Skool4Kidz marks another significant milestone by having 2 of its child care centres (Marsiling Drive and Woodlands Ring Road) successfully certified under SPARK – the Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework. The national preschool accreditation by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) assesses the quality of Curriculum, Pedagogy and Health, Hygiene & Safety of Singapore’s preschools.

SPARK is an important guide for parents seeking good quality child care services in Singapore for their children and this achievement exemplifies the quality of the 2 Skool4Kidz centres. In fact, Skool4Kidz at Woodlands Ring Road over exceeded expectations by achieving the SPARK Certification with Commendation – which specially recognises preschools with strong teaching and learning practices. With only 5% of Singapore preschools achieving it, the Commendation is a testament of the effectiveness of Skool4Kidz’ Integrated Thematic Curriculum and its conducive learning environment that enables a child to be developed holistically.

Beyond the accreditation, the SPARK experience has motivated the Skool4Kidz team to improve, as well as equipped them with the know-how to further enhance the quality of all centres. The Cluster Head of the two SPARK-certified centres, Ms Christina Pardiwalla said: “For my team and I, the SPARK journey has been very meaningful and rewarding. We are actually “SPARK-ed” to continue learning and improving, for learning is not an event, but a process. Indeed, for us the result was not the most important, rather what mattered most was what we have learnt through the whole SPARK journey. Achieving the certification was just a cherry on top!”

At the heart of quality is the commitment of each and every staff, to continuously enhance and improve on their teaching and learning practices, and administration and management processes. Pictured here are the centre staff from Skool4Kidz at Marsiling Drive, which achieved Skool4Kidz’ first SPARK certification.

The team from Skool4Kidz at Woodlands Ring Road topped of their SPARK Certification with a Commendation, one of 72 out of the 663 SPARK-certified preschools that have made that achievement.

Skool4Kidz is committed to providing quality preschool education for all children. In 2017, five of its child care centres will be applying for the SPARK accreditation.

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