I cannot know how to express my gratitude towards all Aaren teacher except by saying thank you very much.

Andy, proud parent of Aaren, K1

We truly appreciate all your hard work, effort, patience and kindness towards my girl in school.

Without you all being a good teacher to our girl, we wouldn’t have a peace of mind at work.

We thank you for the bottom of our heart!

Happy Teacher’s Day

Agnes, proud parent of Amberlyn, PG

We truly appreciate all your hard work, effort, patience and kindness towards my girl in school.

Without you all being a good teacher to our girl, we wouldn’t have a peace of mind at work.

We thank you for the bottom of our heart!

Happy Teacher’s Day

Ching Wui, proud parent of Argus, N2

On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank the teachers of NID; Miss Sharmaine and Laoshi for their patience with my daughter, Arissa. Arissa has grown so much since she started school and we believe it would not have been possible without the love, care and dedication from these two teachers.

Kamisah, proud parent of Arissa, N1

I want to extend my appreciation and thanks to Ms Syah and Ms Xu for taking care of Asher in his first few weeks of school. They were patient and showed genuine care for him. I believe that their sincerity and care played a significant role in helping Asher to get used to a new environment. Thank you both,and blessed teachers’ day!

Britney, proud parent of Asher, PG

Special thanks to Teacher Mia and Yuan lao shi of N1C. We appreciate the way they have been handling Ayshan. Ayshan has always been telling us how much he likes his teachers and always looks forward to go to school to “play” with his teachers. This goes to show how wonderful they are. Keep up the good work, teachers!

Ida, proud parent of Ayshan, N1

We just wanted to express our gratitude to you for teaching our daughter some of the basic social skills she will need in elementary school. We cannot thank you enough for your help and patience in taking care of her. Thank you.

Kevin, proud parent of Carine, N1

We are happy that our twin girls love going to school. With the guidance and patience from Teacher Claire, our girls gain confidence and speak alot about school and classmates. So Big Thank You to Teacher Claire for shaping and nurturing their small minds.

Irene, proud parent of Carrie & Carisa, N1

To the most dedicated and amazing teachers, Ms Syra and Jenny Lao Shi, thank you for being a great mentor to Celine! She’s been learning and growing a lot under both your care. Thank you for making learning fun! Happy Teacher’s Day =)

Jolyn, proud parent of Celine, N2

Chloe is always talking about teacher Charie at home so I’m sure teacher Charie is doing a great job taking care of my daughter. Thank you!

Jeremy, proud parent of Chloe, PG


Carol, proud parent of Abbigail, N2

I am very happy to see my son every day likes to go to school. He enjoys studying in skool4kids @ Yishun .
I want to say thank you to all the Teachers there. Especially, Dou laoshi , teacher Meiqi and teacher Sharon. They are show love and care for kids. Children love them very much. Appreciated. Thank you and happy teachers’ day.

Agnes, proud parent of Amberlyn, PG

We truly appreciate all your hard work, effort, patience and kindness towards my girl in school.

Without you all being a good teacher to our girl, we wouldn’t have a peace of mind at work.

We thank you for the bottom of our heart!

Happy Teacher’s Day

Helu, proud parent of Alan, N2

On behalf of my family, I’d like to thank the teachers of NID; Miss Sharmaine and Laoshi for their patience with my daughter, Arissa. Arissa has grown so much since she started school and we believe it would not have been possible without the love, care and dedication from these two teachers.

Kamisah, proud parent of Arissa, N1

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for being understanding teacher towards Alya. I’m proud now there’s a lot of changes in Alya. I hope we can work together again next year. Lastly Happy Teacher’s Day!

Azean, proud parent of Alya, K1

Thank you teacher for the sacrifice and understanding towards Anaqi. Thank you for taking care of my son. Truly appreciate. Lastly Happy Teacher’s Day!

Azean, proud parent of Anaqi, N1

Love to Thank Teacher Aw (Hu LAO SHI) for her Love and Patience to guide and teach Daniel. Daniel has difficulty in speaking mandarin but now he can speak so well and love to sing mandarin songs. Great moral values and guidance are given and I really Thank Teacher Aw for all her time.

