Helping Those in Need

In December 2022, the corporate social responsibility arm of Skool4Kidz Preschools, namely Skool4Kidz Care Fund helped needy families by giving away school uniforms to their children. All eligible preschoolers from Playgroup to Kindergarten 1 benefitted from this initiative.

Principals of all 21 centres worked directly with the vendors to supply uniforms according to the child’s measurements, at a total cost of about $30,000.

Some of our little ones were delighted to receive their free school uniforms, thanks to the Skool4Kidz Preschools CSR Care Fund.

Care Fund Initiatives

The Skool4Kidz Preschools CSR Care Fund supports the work of charities and the welfare of lower-means families with young children in preschools.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation, Singapore Children’s Society and AWWA are some of the charities that have benefited from our preschool chain. Besides raising funds and donating to charities, the Skool4Kidz CSR Care Fund has also given away about 10,000 story books for below-means children.

In 2017, the Fund donated $17,500 to fund a research programme by the National Institute of Education (NIE). This program aims to review and improve the existing special needs curriculum for children 12 years old and younger too.

Let us all do our little parts to help those in need as a community!

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Published On: February 10th, 2023
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