Skool4Kidz children have fun during their in-centre Enrichment classes. As part of our mission to give every child a successful early start, this value-added service provided by external enrichment specialists ie. Crestar Learning Centre, boosts our children’s learning. Offered as optional, these in-centre enrichment help give more convenience to parents from ferrying our little ones to and from specialist centres and to free more quality time to engage their children after school.

Popular programmes vary according to centres and demand and are conducted to our children from Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2. These include Abacus & Mental Arithmetic, Kinder Art, Creative Music and Movement and English Speech and Drama.

Our English Speech and Drama classes are especially popular. Themed according to various popular nursery rhymes, the experiential sessions allow children to improve voice projection, pronunciation, choral reading, movement and expression. “Children enhance their social skills and develop confidence to express ideas during Speech and Drama classes. These make their learning fun”, quipped Eileen Lor, Centre Leader of Preschool @ Yishun Orchid Spring.

(Left) Allyxya (K2, Preschool @ Woodlands Ring Road) Artwork (Right) Nursery 2 children exercising their art creativity at Preschool @ Yishun Oleander Breeze.

Children improve their concentration through kinesiological creativity during the Kinder Art enrichment. Madam Surianna and mother of Allyxya, K2 at our Preschool @ Woodlands Ring Road testified “I am very pleased to see the end result of my daughter’s education. I am proud (as a parent) as my daughter’s progression had tremendously grown from good to better.”

To improve mental calculation skills, children use the traditional Abacus beads, necessitating the coordination of hands, eyes and brains.

Abacus supports the development of the left and right brain through exercises that sharpens children’s memory and concentration power. It also helps further boost creativity and confidence in solving mathematical problems.

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