Teachers are usually the ones asking questions during lessons to spark imagination and learning.

Skool4Kidz Preschoolers recently turned the tables around to ask their favourite teacher and principal questions they always wanted to know about the teaching profession to mark Teacher’s Day 2021.

Curious Preschooler Charlotte asked Principal Lynn her daily motivation in the preschool.

The children, Charlotte and Chubo, are curious about how Principal Lynn spends her day in the Skool4Kidz Preschool.

From Principal Lynn, the children learn about her day’s work including visiting classes to observing lessons in progress. She notes on how the children are faring and the development plans the teachers must design to help slower learners make progress.

Asked what she likes about teaching, Dorothy says she finds teaching little ones most fulfilling. Whenever she teaches the children something new, the sparkle in the children’s eyes and their excited body language keeps her motivated to press on for their sakes. “Not only they learn from me. I learn a lot from them too,” she quips.

Preschooler Yu Jing enthusiastically declares he wants to be a policeman during his interview about career aspirations.

On her typical workday, the teacher describes the preschool teacher’s responsibilities from the time of arrival of the children until they depart for home. She points out that the children’s nap time is the only window of opportunity for typical teacher to take a break, do some administrative work and even attend meetings.

Teacher Dorothy shares a daily routine as a Preschool Teacher that while tasks are meaningful, it is not just fun and play.

Dorothy believes that an educator must “serve as a purposeful figure and make an impact on the children’s lives”.

The children understand that teachers must have empathy, care and concern and love for young children. Preschool teachers must too, communicate effectively and work as a team with their colleagues.

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Published On: October 8th, 2021
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