Shanice, proud parent of Daniel, N2

Teacher Meiqi has become a big part of my son’s life influencing not only his education, but also his discipline and his life skills. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t quote words of ”my teacher Meiqi”

Zahidah, proud parent of Irfan, N2

Happy Teachers’ Day

Chenjing, proud parent of Jaden, N2

Dear Teachers, thank you for all the love, patience and guidance to Jalynn and Javan. Happy Teacher’s Day! The kids loves U

Vivian, proud parent of Jalynn (N1) and Javan (K1)

Shi Laoshi is a dedicated teacher with children’s’ best interests at heart. She is strict with the children, and enforced rules and regulations in school, which is crucial for children’s’ development. She also teaches Mandarin with passion, and I would like to applaud her for it.

Ms Jenny, mother of Alexis, Skool4Kidz Preschool @ Bedok Ping Yi Green, N1

Would like to give my utmost appreciation to Teacher Belle as she has showered my girl with lots of love. Alexis mentioned once or twice that Teacher Belle is her best friend‚ which shows how much she adores her in return. Keep up the great work and touch more little lives! Thank you!

Ms Jenny, mother of Alexis, N1

Thank you beebies teachers for always caring and teaching our precious boy with love and patience! Special shout out to teacher Angeline and teacher Tuyet! We are able to work in peace because of your help!

Ms Jasmine, mother of Asher, Infant

Teacher Christin and Yi Mei Lao Shi, thanks for making school so enjoyable for Caleb and for taking such good care of him. Your efforts for the class is much appreciated!

Ms Kristen, mother of Caleb, N2

Thank you to all the teachers in infant care for taking care of Eden. We appreciate your patience and love towards this little lobster!

Mr Tianle, father of Eden, Infant

Thank you, Lee Laoshi, Ms Christine and Ms Fiona for your unwavering care towards Ethan. We are thankful that you continue to exhibit professionalism even when our son misbehaves and continue to teach him social skills and nurture him with patience. It is not easy looking after so many toddlers and on this special day, we offer our heartfelt appreciation to you.

Mr Clifford, father of Ethan, N2

Initially, Yu Zhe was very reluctant to go to school and always crying but recently I found out that he is very happy at school and no more crying especially seeing Teacher Debbie in the class. You must be putting lots of love and care to him. I sincerely appreciate your care on him though there are more children to take care of.

Ms Yee Ling, mother of Yu Zhe, N1

Teacher Cristine is a dedicated teacher. She puts a lot effort in her teaching materials and we appreciate the school assignments given as we parents get to bond with our children. As parents, we are ensured if our kids are in the hands of a good teacher.

Mr Zen, father of Julius, N2

Thank you Teacher Christine for tapping Sky to sleep on some occasion. He always has difficulties falling asleep. Thank you for being so patient with him.

Ms Shiya, mother of Skydan, N2

Thank you Yimei Laoshi for always looking out for Stefalyn. Laoshi is always so patient to guide her in her work. Her mandarin is constantly improving. Thank you!

Ms Shiya, mother of Stefalyn, N2

We have been very happy that Zachary has been having such a fulfilling time in school with all the teachers, not only in his level but even the other levels who do come to help watch the kids too. We are thankful for the teachers in the school and congratulate all on a job well done!

Ms Sabrina, mother of Zachary, Infant

Thank you Teachers, for making our first journey as parents a smooth and joyful one as our little tyrant goes to school! Hope she brought u as much joy as she brought us. Thank you for your unwavering patience and strive to give your best each day to our little ones. Your efforts is never unappreciated!

Ms Melissa, mother of Alexis, PG

Appreciate all the patience dealing with active toddlers. Keep the passion alive and give your best, always. As these little ones look up to you, second from their parents. Thank you!

Ms Amirah, mother of Ezaan, PG

Dear Ambrose’s Teachers, thank you for taking such good care of Ambrose making him happy and always attends to his needs and wants when parents are busy.
We really appreciate your effort. Keep up the good work!

Stella & Bryan, proud parent of Ambrose Jeremiah, Infant Care

Greatly appreciate all teachers for contributing to yu chen’s learning and development. Without u all, her speech and language wont improve so drastically and we were impressed to see how her colouring skills have improved. Thank you for all your patience and encouragement in this growing journey of hers. Keep up the great work and we look forward to more fun and joy with Skool4kidz.

