I remembered when I first joined FVC in February this year, my colleague Alyssa helped me a lot in getting to know the curriculum and routine. She helped me to be familiar with the children and the environment. My colleagues and centre leaders are very nice to me too!

Joreen, Senior Teacher

Coming into a diverse setting, I was quite skeptical about how things were going to be in this school. But the transformation we had as colleagues in our level was mind-blowing. I am not saying we didn’t have any ripple, oh we did have at times, but we made effort to think through it, as we made efforts to be kind, considerate and think about the positive things we did for each other. Most of all we did not expect anything from each other.

Unfortunately, we are working in a very stressful situation where we prey on each others weaknesses. However, this is the time where we have be kind and caring even if we have brain makes us to think that way. My thoughts are we have to be generous in our interpretation and develop different coping techniques to be move forward.

Namratha Kollankanoy Kottiath, English Teacher

在教师节来临之际, 我想为自己也为同行的老师们一些鼓励和打气的话。幼儿教师这职业很平凡,但是当我们用童心和爱心去发现,去挖掘:我们的脚步匆匆,每天忙着给孩子穿衣、喂饭,忙着和他们做游戏,忙着给他们上课……我们也总会碰到这样那样的麻烦,总会遇到这样那样的烦恼,但,当我们解析了孩子想知道的秘密,看到他们眼里闪烁着快乐光芒的时候,当我们从孩子的眼睛里读出他们愿望的时候,当孩子们学会了一句话、一首歌、学会了做第一件事的时候,当孩子深情地对我说‘我不要在家里,我要来学校跟老师在一起’的时候,我的心里就会升腾起满足的快乐和喜悦,因为我们用心和孩子在一起的每一分钟都能回报给我们激情和动力。

Y* Changlu, Senior Chinese teacher


Z*** Jian, Chinese Teacher


C** Yingyuan , Senior Chinese teacher

Skool4Kidz is a happy School..I enjoyed working with Skool4Kidz as I’m able to cultivate my interest and work on my weakness.

S*** Nor Iqlima, Infant Educarer

Colleagues in SKC are family to me. Always there for each other, working together, helping and supporting one another.

F****** Billa, Infant Educarer

Being surrounded by people who brings energy, positivity and encouragements is the reason why I look forward to my everyday at SKC. Happy teacher’s day everyone!

S**** Daud, Lead Teacher

It’s true that teaching requires passion and love. Every teacher’s dedication is of utmost important to impact the lives of children and parents so continue to love your work.

L**** Laurenze Charitaz, Teacher

It’s been amazing years for me in Skool4Kidz. I am blessed with our Senior Principal Ms D******* who puts much trust in me to handle Infant Teachers. Having a great team in infant Bay, we are each individual unique person and when we combine forces, infant Bay become an Awesome place for all our babies to develop and reach their milestones. Wishing all staff in Skool4Kidz especially Family of SKC – Happy Teachers Day.❤🧡💛❤🧡💛

N**********, Senior Infant Teacher

Skool4Kidz is one of the admirable school♥️ most specifically in campus of Sengkang Riverside.

They will always bring you up and make you an EXCELLENT one. They will also scaffold you on how to mould the children, new colleagues and other staff with care and full of love ❤️ no matter who you are or when you come from.

I am a newbie teacher in Skool4Kidz and I am happy and proud of them.

Lots of Love ❤️

Happy Teachers Day!

C*******, Lestly Mae, Teacher


S*** lixia, Chinese teacher

Often, I have been asked about the secret behind my success. Let me assure there is no hidden secret about the moderate accomplishments I may have achieved in the last five years at Skool4Kidz or in my entire year of professional career. Skool4Kidz has provided me with great mentors to groom and guide me to be where I am now. The support and encouragement has mould me to be a better person in my career. I am grateful for all the recognition and support by my mentors at S4K and the wonderful team of staff I have at SKC. SKC is my pillar of support and am thankful to all my dedicated teachers and staff.

Bill Cosby had once said, “In order to succeed your desire for success should be greater than your fear for failure”. I follow this maxim to the fullest and my advice to all teachers/leaders is to have the passion and desire to reach for the stars. You may soon realise that even in the toughest situations, you don’t tend to give up because your passion to succeed will emerge stronger eventually defeating your fear of failure!

Wishing all the wonderful Educators, Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

D******* Janakiram, Senior Principal

Working in SKC is indeed a blessing for me because I am surrounded with lovely and amazing people who never gets tired on helping each other to reach our goals. This makes our environment a happy workplace! We are not just colleagues but we call ourselves family.

S****, Senior Teacher

I have made many bad choices in my career path but SKC is definitely not one of it. The true feeling and passion of being a leader started at SKC and it is all because of one soul.

She showed me the the fire to achieve and perservere no matter what comes in the way. Every time i fell on my knees or I was unable to cope she was there to remind me who i am and how i need to move my way up. There were many negative experiences but being with her, her words, her faith in me made me want to do more, learn more and fight more to be efficient.
It is definitely a challenge for me but with my Senior Principal; D******* beside me. i feel secured Her passion and dedication to work as an independent leader is an inspiration.

Happy teachers day and I wish every teacher and educator to have the determination to strive and learn for their own progression.. Do not give up..
Thank you D******* for being my inspiration and showing me the path in S4K SKC.
Thank you for not giving up on me.

S***** Tanabalan, Principal

Skool4Kidz@Sengkang Riverside Park is one ☝️ of the Best !

They always bring one another up to become an excellent, braver and smarter!

C******* Lestly Mae Espelleta, Teacher


Y*** Qianrui, Chinese teacher


田*, 华文老师

Being a mother tongue teacher is not easy during this pandemic as we cannot combine classes. We have to conduct zoom lessons. Without my colleague’s help, it is not possible. They lend their helping hands tirelessly. Thank you for being part of the YSC.

R**********, Tamil Teacher

I am fortunate to have colleagues who are like family to me. Thank you to my awesome partner, Y**** Laoshi for always being there for me. Work wouldn’t be fun without you, and you are always there to buy me my favourite Bubble Tea when the days get too overwhelming. Appreciate all the things you did for the class. Also, thank you to friends like Ms H***, Ms B**** and Ms A** for always being there when I needed a listening ear and surprising me with my favourite Green Tea or snacks for lunch time! Like the saying goes “Chance made us colleagues, but fun and laughter made us friends!”. Work wouldn’t be possible without all of you! :)

L**, Teacher


Z** T***, Chinese teacher

It’s not just a workplace, but a shelter where a family exists. I am grateful to Ms E***** and all teachers who make YSOS a beautiful and harmonious environment! Thank you for all your hard work throughout the years! Love you all! Stay safe, healthy, crazy and happy! 我很感恩有这帮又和谐又体贴的同事,相处起来真的就像一家人一样!谢谢你们的努力,让YSOS更加美好!但愿我们携手创造更多的欢乐!❤️

J***, K2 Teacher