To cheer preschoolers across Singapore, the Skool4Kidz Care Fund distributed several thousand boxes of Made-in-Singapore disposable child masks to infants up to Kindergarten 2. All Skool4Kidz preschoolers received a box of child-sized disposable masks to the delight of their parents and loved ones. Several Early Childhood peer preschools outside Skool4Kidz also received the year-end disposable mask gifts from Skool4Kidz Care Fund. Just in time for everyone to celebrate year-end festivities safely!

All Skool4Kidz preschoolers received a box of child-sized disposable masks, to the delight of their parents and loved ones.

Support Local while Doing Good!

The outreach initiative is in support of local businesses and targets to remind preschoolers to be vigilant through safe measures always. The mask distribution exercise is also in support of Made-in-Singapore disposable masks.

These Made-in-Singapore child masks were encouraged to be shared with family, relatives and little friends during the festive period. Share the love!

Keeping Skool4Kidz Preschoolers and other young children safe with locally-made disposable masks through Skool4Kidz Care Fund.

Skool4Kidz Care Fund cares for All Little Ones, Staff and their families.

The cost of the mask giveaways is funded by the Skool4Kidz Care Fund. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of the Anchor Operator, Skool4Kidz Preschool, actively encourages collaborative and meaningful contributions to society.

Since the start of the global health crisis, the Skool4Kidz Care Fund has actively distributed over 185,000 masks across Singapore.

Director of Communications and Capability Development Ms Teri Teo adds, “We care and share again this year with disposable mask giveaways. Let’s encourage one another during the challenging period to be vigilant!” Previously, the Skool4Kidz CSR Outreach distributed reusable masks to Singapore preschoolers, staff, their families and the public.

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