Our Little Giving Artists raised $12,000 for AWWA this year

The Skool4Kidz ‘Little Giving Artists’ community outreach fund-raising campaign is now into its third year. The amount will be donated to AWWA for the less fortunate children under its care.

‘Little Giving Artists’ is a fundraising initiative by Skool4Kidz Care Fund, the corporate social responsibility arm which promotes inclusiveness in the children’s early years learning. The exercise allows our children learn at a young age to be selfless and to show compassion to their less fortunate peers in the community.

It engaged children from our Art Enrichment Programme across Skool4Kidz Preschool’s Nursery to Kindergarten children in a creative exercise with the theme “Nature & I”. Skool4Kidz worked with experienced art educators from Crestar Learning Centre to guide the children in painting nature-related images on sustainable bags using an acrylic medium.

A total of 182 bags were painted in the month-long exercise, which help to inculcate values of compassion and the spirit of giving in our children. Images of the bags will be featured in an art gallery at the bottom of this page.

Images of the bags are featured in an art gallery at the bottom of this page.

Members of the Skool4Kidz’ family, relatives and friends were invited to donate a minimum of $30 each time via Giving.sg towards this cause.

The children raised a total of $12,000 for AWWA Kindle Garden Preschool, so that young learners with additional needs, hearing and visual impairment can enjoy quality early childhood education.

*Donations are eligible for 250% personal income tax deduction, administered by giving.sg.

Thank you for the kind support, this community outreach initiative has ended.



Skool4Kidz Centre