Eriko, proud parent of Yu Chen, N2

Kuso to all teachers guiding and teaching Yu Xuan. She has benefited greatly from Skool4kidz beyond our expectations. Both teachers really go all out to develop her interest in learning. Greatly appreciate whatever the teachers have contributed and have a great Teachers’ Day celebration!

Eriko, proud parent of Yu Xuan, K1

Thank you T. Azilla, T.Jess & Kang laoshi for being so patience & caring for Claire. We saw her transformed for the past 2 years. Thank you once again!

Jassline, proud parent of Claire, N2

Dear Teacher Tine, thank you for always being so patient witb my child, making efforts to update me regularly on her condition/ learning in school.

Qiuluan, proud parent of Giselle, N1

Dear Teacher Puspa and Deng Laoshi
Thank you for your patience and caring, kind words and sharing. We just want to say THANK YOU.

Geok Eng, proud parent of Peng Ho, K2

Dear Teacher Nurul & Chen Laoshi,
Thank you for all the effort, love and care you guys have given to Jovin during his journey in Skool4Kidz. He has been very blessed to have you both as his teachers guiding him with all the patience that you have. Without the time and love you two have provided, Jovin wouldn’t have grown up to be this sensible. Thank you for working so hard for the kids! All the children in K1 definitely loves the two of you. Keep up the good job and effort in cultivating and nurturing the pre-schoolers!

Evonne, proud parent of Jovin, K1

Dear Teacher Tine and Ding Laoshi,
Thank you for all the time and love you ladies have given to the N1 pre-schoolers. They are at a stage where they are exploring every single thing with maximum curiosity. Without the love and guidance, they wouldn’t have progressed so well and develop so finely. Keep up the effort. It’s very heartening to see all the kids dashing to you both, mentioning the teachers name despite being at home.

Evonne, proud parent of Jowenna, N1

Thank you T. Tine & Ding Lao Shi, T Fara for taking such good care of Olivia so that we parents can go work at ease. Glad that she was given opportunities to learn & develop her social, motor skills in school. We saw that she is more independent now. Thank you Ms & Ms Andrea for the strong backup too.

Jassline, proud parent of Olivia, N1

To: Teacher Christine & Teacher Ding,
Thank you for your patience, putting up with my little girl and encouraging her in every way.
Happy Teachers Day to you !
Wishing you joy and happiness, you are an amazing teacher, and you only deserve the best!

Celine, proud parent of Rola, N1

Thank you for Teacher MC , Xiong LaoShi and Teacher Filah for taking good care of Aiden. Happy Teacher Day.

Melissa, proud parent of Aiden, PG

teacher Sheila has shown patience to my daughter since Day 1 and under her care in school, she has become my girl’s favourite daughter. Apart from this, Teacher Sheila has taken initiative to update me on Averil’s behavior and the little bits and pieces in school. Keep in up Teacher.

Brenda, proud parent of Averil, N1

Thank you to Teacher Pamela and Laoxi for being patient with Ilhan, especially with his speech and language delay. Even though there may be a communication barrier, Ilhan did display new things learnt from school and he seems to enjoy going to school to meet his teachers and friends. This is definitely as a result of the kind and patient teachers who showed their attention to Ilhan’s progress and development.

Zarina, proud parent of Daniel, N2

Heartfelt thanks to teacher pamela, kristen, Ying Cheong n Gao laoshi. They have done amazing job in educating my daughter. Lesson plans have been enjoyable for her. Have always work hand in hand with tcr Pamela with regards to iffah well being in school. Thank you for doing good job!!<

Rabiyah, proud parent of Iffah Rania, N2

Thanks teacher Sheila for helping to apply lotion for Jovie and thank god her skin has improved alot!

Jean, proud parent of Jovie, N1

Lara is happy to go to school and I am thankful that she is in good hands while I am at work. Thank you so much for all your help, teachers!

Dhanya, proud parent of Lara, N1

Heartfelt thanks to teacher sheila, chloe, Ying Laoshi. They have done amazing job in educating my daughter. Lesson plans have been enjoyable for her. Have always work hand in hand with tcr Sheila with regards to mikayla well being in school. Thank you for doing good job!!

