250 Skool4Kidz children from the kindergarten 2 cohort proudly celebrated their accomplishments at the preschool’s annual graduation concert.

Hosted by two of our Kindergarten 1 students, the Graduation Concert was a success.

Held on 23 November 2018 at the Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre, the graduation concert featured 14 performances. The performances were based on the award-winning storybook “The Rainbow Scales’’ by American psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner. The book encourages children’s understanding of their differences, uniqueness and abilities in a world of diversity.

The Concert’s theme and performances was adapted from the storyline of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ which told of how a beautiful fish learned the joy of giving.

Watched by their parents and guardians, the children dressed in colourful costumes confidently sang their lines and danced in sync to the beats. They also reviewed lessons on the importance of sharing and giving in their early development years.

Our graduating children performed a dance number enthusiastically.

The entire concert showcased a mirage of vibrant, noteworthy costumes.

In a bid to do our part for victims of the Sulawesi Earthquake and drive the importance of giving, Skool4Kidz raised over four thousand dollars for the cause.

Director of Kinderland International Education Pte Ltd Mr Seet Lee Kiang (left) and Operations Director of Skool4Kidz Mr Timothy Chan (right) thanked all Skool4Kidz parents who donated towards the worthy cause.

The event concluded with a closing speech and Skool4Kidz school song to celebrate another year of learning, growth and friendship for the children.

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