Some 140 of our K1 and K2 children from lower-income families are now benefitting from fully-subsidised English Speech and Drama enrichment lessons. Started in March 2017, the effort is part of Skool4Kidz’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mission to give every child a successful early start in life.

Research by Stanford University psychologists has found that “five-year-old children of lower socioeconomic status score more than two years behind their peers on standardised language development tests by the time they enter school”. As such, Skool4Kidz seeks to fulfil its mission by helping to address potential linguistic gaps.

“The children under this subsidised programme in various Skool4Kidz centres have been identified based on the government’s qualifying criteria for the Financial Assistance or Additional Subsidies programme,” said Mr Timothy Chan, Operations Director of Skool4Kidz.

The enrichment programme is being delivered through several approaches and techniques, such as utilising tongue twisters, poetry recitals, mime, drama games puppetry and music. A year-end showcase is in the works for participating children to demonstrate the skills that they have learnt from the programme.

Skool4Kidz will continue to partner with the government and charity organisations in such CSR efforts. It is one of the core missions to give every child a successful early start in life by sponsoring language and preschool programmes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our excited Skool4Kidz (Marsiling Drive) K1 children honing their drama skills and building their confidence while having fun.

With over a decade of teaching experience, Teacher Balqish (from Crestar Learning Centre) facilitates a fun and dynamic speech and drama workshop.

Through Skool4Kidz’ CSR Enrichment Programme, children from all backgrounds are able to equip themselves with communication skills, creativity and confidence, preparing them well for their next learning journey.

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