Rabiyah, proud parent of Mikayla, N1

The teachers are good. Keep up the good work.

Alsafrin, proud parent of Jarif, N1

Thanks Teacher for your guidance for my kids. Wish u all a Happy Teacher Days. Best Teacher in Singapore

Jeffrey, proud parent of Oscar, K1

Dear teachers, thanks for showering care n concern towards him . He loves coming to school n playing with his friends . As he might be posted to playgroup , he is going to miss the teachers in infant care. Last but not least Happy Teachers Day.

Sharon, proud parent of Samuel, Infant Care

I would like to say my most sincere Thank you to Teacher Angie and Song Laoshi for the utmost care and love for Almaas. Their dedication and patience is truely appreciated. Good job teachers for always being there and not giving up on Almaas!

Dian, proud parent of Almaas, K1

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to all the teachers who have contributed significantly to my child’s growth and his curiosity for learning. Thanks for your patience and for the quality care you provide each and every day.

Mary, proud parent of Ashton, K1

Thanks all the infant teachers for all the effort put in to take care of the little baby!

Jean, proud parent of Elise, Infant Care

Teacher Rose and Teacher Naw Lah were always ready to share how Ryker has performed in school regularly. They were very patient with the children.

Geok Lan, proud parent of Ryker, PG

It takes a big heart to shape little minds. Thank you to all the teachers for the hard work of looking after our little ones.
For keeping them safe and giving them knowledge.
Happy teacher’s day!!

Jasmine, proud parent of Jayce, PG

Thank you all PG and Infant care teachers for guiding our son be a kinder, braver and wonderful young man since he joined S4K. Our son enjoyed school lots with under all ur care and guidance. Thank you.

Hweeqin, proud parent of Kayen, PG

Heartfelt thank you to all the teachers esp Teacher Ding and Teacher Ivy. Thank you for patience and dedication. Kouki loves all of you, and so did we
Happy Teachers’ Day!

Rhea, proud parent of Kouki, N2

We would like to wish all the teacher happy teachers day. Especially to Ding Lao Shi, teacher Angie, Teacher Ivy, Tong Lao shi

Mrs Quek, proud parent of Luna, N2

We are thankful for Quinton to meet a group of great teachers; Teacher Naw Lah, Teacher Rose, Teacher Rayne Ho, TianTian lao shi & Teacher Charlotte. Being teacher is indeed not an easy task, but your passion and patience has inspired us as parents. With all your help, Quinton has grow to be more cheerful and curious in gaining new knowledge.

Karina, proud parent of Quinton, PG

Dear Teacher Angie
Thanks for giving your patience to teach and guide the children. This is not an easy tasks given that the aged of 5 now, they have their own opinion, started to have their own thinking

Chiew Yen, proud parent of Yue Qin, K1

Teachers have been great and I am very thankful. It has been some time since Adam last went to school. It was a rough start but the teachers made it easier for me and soon after Adam settled down. Of which, I really did not expect. Thank you for all the time spent to educate our children. We appreciate you!

Ms Elisa, mother of Adam, N2

Thank you Teacher Ann and Wang Laoshi for their patient and dedication to teaching. Adam is not an easy child and I really appreciate the time and effort to educate Adam.
Thank you once again, you are great teachers!

Ms Kristy, mother of Adam, N1

To the awesome teachers from beebies esp Teacher Aida, Adawiyah, Aisyah, Kiran, Elnah n other teachers, thanks for the TLC given to “Adidi”. She seems to enjoy each passing day n i always feel at ease dropping her off b4 work, knowing she is in safe hands.

Ms Leana, mother of Adeela, Infant

Thank you so much for all the guidance & love that was given to Alayna since she joined when she was only 7months. I’m so happy that she has learned so much with all the wonderful teachers & staff that always made her feel so loved. We are so thankful for all the kindness.

Ms Gabriella, mother of Alayna, PG

Thank you Teacher G and Li Jie laoshi for your dedication and love for teacher. Ashley enjoys school a lot and has always talk about her day in school. Thank you for nurturing Ashley as like how a mum would nurture her kids. You are a wonderful teacher! Thank you!

