing Lives, Educating Generations’. Our educators have been simply amazing through these challenging times. On behalf of our children and their families, we say a Big Thank You to our wonderful teachers. We salute their resilience and perseverance. From home-based learning to hybrid schooling, fresh challenges will surface demanding more of our educators’ time, energy and effort yet they soldier on. We recognise their extra mile effort to support, participate in and engage our little ones. Good Job, our Teachers!

What Parents Say

Our teachers have continued to be on their toes for the safety of their children in their care. Parents have recognised these and many have penned their sincere appreciation for the dedication and perseverance of our Skool4Kidz teachers.

A wall of appreciation penned by parents for our Skool4Kidz educators from Preschool @ Hougang Buangkok Square.

Ang Liling, proud parent of C****** Tan, Nursery 2 of Campus @ Fernvale:

“Happy Teacher’s Day to all the Teachers over at Skool4Kidz at Campus@Fernvale! Thank you all for your hard work, taking care and educating our children, playing such an important part of their growing up years! A special shout out to Teacher S** and L** Laoshi! Thank you for all the care provided to E***, helping her adapt well and enjoy going to school!”


Janice, proud parent of C******* S**** Goh, Kindergarten 2 of Preschool @ Sembawang East Creek

“I want to commend all the teachers who are tirelessly working to provide the best education possible for our children despite the difficulties and uncertainties we are all facing during this time of pandemic. We, parents appreciate your hard work and efforts. We hope you continue to help us guide and nurture our children to be the best version of themselves. You are all capeless heroes!”


More appreciation messages from parents here:

We thank the parents for sharing their sincere gifts of love and appreciation to our educators on Teacher’s Day:

Thank you parents for these thoughtful goodies appreciating our Skool4Kidz educators at our Campuses and Preschools.

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