Spurred by one of our preschooler who succumbed to cancer that year, Skool4Kidz Preschool continues our support to Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF) with a mass donation drive every year. The charity outreach is held with community support in conjunction with our Kindergarten 2 Graduation Concert.

More than $80,000 has been collectively donated by Skool4Kidz Preschool’s Outreach Arm (Skool4Kidz Care Fund), our children and parents across Singapore in support of CCF since 2016.

“We are very heartened by the Skool4Kidz Preschool’s community towards children with cancer. With over $26,000 raised in support of CCF in late 2021, we thank the parents, children and our staff for the extra mile unwavering support for children with cancer,” encouraged Ms Teri Teo, Director and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Skool4Kidz Care Fund, represented by Ms Teri Teo (Director and Head of CSR) presenting Skool4Kidz collective donations to Ms Ng Siao Sze (Assistant Director of Community Partnerships) at Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun.

Understanding Childhood Cancer

Our preschoolers across 21 childcare centres attended online awareness talk sessions to learn how they can show empathy towards the little ones affected with childhood cancer. CCF ambassadors met our Kindergarten children online to share the plight of children with cancer and raise awareness how our little ones can support their afflicted peers.

Our children are encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings with parents at home while the latter have an opportunity to donate to CCF via giving.sg.

Skool4Kidz preschoolers engage actively in the online awareness talk session on childhood cancer by CCF ambassadors.

An estimated 400,000 children develop cancer each year. In Singapore, about 150 children are newly diagnosed with cancer every year. The most common cancers seen in children are Leukemia (35%) and Brain tumour (20%).

For more Skool4Kidz Care Fund’s initiatives, read here.

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