Ms Kristy, mother of Ashley, PG

Wang Lao Shi, thank you for guiding Darwisy, inspire him & making him happy during lessons. Thank you so much for all the things & effort you have done for him. You are his favourite teacher!!! Also thanks for being patience with Darwisy throughout the day. Keep inspiring other students & be the BEST!!!

Ms Dalila, mother of Darwisy, N1

Teacher G and Li Jie are really engaging and patient with the children. It is not surprising to see why they are so famous and well-loved by them. I am frequently taken aback and proud to observe the skills and knowledge that Nathaniel has displayed.

Ms Regina, mother of Nathaniel, PG

Thanks to all teachers and Lao Shi for teaching and taking care of my son. I am surprised to see all teachers from PG class to K2 involve in the care of my son. He enjoy going to school!

Ms Siew, mother of Kean Hao, K1

Improvising learning into a fun and enjoyable activity makes my son to look forward to go to school every day. And, we do know that you are the reason why. We appreciate the effort and dedication that you put in my son’s learning. Thank you.

Mr & Mrs Fareez, parents of Raykal, N1

Thank you teacher Fifi for your efforts in nurturing my son. I appreciate your hard work and dedication in providing my son a good learning environment. He really enjoys going to school and learning new things with his classmates. Thank you for doing your best to provide for the children growth and learning.

Ms Rosziati, mother of Rian, K1

Thank you teachers for tirelessly taking care of Tessa! Thank you for the constant update on Tessa’s development and I can feel that you all truly care for her well-being.

Ms Seok, mother of Tessa, Infant

Thank you so much for being passionate in teaching young children. It’s never easy. I cannot thank you enough for your influence in my child’s growth and milestones.

Ms Aisyah, mother of Ulfairah, PG

Thanks to all the teacher, Cindy like to go school very much!

Ms Liu, mother of Cindy, N1

Teacher Katrina is a reliable and responsible teacher. Thank you for nurturing and teaching Cherisse.

Teri, proud parent of Cherisse, PG

It’s great to see Emery excited and happy to go to school, I would like to credit the Teachers for this and would like to give my heartfelt thanks.
I hope they will continue to bring joy and happiness to the kids in their learning journey in skool4kidz

Felicia, proud parent of Emery, PG

As Zhi Yi grow from N1 to now K2, she has always been taken care well, taught well and groom well by all the teachers of Skool4Kidz. I am very grateful for the teachers that she have been taught by, the advise they have given her and the happiness they have given her. I wish every teacher in Skool4Kidz, a very Happy teachers’ Day!

Zhi Wei, proud parent of Koh Zhi Yi, K2

Teacher: which meant “a person who teaches, especially in a school” in dictionary. However, to Zi Le, Teacher would have meant the world to him. To all teachers: A Very Happy Teachers’ Day!

Zhi Wei, proud parent of Zi Le, N2

Dear Teacher Karlene.
Thank You For Teaching Adam. He will always talk about how good you are everyday after school. He always looking forward to go school daily!
Good Job!

Zura, proud parent of Adam, N2

Dear Teacher Melaine,
Thank you for being patience in toilet trained adiy even though sometimes he’ll pee in his pants. He have been more talkative ever since he started schooling! Double Good Job!

Zura, proud parent of Adiy, N1

Thanks to all the teachers for putting in effort to take care of Wilfred whenever he is sick. It is through your hardwork that Wilfred have enjoyed his day in school and learn so much within the past 6 months. Special shout out especially to teacher Farzana, Katherine and Chris. Thanks for taking care of Wilfred!

Wilson, proud parent of Wilfred, Infant Care

Thank you to Ayra’s teachers for your patience in taking care of not only my child, other children too. I know it’s not easy and very tiring yet you choose this noble job. Your passion in teaching and care for the children deserve my respect to you. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Siti, proud parent of Ayra Fadilah, N1

The best evidence is when the child looks forward to school – Bosco looks forward to going school EVERYDAY! Thanks Teacher Tan, Chen, Athirah, Chelsea & Su for your dedication and energy in creating a great learning environment for the preschoolers. It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Thank you Teachers!!

Joanne, proud parent of Bosco, Infant Care

Our heartfelt appreciation to all the teachers in Skool4Kidz @ Senja Parc View who spend their time and energy to educate the children and showering them with love. Happy Teachers Day!

