The Covid-19 pandemic over the past two years has put a strain on everyone’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Skool4Kidz Preschool recognises the need for the staff to cope with “pandemic fatique” while serving in the frontline early childhood industry during this challenging period.

To celebrate our brand day, the Skool4Kidz Day 2021 went virtual with a focus on “Wellness 360”. Held as a full day online session on 22 October, it was attended by over 650 staff and guests with meaningful topics focusing on Physical health, and relaxation techniques.

Over 650 participants gathered to focus on “Wellness 360” at the virtual Skool4Kidz Day 2021.

Taking Charge is Key to Wellness 360.
In her welcome speech, Ms Marion Mony, Skool4Kidz’s Director of Programme and Professional Development, encouraged the participants. “Taking charge of your personal well-being is key to build the emotional resilience, your mental and physical health,” she said.

Let’s Get Moving
The full-day virtual programme began with all Skool4Kidz educators taking of the teachers’ pledge. All staff promised to guide the children in their care to love learning and be good citizens of Singapore while upholding integrity to the teaching profession.

It was followed by mass music and movement exercise sessions facilitated by external physical fitness instructors. Uplifting music cheered everyone up while energetic instructors taught the staff simple daily cardio exercises to build body strength and improve coordination. It was massive fun!

Fun and laughter during the Virtual workout in the comfort of Skool4Kidz Preschool’s staff homes.

Our rejuvenated participants also attended workshops to increase physical, mental and emotional resilience. Some of the sessions included “Posture Perfect: Pain Management”, “Supercharge Your Success with Emotional Intelligence” and “Overcoming Temptation 101”. These workshops focused to increase awareness and confidence to improve the staff’s well-being holistically.

Wellness from the Belly.
The afternoon session kicked off with a live cooking session supported by professional chefs online. Our staff picked up tips on how to serve mouth-watering dishes to support healthiness while staying more at home. They also participated in the virtual live cooking with creative dishes of their own and posted these online!

Skool4Kidz staff whipping up creative dishes while guided by professional chefs during the live virtual cooking session.

A day of fun and learning concluded with a Natural Healing workshop. Everyone had the opportunity to learn how to use natural healers that can be found right in their kitchen.

Staff participating in an Instagram activity were each rewarded with $10 halal vouchers to support the local Food and Beverage businesses. Additionally, twelve participants won the Best Participation Award with each receiving additional cash vouchers.

Hurray to Wellness 360 – We can take care of the children entrust to us more when we focus from within!

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Published On: November 15th, 2021
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