Ms Krishanthi, an award-winning educator at Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Sembawang Canberra East Crown, was recently featured in Beanstalk Magazine. Ms Krishanthi shared an insight into her daily life as a preschool educator.

Ms Krishanti was featured in Beanstalk Magazine’s print issue.

Morning Routine

Ms Krishanthi’s work day starts at 7am, preparing the classroom for her children’s arrival. By 8:30am, she is greeting parents and guardians as they drop off their children and informing them of the day’s events.

Morning lessons are between 9am and 12pm. Ms Krishanthi engages her children in small- and large-group activities to encourage learning in multiple domains such as language and numeracy.

“I also encourage them to ask questions and share their ideas and opinions,” she says.

Helping children enjoy learning and spark curiosity, she considers their interests and adapts the lessons based on their needs.

Bonding over Lunch 

Lunch time from 12pm to 1pm is “precious” for Ms Krishanthi. She bonds with the children through conversations about favourite foods and the importance of good nutrition. In the washroom, she reminds them about conserving water and personal hygiene.

Ms. Krishanthi gets her break during the children’s nap time from 1pm to 3pm. She has her own lunch and unwinds with her colleagues while sparing some time to review her morning lessons and plan follow-up activities. As a Senior Preschool Educator, she also checks in on how the newly-recruited teachers are doing.

Cultivating an Inclusive Environment 

From 3.30pm to 5pm, she works closely with Learning Support Educators (LSEds) to develop differentiated approaches with children with varied learning needs.

Small group activities allow Ms Krishanthi to “pay more attention to those who need additional support”.

Ms Krishanthi’s day ends at 5pm. After tidying the classroom, she reflects on her teaching and the children’s learning to prepare for the next day. Documenting her observations and displaying the children’s work gives them “a sense of pride knowing that their efforts are valued”.

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Published On: February 24th, 2023
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