Chee Keat, proud parent of Yi Yun, K1

Dear Teacher Li, Teacher Dorothy, Teacher Kai & Teacher Liza
Thank you for being such an amazing teacher to Elias! Just wanted to let all of you know that your hard work, patience and efforts are very much appreciated.

Happy Teachers’ Day!

Stephanie, proud parent of Elias, K2

To all N2 Teachers
Greatly appreciate your patience and love in teaching Ezekiel.

Serene, proud parent of Ezekiel, N2

Dear Teacher Dorothy, Teacher Liza & Li Laoshi.. let me begin by saying that I don’t know where you find the patience, strength, and energy to deal with me and my classmates every single day. We know we are a handful, but you always keep your smile and composure. You are very much appreciated! Happy Teacher’s Day!

Kasmilah, proud parent of Ili Qeisha, K2

A heartfelt thank you to all the teachers who spend their time, energy, and love to care to educate our children. Happy Teachers Day!

Mr. Lim, proud parent of Kai Jun & Kai Ye, N1 and Infant Care

Teacher Ezra and Ms. Liao, thank you for being so patient with my whiny kimi girl.. She has learn to keep and say a lot of words and share her days with me.
She will say that singing is fun and all.
For the other teacher who has help. Thank you so much.

Kevyn, proud parent of Kimi, PG

To Teacher Suhana, Teacher Fathin, Liao Laoshi
Thank you for teaching Luna Ayra and making her a wonderful girl that she is.

Sumiati, proud parent of Luna, N1

We wish all the teachers who enlighten young minds every day. We salute everyone who has been a part of building the future of our nation. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Nor Hasliza, proud parent of Farisya, N2

A big thank you to the all the teachers for their hard work!

Kevin, proud parent of Asher, N2

My son loves his form teacher Amaliah. Everyday he will tell me what was taught in school and the poem he learnt.
Teacher Amaliah has been very patience with the children and I can see through the interaction that the kids love her as well. Thumb up and keep up the good work

Joanne, proud parent of Branden, K1

Dear Teachers

Thank you for your loving, care and kindness towards the children. You are much appreciative. Have a blessed Teacher’s day!

Lee, proud parent of Charlotte, Infant Care

I was abit worried when Elman upgraded from infant to PG as it will be a larger group and class room is an open concept. With Teacher Sally, Amor and Nadia care Elman had improved alot within 3 months. I can see they put lot of heart in nurturing the toddlers, they put me at ease ensuring that our children are well taken care and taught. I would like to thank them for their handwork, effort and patience towards my child.

Shu Ya, proud parent of Elman, PG

From bottom of our hearts, we really appreciated all the teacher at Greenforest Skool4Kidz for teaching and taking care of my son. I wish you all have a wonderful teacher day with all luck , wealth and health.

Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan, proud parent of Jun Sheng, N1

We would like to take this chance to thanks the teachers in charge of the N1 class. Thanks for their hard work and appreciate that they inform us of whatever happened to our kid during the day at the earliest opportunity. We would like to wish all the teachers in Skool4kidz Preschool@Tampines GreenForest a Happy Teacher’s Day 2019.

Soo Peng, proud parent of Junsheng, N1

Thanks for the effort and concern you show on our child.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Teacher Day!

Tricia, proud parent of Israel, K2

Thank you Teacher Amaliah & Laoshu for taking teaching and taking good care of my girl. Lakshana is always excited to go to school and is happy. She has also learnt and tends to apply what she learnt at home. Good Job!!

K.Yahthavi, proud parent of Lakshana, K1

Would like to take this opportunity to thank all k1 teachers. Sherallyn has learn so much in school and always bring back to share with us what she had learn daily. Thank you for taking great care of her. Thank you for all the effort you all had put in. A very big improvement. Happy Teacher’s Day!

Priscilla, proud parent of Sherallyn, K1

Dear Teacher Sally, Teacher Amor, Teacher Nadya and Laoshu,
Thank you for teaching Yohanth and taking good care of him. He is very vocal now and always sings the songs he learnt in school. Good Job everyone!!

K.Yahthavi, proud parent of Yohanth, PG

Dear Teachers, I know it’s hard work to juggle between the children daily. Thank you for taking extra care of my girl due to her severe eczema condition.

