Over 1,000 Skool4Kidz Kindergarten 1 and 2 children participated in this year’s Hour of Code (HOC) using their respective Mother Tongue Language (MTL).

HOC is a worldwide movement that encourages young children to learn to code. Our preschoolers from all Skool4Kidz campuses and centres carried out their sessions during HOC week on 4-8 December.

Guided by their educators, our children were formed into teams of up to 8 with the same MTL and assigned different themes. Each team was briefed on its assigned subject and had to communicate in their mother tongue to carry out their projects.

The children planned directional instructions for BeeBot and Matatabot robots to identify images of various places or items on a grid map and encourage further learning.

For example, one team visited a hawker centre to take photos of stalls and paste them on a grid map. After coding the tech toy to identify each stall, the team was required to learn more about it and discuss amongst themselves using their mother tongue.

Our preschoolers from Skool4Kidz Campus @ One Punggol went to a nearby coffee shop to explore.

Other themes and subjects included various cultures, festivals, new year celebrations and the making of traditional foods such as the Vadai.

Every student received a certificate of achievement after the completion of their projects.

First-ever Coding Challenge

This year, 110 preschoolers from 13 centres also participated in Skool4Kidz’s first-ever Coding Challenge. This add-on to the HOC activity further emphasizes our technology empowerment in young children.

Head to our social media platforms (Instagram / Facebook) to see which group won the Best Coding Star, Best Teamwork and Best Robot Design awards!

Coding and digital literacy is an integral part of the Skool4Kidz curriculum to prepare its children to be future-ready citizens. Skool4Kidz is the first preschool in Singapore to host the largest HOC meet in 2017. Its children participate regularly in coding competitions, including the annual MatataWorld Robotics Competition.

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Published On: December 29th, 2023
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