Skool4kidz opened our 15th child care centre at Sembawang East Crown on 17 September 2018. The preschool offers more flexibility for parents to opt for either a half-day kindergarten education or a full-day childcare programme for their children.

Located at Block 128B Canberra Street, the centre has an area of 560 square metres offering some 100 places for infant care, nursery and kindergarten.

Skool4Kidz Preschool located at Block 128B Canberra Street

Our clean and spacious activity area

Besides leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences, our new centre has well-furnished and equipped classrooms with purposeful learning corners for integrated learning. The well-lit and ventilated learning areas provide a highly conducive environment for the young children to grow and learn physically, emotionally and intellectually.

Well-furnished and equipped classrooms

Purposeful learning corners for integrated learning

Programmes include outdoor activities to give children a “sensorial feast” of nature and learn about the world around them. Air-conditioned classrooms and learning corners serves as a platform for children to experiment with STEAM (for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) concepts, advance their social and emotional skills and enhance language development.

Here, coding comes alive! Our unique curriculum actively fosters gritty, growth mindsets – by encouraging children to explore, experiment, analyse and problem-solve.

Designated art areas allow children to discover the artist within, where they can express their creativity freely in a thousand languages through art.

Its multiple-purpose hall provides for children’s gross motor development and social emotional skills through group activities such as music, dance and speech and drama. At the community playground next to the centre, our children are given the freedom to run freely in the guided outdoor physical activities.

Multiple-purpose hall provides for children’s gross motor development and social emotional skills

Community playground for our children to run freely in the guided outdoor physical activities

For more details of the programmes and fees, contact us on 6950 0308 or send an email to [email protected].

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