Nadia, proud parent of Alaiyna, N1

Dear T Cheng, T Eqa, T Linda & T Ayu, thank you very much for looking after Alyssa so well. It gives us a great peace of mind to know she’s in very safe hands while we’re at work. We really appreciate the efforts that Teachers put in to engage the infants in hands-on activities and to understand the different cultures in SG. Thank you also for your advice as we go through this journey as first-time parents. HAPPY TEACHERS’ DAY!!!

Chuanming, proud parent of Alyssa, Infant Care

Appreciate Teacher Siti for the patience and guidance that they have given to Dexter.
He really enjoys the lesson.

Rui Zhen, proud parent of Dexter, N1

Happy Teacher’s Day

Alice, proud parent of Eason, K1

he teachers have been engaging parents over the school year and we find it very constructive. This keeps us informed on Hazel’s progress throughout the year. The class dojo app has also helped and give us an instant communication channel. Please keep it up and you have done a good job.

Kelvin, proud parent of Hazel, K2

Teachers Zila, Ayu, Siti and Chitra

Thank you for being there for Imran all ways always!

No amount of thank yous can compensate your dedication towards our child.

Hidayah, proud parent of Imran Milan, PG

Thank you for your patience and guidance!

Jia Yun, proud parent of Rachel, N1

Special thanks to English Teacher, Ms Nabilah and Chinese Teacher, Ms Lin. Your love to the children and your dedication to the education industry has earned a lot of respects from parents. I’m sure my child will be sad when they leave for P1 by end this year.

Davis, proud parent of Yu Jie, K2

Thank you for creating such a fun n educational environment. Thank you Teacher Siti for being patience to Sage and nurturing her.

Michelle, proud parent of Sage, N1

Thank you Teacher Nabilah for being patience and always giving the children support and encouragement. I’m so glad for teachers like you who really made a difference in a child’s life.

Michelle, proud parent of Stacie, K2

Thank you teachers and Ms Tania to help taking care of my boy Grayson Ling.

Shiau Feng, proud parent of Grayson, N1

Would like to thank the school team, including all teachers and Principal, who took good care of my daughter since she was in infant. She grew gracefully and enjoyed her time in school. My daughter is definitely in good hands, thank you for being my daughter’s “mother” when she’s in school. Continue the great effort!

Ms Syafiqah, mother of Ayra, proud parent of Heiden (N1) & Heidi (K2)

Thank you teachers for taking very good care of Heiden!

Ms Kathleen, mother of Heiden & Heidi, N1 & K2

To the Infant, PG and N1 teachers and the support staff, thank you for teaching and guiding Wesley in his formative years. You have done a good job in making a positive impact in Wesley’s life.”

Ms Zhi Hui, mother of Wesley, N1

Thank you teachers for take care of my daughter.

Liweiniya, proud parent of Luoyi, N1

Thank you to the teachers especially those who do morning duty. Shuyi is a clingy child and they help to calm her down every morning. And I can see that she has grown to love to go to school. At least she will now wave goodbye happily to me.

Viki, proud parent of Shuyi, N2

Thank you to the teachers for guiding him in his academic and building his confidence level. Special shoutout to Li Lao shi for having been the chinese teacher since N1 or N2. That provides continuity to the young kids.

Viki, proud parent of Guan Xian, K2

Dear Teachers(Anna, Zheng lao shi, Haslinda, Sophia),
Thank you for the patience and care.
Iryssa love every teacher in her class.

Siock Bee, proud parent of Iryssa, K1

To the world, you may be just a Teacher, but to your students you are HERO.

Meng Cheong, proud parent of Jing Qing, K2

I’m very happy with my child every single day progress. Special thanks to Teacher Sophia and Han LaoShi . Because of your dedication, love and guidance our children truly gained essential learning that they should know.

Hooitiang, proud parent of Yu Rong, N1

Thank you Tr Siti and Nian Laoshi for their guidance to the class. Yu Xiang looks forward to going to school everyday, and now he has also started communicating in mandarin which he didn’t before. It proves the imparting of knowledge on a daily basis is working well on him. Thank you for being patient all the time.

Jerlin, proud parent of Yu Xiang, N1


We are fortunate that we have teachers as wonderful, loving and caring like you are…


Yan Ni, proud parent of Yu Cheng, N1

Thank You teacher Ms Virgie and Ms Wang.

Your dedication, care and loving attitude towards the children have vastly exceeded our expectations!

Wei Ming, proud parent of Andre, K1

Thank you teachers for giving Averson so much tolerances and patience, wish the teachers a happy teacher’s day

Jia Chyi, proud parent of Averson, CHILDCARE

Dear teacher
Emma is our most precious baobei.seeing how she grows and develops beautifully under your lovely care means the world to us. THANK YOU

Bjoern & Ellen, proud parents of Emma, PG

Very thankful to have Lin Lao Shi and Teacher Chealsie as the PG’s teachers. They not only take care of the kids welfare, but also constantly think of different activities to engage the kids! Great job!

Madeline, proud parent of Janet, PG

Very thankful for the nice and patient teachers that my boy is blessed with. Thank you Tr Amirah & Ah Bao Laoshi. It’s never an easy job to teach but you did a real good job! Have a blast on teacher’s day!

Jane, proud parent of Jayden, K2

4 years old are little terror but my boy is lucky to have Wang Laoshi & Tr Lok, to be so nice and patient towards him. Thank you for all your tender loving care that you ladies have showered on him. Enjoy your teacher’s day!

Jane, proud parent of Jayrius, N2

Thank you Teacher Bella for your warm love for Jazabella. We are grateful for having you as her first ever teacher and she really enjoyed school under your care. She really learn and grew alot under your guidance. Thank you very much.

Joannena, proud parent of Jazabella, PG

I’m deeply grateful to have so many teachers contributing to my child’s growth and emotional well-being. Thank you again for making me feel comfortable being away from my child at work, and for comforting her beyond my expectations while I’m away.

Grace, proud parent of Ridzlynn, Infant

Thank You Teacher Lok and Wang Laoshi for taking care and loving Viaan . Your hardwork and care is much appreciated by us. We love u.

Cleon Nguyen, roud parent of Viaan Nguyen Lalchand, N2

My daughter absolutely adores her teacher. Teacher June. I’m amazed at her dedication to work. She’s on maternity leave and we still receive emails from her regarding school events and outings. Happy Teacher’s Day and congratulations on the new baby!

Chitra, proud parent of Ashalina, N2

Thank you and you may keep up the good work! Thank you very much for being such a good teacher to my child. Thank you for your love and care you are giving to my child each day.

Maggie, proud parent of Je Min, PG

A simple and heartfelt Thank you to all Teachers at Skool4Kidz Yishun Orchid Spring. Taking care of our kids is really not easy yet you have managed all of them well. For that, we truly appreciate and give you our utmost respect. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Tirene, proud parent of Joy & Tyler, N1 & K2

hank you Teacher Blanche( Teacher B) for your wisdom and heart, and all the sweet things that you do for Keira. We will always be grateful to you for being there for my child. Thank you for paying close attention to my child’s emotional problems and for not hesitating to bring them to my attention. You’re an awesome teacher!

Karen, proud parent of Keira, N1

I have you to thank Ms Chen for inspiring my child to come out of her shell. She loves you so dearly. Thank you for being so good and so patient with her. I’m so glad for teachers like you who really make a difference in a child’s life. God bless you more and keep up the wonderful work!

Karen, proud parent of Keira, N1

Would like to compliment Teacher Lissa for her passion and patience in educating the kids. My son Zyler has been taught by her almost 2 years. He definitely grew to enjoy going to school. Cheers

Lizhu, proud parent of Zyler, K1

Dear Teacher Kiki, We are so grateful to have you as our child’s teacher. You are more than just an educator, and we cannot thank you enough.

Karen, proud parent of Leanne, Infant Care

Dear Teacher Emma, I know that your job might not always be easy, so I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work. Because of you, all of your students have a engaging learning environment. Thank you so much!

Karen, proud parent of Leanne, Infant Care

Dear Cikgu Lina, thank you for imparting your knowledge of the Malay language to my children. They have shown tremendous improvements in speaking and understanding of the Malay language. It is all due to your hard work and effort. We truly appreciate it.Here’s wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Siti, proud parent of Irfan & Arisha, K2 & N2